Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu & Prices

Find Tropical Smoothie Cafe Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Here is your source for Tropical Smoothie Café menu prices. Their menu is loaded with bold, flavorful foods and smoothies, all while keeping a healthy lifestyle in mind.

Made to order from the freshest ingredients, Tropical Smoothie Café prides itself on creating their smoothies with real fruit and veggies, jam-packing each and every one with colossal flavor.

Don’t stop with a smoothie! Their menu also offers wraps, sandwiches, flatbreads, salads and even a kids menu.

Next time you plan your trip to Tropical Smoothie Café use the menu guide below:


Toasted Flatbreads, Sandwiches And Wraps

Toasted Flatbreads

Chicken Apple Club$5.69
Chipotle Chicken Club$3.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch$6.99
Cali Chicken Club$5.69
Chicken Pesto$5.69

Toasted Sandwiches

Ultimate Club$6.99
Turkey Apple Dijon$8.89
Tropical Chicken Salad$7.49
Turkey Bacon Ranch$6.99

Toasted Wraps

Buffalo Chicken$6.49
Hummus Veggie$6.49
Caribbean Jerk Chicken$6.99
Baja Chicken$3.99
Supergreen Caesar Chicken$7.69
Thai Chicken$8.89


Buffalo Chicken$8.89
Hummus Veggie$8.89
Caribbean Jerk Chicken$8.89
Baja Chicken$8.89
Supergreen Caesar Chicken$8.89
Thai Chicken$8.89

All Breakfast

All American Wrap$4.79
Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Flatbread$5.69
Southwest Wrap$4.79


Kale & Apple Slaw$1.19
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.19

Kids Menu

12 Years & Under

Kid's Combo

Big Kahuna$4.69

Kid's Food

Turkey & Cheddar Wrap$2.99
Ham & Cheddar Wrap$2.99
Cheese Quesadilla$2.99
Cheese Quesadilla with Chicken$3.99

Classic Smoothies

Splenda substitute available.
Kiwi Quencher24 oz$3.99
Mango Magic24 oz$3.99
Blimey Limey24 oz$3.99
Sunrise Sunset24 oz$3.99
Blueberry Bliss24 oz$3.99
Strawberry Limeade24 oz$3.99
Paradise Point24 oz$3.99
Jetty Punch24 oz$3.99
Bahama Mama24 oz$3.99
Beach Bum24 oz$3.99
Peaches 'N Silk24 oz$3.99
Peanut Butter Cup24 oz$3.99
Mocha Madness24 oz$3.99
Sunshine24 oz$3.99

Superfood Smoothies

Splenda substitute available.
Island Green24 oz$4.99
Acai Berry Boost24 oz$4.99
Peanut Paradise24 oz$4.99
Health Nut24 oz$4.99
Pomegranate Plunge24 oz$4.99
Lean Machine24 oz$4.99
Muscle Blaster24 oz$4.99
Triple Berry Oat24 oz$4.99
Detox Island Green24 oz$4.99
Avocolada24 oz$4.99
Orange Ginger Glow24 oz$4.99
Chia Banana Boost With Peanut Butter24 oz$4.99
Chia Banana Boost With Strawberries24 oz$4.99
Chia Banana Max24 oz$4.99

Kids Smoothies

Splenda substitute available.
Lil' Limeberry12 oz$2.99
Jetty Junior12 oz$2.99
Awesome Orange12 oz$2.99
Chocolate Chimp12 oz$2.99


Vitamin-C Immune Complex$0.99
Fat Burner$0.99
Vitamin B-12$0.99
Whey Protein$0.99
Pea Protein$0.99
Soy Protein$0.99

Fresh Add In

Whole Grain Oats$0.99
Ground Flax Seed$0.99
Peanut Butter$0.99
Spinach & Kale Super Pack$0.99
Chia Seeds$0.99

Popular Menu Items

From a Buffalo Chicken Wrap to a Bahama Mama Smoothie, it’s easy to imagine what you’ll be eating next time you’re at Tropical Smoothie Café.

Did we mention that they have delicious foods too? Like the Buffalo Chicken Bowl – which, if you haven’t tried it yet, make sure you do! Tomatoes, romaine, mozzarella, buffalo sauce and ranch makes this bowl a hit.

Mocha Madness

A chocolate smoothie? Aren’t smoothies supposed to be fruity? This one has chocolate, coffee, cappuccino and non-fat yogurt. Trust us, you should try it.

Chia Banana Boost

Roasted banana, chia seeds, almonds, whole grain oats, cinnamon, dates and coconut are all flavors you’ll taste in this one! Choose from your choice of body – peanut or strawberries.

Hummus Veggie Wrap

Smoothies and veggies, they just go together! Next time you’re at Tropical Smoothie Café and have a sudden snack attack, quench that craving with their Hummus Veggie Wrap. It’s a mini veggie fiesta – hummus, black beans, rice, smashed avocado, pickled red onion, pepper jack, tomato and romaine, all in a toasted flour tortilla!

Tropical Smoothie Café’s’ History

A destination for flavor seekers, Tropical Smoothie Café has a history of serving fresh foods that started a little food stand where they served fruit smoothies on beach in Florida.

“But I want to sit down!” a customer said… In 1997, in an effort to give their customers a more complete dining experience, they decided to open up their first storefront in Tallahassee, Florida. Over the next couple of years they developed their menu and brand, eventually establishing the Tropical Smoothie name in 2000.

Tropical smoothie Café has a mission that aims to create a healthier lifestyle by serving fun food and healthy smoothies for their customers.