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When you look over the Tucanos menu prices, you’re looking at a collection of recipes that include recipes and ingredients that hail from the grasslands, beaches, and forests of Brazil and the culture that has grown there. Inspired by a missionary trip to Brazil the creator decided that these experiences and dishes needed to come back to the Americas and be made available to people everywhere.

From there they have created the singular experience that is Tucanos, with delicious meats and vegetables carefully chosen to provide only the freshest dining experience. Traditions like Churrasco are observed at the restaurant, where grilled meats and brought out to the table, and sizzling portions are sliced out on the customer’s plate.

Take a look at their full menu below:


Tucanos Famous Churrasco





Tucanos Childrens Churrasco




Unlimited Grilled Vegetables and Pineapple$2.00

Speciality Skewers

Shrimp Skewer$8.95
Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon Skewer$9.95
Sea Scallop Skewer$10.95


Taste of Brazil$5.95
Onion Tropical$4.95
Nachos Brasileiros$6.95
Brazilian Buffalo Wings$7.95

Unlimited Salad Festival





Tucanos Tempter

Lunch Special (Mon-Fri)

Any Two selections8 oz$14.95
Any Two selections12 oz$20.95


Créme Brûlée$6.75
Pudim de Leite$6.75
Fruit Creams$6.75
Torre Chocolate$6.75
Brûlée Cheesecake$6.75
Truly Amazon Fudge Brownie$6.75
Mango Butter Cake$6.75

Brazilian Traditions

Brazilian Traditions

Brazilian Lemonade$3.95
Fresh Fruit Juices$4.75
Brazilian Sunrise$5.95

Tucanos Specialty Blended Drinks

Rio De Janeiro$5.25

Other Drinks

Diet Pepsi$1.75
Hot Chocolate$1.75

Popular Menu Items

When you come to Tucanos, you’ll be paying a single price for their Churrasco Entree’s that allow you to take advantage of this tradition. You’ll be provided with fried bananas, a variety of bread, and their unlimited salad festival, ensuring that you’ll get the full variety of dishes. You can also enjoy a selection of their specialty skewers to go along with the traditional Churrasco, including their Shrimp Skewers, Center Cut Sirloin Wrapped In Bacon, and Sea Scallop Skewer.

Looking for something to start your meal with? You can enjoy their appetizer tour with the Taste of Brazil, or order up Brazilian nachos in the Nachos Brasileiros offering. Of course, if you’re looking for something less adventurous you can tuck into a plate of their Brazilian Buffalo Wings.

Check out some of their favorites below:

Brazilian Sunrise

Start your meal off with a drink straight from Brazil, the Brazilian Sunrise. Layered to give an appearance of the beauty of that tropical morning, you’ll find a mixture of passion fruit, mango, lemon-lime, and grenadine. This menu item is a great starter and gives the imbiber a kick of that Brazilian tang.

A cold, delicious sunrise for $2.95

Churrasco Skewers

Churrasco skewers are the heart and soul of the Tucanos dining experience, featuring meat grilled in the traditional Brazilian style and then brought out sizzling to the customer’s table. You can get your choice of 19 different varieties of preparation in three different types of meat, as well as a Seafood, Legume, and Abacaxi (Pineapple) selections.

You can get yours for $11.95 – $18.95

Mango Butter Cake

Butter cake is a delicious base for any restaurants dessert, but Tucanos makes it special by adding a blend of Mango to the dish that makes it positively delicious. No matter what you’ve had for an appetizer or main course, you’re going to want to wrap up your meal with this delicious treat.

Get your slice for $3.95

Pudim de Leite

Unless of course, you’re more of a flan person. Flan is a delicious, creamy, caramel dessert that is a favorite of diners everywhere. When you make it in the Brazilian style, it turns out with a rich and delicious flavor unlike those provided at other restaurants.

A delicious plate for $4.95

Tucanos’s History

This grill brings a Brazilian twist to cuisine in the Americas, brought back from the country by a missionary who spent time in Brazil and decided it was time that their incredible cuisine finds its way back to his home. After 18 months performing missionary work in Brazil, he returned to his position at PepsiCo only to leave it and begin his first restaurant, Rodizio Grill. Not long after he left that restaurant and began on his journey by starting the first Tucanos in Provo, UT, and then opened his second in Albuquerque, NM when that one proved successful.

He has successfully grown from their to have multiple locations throughout the United States, providing high quality authentic Brazilian cuisine to customers everywhere a Tucanos can be found.