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Tutti Frutti’s menu prices put the great taste of California Frozen Yogurt into the reach of even the most frugal of dessert patrons. There’s no reason that you should have to skimp when it comes to indulging in a healthy treat like this, so when you stop in, you’ll be able to get a healthy helping of Frozen Yogurt without having to break the bank. Even better you’ll be able to choose precisely how much you’re indulging in by ordering it up by the ounce. Their standard prices make it possible to enjoy a small helping of your favorite treat or a mountain of Frozen Yogurt goodness.

Check out their full menu below:


Creamy Flavors

Almond1 oz$0.57
Banana1 oz$0.57
Banana Pudding1 oz$0.57
Birthday Cake1 oz$0.57
Blueberry Cheesecake1 oz$0.57
Blueberry Muffin1 oz$0.57
Bubble Gum1 oz$0.57
Cheesecake1 oz$0.57
Chocolate1 oz$0.57
Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean1 oz$0.57
Chocolate Covered Strawberries1 oz$0.57
Chocolate PB Cup1 oz$0.57
Chocolate Raspberry1 oz$0.57
Chocolate Strawberries1 oz$0.57
Coconut1 oz$0.57
Cookies n Cream1 oz$0.57
Cotton Candy1 oz$0.57
Creamed Corn1 oz$0.57
Creamy Fruit1 oz$0.57
Dulce de Leche1 oz$0.57
Egg Nog1 oz$0.57
Frosted Flakes1 oz$0.57
Ginger Bread1 oz$0.57
Green Tea1 oz$0.57
Guava1 oz$0.57
Hazelnut Chocolate1 oz$0.57
Honeydew1 oz$0.57
Milk Tea1 oz$0.57
Mint1 oz$0.57
Mint Chocolate1 oz$0.57
Papaya1 oz$0.57
Peanut Butter1 oz$0.57
Peanut Butter Chocolate1 oz$0.57
Pina Colada1 oz$0.57
Pistachio1 oz$0.57
Pumpkin Patch1 oz$0.57
Raspberry Cheesecake1 oz$0.57
Royal Red Velvet1 oz$0.57
Salted Caramel1 oz$0.57
Strawberry Cheesecake1 oz$0.57
Strawberry Shortcake1 oz$0.57
Taro1 oz$0.57
Toasted Marshmallow1 oz$0.57
Vanilla1 oz$0.57

Tart Flavors

Acai Berry1 oz$0.57
Blueberry1 oz$0.57
Coconut1 oz$0.57
Grape1 oz$0.57
Green Apple1 oz$0.57
Green Tea1 oz$0.57
Guava1 oz$0.57
Kiwi1 oz$0.57
Lemon1 oz$0.57
Lychee1 oz$0.57
Lychee Mango1 oz$0.57
Mango1 oz$0.57
Mango Peach1 oz$0.57
Mango Pineapple1 oz$0.57
Mint1 oz$0.57
Mixed Fruit1 oz$0.57
Orange1 oz$0.57
Orange Lychee1 oz$0.57
Orange Mango1 oz$0.57
Orange Pineapple1 oz$0.57
Orange Raspberry1 oz$0.57
Papaya1 oz$0.57
Passion Fruit1 oz$0.57
Peach1 oz$0.57
Pina Colada1 oz$0.57
Pineapple1 oz$0.57
Pineapple Guava1 oz$0.57
Pink Lemonade1 oz$0.57
Plain Tart1 oz$0.57
Pomegranate1 oz$0.57
Pomegranate Blueberry1 oz$0.57
Pomegranate Raspberry1 oz$0.57
Raspberry1 oz$0.57
Strawberry Banana1 oz$0.57
Strawberry1 oz$0.57
Triple Berry1 oz$0.57
Tropical1 oz$0.57
Tutti Frutti1 oz$0.57
Watermelon1 oz$0.57
Yacoo1 oz$0.57

Soy Flavors

Banana Milk1 oz$0.57
Black Sesame1 oz$0.57
Peanut Butter1 oz$0.57
Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich1 oz$0.57
Soy1 oz$0.57
Soy Latte1 oz$0.57
Soy Plus1 oz$0.57

Sorbet Flavors

Energy Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Grape Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Green Apple Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Mango Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Pineapple Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Strawberry Apple Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Tropical Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Blueberry Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Kiwi Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Lemon Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Lychee Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Mango Pineapple Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Orange Pineapple Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Passion Fruit Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Peach Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Pink Lemonade Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Pomegranate Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Raspberry Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Strawberry Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Tutti Frutti Sorbet1 oz$0.57
Yacoo Sorbet1 oz$0.57

Popular Menu Items

There are so many wonderful flavors on their menu it can be hard to pick just one or two and say they’re the best. Such is our burden, however, and we bear it with pride. After sampling dozens of flavors from this incredible dessert shop, we managed to find a few that stood out above the rest as pure examples of frozen confection goodness. The blends are innovative and creative, along with being a little more common and expected, so you’re going to have your choice of a frozen yogurt adventure or a safe journey in the land of familiar flavors. Everything they sell comes at a standard $0.57 an oz.

Our favorite selections are below:

Creamed Corn

Give us as strange a look at you want, we were intrigued (and slightly worried) when we discovered this flavor, but that quickly turned to having a love for this unusually flavored treat. The sweet flavor of natural corn blended with just a touch of salt plays wonderfully with the tang of yogurt, and we would order it again.

Frosted Flakes

We all know how much we love our breakfast cereal, but would you have ever suspected that you’d be finding Frosted Flakes as a flavor on Frozen Yogurt? There’s an earthy sweetness to this offering that represents the diversity of yogurt. Neither underwhelming nor overpowering, you’ll think it’s Grrrrrreat!

Royal Red Velvet

Are you a fan of that delicious crimson flavor that is a mixture of chocolate and vinegar? You’re certainly not alone. While few people know it’s that unique combination that makes the flavor that is “Red Velvet,” millions are huge fans of it and enjoy it every day. This frozen yogurt is yet another way to indulge in that classic flavor.

Strawberry Banana

From their more mundane flavor offerings, we find Strawberry Banana, a classic combination of flavors that have always worked well together. The smooth sweetness of banana combines with the sharp tanginess of strawberries to create a fantastic palate of flavors you can’t help but love.

Tutti Frutti’s History

Frozen Yogurt has been seeing a boom over the last decade, and Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt has had the good fortune to take advantage of that boom. Getting its start in 2008, this company has expanded to cover the globe with over 100 locations, including spaces in Vietnam, Tahiti, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the UAE, and the United Kingdom. With its storefronts expanding thousands of customers all over the world are being able to enjoy the wonderful rainbow of flavors they offer and experience what a California based frozen dessert company can do. If you’re looking for a new place to try for your frozen yogurt cravings, or are looking for a new franchise to invest in, it may be time to take a closer look at Tutti Frutti.