Uncle Maddio's Menu & Prices

Find Uncle Maddio's Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

If you’re looking for the Uncle Maddio’s menu prices, you’ve come to the right place. With around 38 locations spread throughout the Southeast, Uncle Maddio’s has quickly grown into one of the region’s best known pizza restaurant brands. With quick and attentive service, Uncle Maddio’s is a great place for a quick bite or a long dinner.

With a recipe for success, all of Uncle Maddio’s restaurants serve from the same menu. Uncle Maddio’s offers pizza, salads, and gourmet Italian sandwiches — also known as foldwiches. The restaurant is most well-known for its wide variety of pizza options.

Deciding on the best restaurant for your next meal can be tough. With a range of different options to choose from, don’t wait to look at the menu — you can find everything you need to know below!


Signature Pizzas

BBQ Chicken9 Inch$8.99
BBQ Chicken12 Inch$15.99
BBQ Chicken16 Inch$19.99
Greek Garden9 Inch$8.99
Greek Garden12 Inch$15.99
Greek Garden16 Inch$19.99
The Italian9 Inch$8.99
The Italian12 Inch$15.99
The Italian16 Inch$19.99
The Big Max9 Inch$8.00
The Big Max12 Inch$15.99
The Big Max16 Inch$19.99
Steak & Blue9 Inch$8.00
Steak & Blue12 Inch$15.99
Steak & Blue16 Inch$19.99
Buffalo Chicken9 Inch$8.00
Buffalo Chicken12 Inch$15.99
Buffalo Chicken16 Inch$19.99
Mushroom Truffle9 Inch$8.00
Mushroom Truffle12 Inch$15.99
Mushroom Truffle16 Inch$19.99
Alfredo Artichoke9 Inch$8.00
Alfredo Artichoke12 Inch$15.99
Alfredo Artichoke16 Inch$19.99
Classic Margherita9 Inch$8.00
Classic Margherita12 Inch$15.99
Classic Margherita16 Inch$19.99
Jamaican Jerk9 Inch$8.00
Jamaican Jerk12 Inch$15.99
Jamaican Jerk16 Inch$19.99
Kids Pizza9 Inch$8.00
Kids Pizza12 Inch$15.99
Kids Pizza16 Inch$19.99
Create Your Own Pizza9 Inch$7.99
Create Your Own Pizza12 Inch$13.99
Create Your Own Pizza16 Inch$17.99

House Salads

Chicken Caesar$8.49
Chopped Cobb$8.49
Santa Fe$8.49
Create Your Own Salad$7.49


Steak & Cheese$8.99
Spicy Italian$8.99

Popular Menu Items

Uncle Maddio’s isn’t a traditional Italian restaurant — it doesn’t offer pastas or certain other Italian dishes. This being said, the menu still has extensive options. You can start your meal with garlic breadsticks, a side salad, or other items from their sides menu.

If you want a main, you’ll be able to choose between pizza, fresh salads, and Italian sandwiches. The portion sizes are substantial, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth from any item on Uncle Maddio’s menu. If you’re still hungry, try an authentic chocolate chip cannoli from the dessert menu!

Below are some fan favorites from Uncle Maddio’s restaurant:

Garlic Breadsticks

If you’re looking to get your meal started in the right way, garlic breadsticks are one of the most popular starters on Uncle Maddio’s menu. There’s something about garlic breadsticks with marinara sauce that gets you prepared for a delicious Italian meal!

The garlic bread portions easily feed 2-3 people looking for a small appetizer before mains. The cost of the garlic breadsticks with marinara sauce is $3.99.

Build Your Own Pizza

While Uncle Maddio’s offers a range of delicious custom pizzas, building your own pizza is often the best way to ensure you enjoy your meal. The restaurant has set prices for build your own pizzas with three toppings — you can add extra toppings for a small charge.

The following prices are for Build Your Own Pizza’s with three toppings: Personal – $7.99 Medium – $11.99 Extra-Large – $16.99.

Meatball Foldwich

Uncle Maddio’s offers a variety of foldwiches — Italian sandwiches that use folded pizza bread to conceal the ingredients. The meatball variation includes fresh meatballs, marinara sauce, cheese, and olive oil — all served hot.

It’s a great meal if you’re looking for something filling — it’s perfect for either lunch or dinner. The price is $8.99 — great value considering the size of the meal.

Greek Salad

If you’re looking for something a bit more healthy, the Greek Salad is the most popular salad on the Uncle Maddio’s menu. Onions, lettuce, peppers, olives, roma tomatoes, feta cheese, and a delicious Greek dressing provide a salad perfect for anyone wanting a healthy alternative.

You can always add additional ingredients from their salad menu if you want to beef the Greek Salad up a bit more. The price of the Greek Salad is $8.99.

Uncle Maddio’s History

In 2009, Uncle Maddio’s opened its first restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. The simple and delicious Italian concept proved wildly popular and the brand became an instant hit — the company quickly began expanding its operations.

The owners of Uncle Maddio’s quickly began distributing franchise licenses — there are now 38 individual franchises throughout the region. The firm has committed to continue expanding operations, with the goal of opening over 200 franchises in the next few years.

With quick, affordable, gourmet pizzas, Uncle Maddio’s has a business model that connects well with modern customers. Their salad options tap into the health-conscious market without sacrificing their ethos of flavorful food.

The company was originally founded by Matt Andrew. The company is currently privately owned — its headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia.