Vitality Bowls Menu & Prices

Find Vitality Bowls Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

If you’re in the mood for Vitality Bowls, look no further — we have the full Vitality Bowls menu prices list right here. With over 50 independent locations spread throughout the country, Vitality Bowls has become a staple in the American health-foods industry. With quick, friendly, and helpful service, Vitality Bowls is the perfect place to stop before or after a workout.

Vitality Bowls has tapped into the changing dynamic in America’s food industry — people no longer want fatty, high-sodium food. With a range of superfoods and high-nutrition menu items, this unique restaurant is able to provide healthy foods at an affordable cost — eating healthy is no longer a luxury.

Don’t wait until you’re at the counter ordering to check out the Vitality Bowls menu, we have everything you need right here.


Acai Bowls

Vitality Bowl$9.99
Tropical Bowl$10.99
Graviola Bowl$11.99
Acerola Bowl$11.99
Warrior Bowl$11.99
Dragon Bowl$11.99
Detox Bowl$11.99
Energy Bowl$10.99
Green Bowl$11.99
Nutty Bowl$10.49

Breakfast & Dessert Bowls

Dessert BowlSmall$6.99
Nutty Dessert BowlSmall$6.99
Breakfast BowlSmall$6.99
Oatmeal BowlSmall$5.95


Roasted Turkey$6.89
The Sirloin$7.99
The Olympian$5.99

Salads And Soups

Spinach Salad$8.99
Kale Salad$8.99
Soup Du Jour$4.99

Kids Menu

Kids Bowl14 oz$5.99
Kids Sunsation Smoothie$3.95
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$3.99


Acai Elixir$5.99
The Hulk$6.99
The Dragon$6.99
Tropical Paradise$5.99
The Powernator$5.99
The King$5.99
The Temptation$5.99
The Acerola$6.99
The Graviola$6.99


Green Me Up$5.95
C Me Up$5.95
The Invigorator$5.95
The Rehydrator$5.95
The Vitality$5.95
The Detoxifier$5.95
The Rejuvinator$5.95
The Intensifier$5.95
Lemon Ginger Shot$5.95

Popular Menu Items

As you may know, Vitality Bowls is best known for their superfood bowls. But they also have a variety of other items listed on their menu, including a range of paninis. Vitality Bowls has menu items for every time of day — breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Their foods fit specific purposes. If you’ve been unhealthy over the past few weeks, try one of their famous Detox Bowls. If you’re looking to build your immune system, their immunity bowl is another great choice. If you need more food, try one of their panini/bowl combos.

Below we’ve compiled the most popular items on the Vitality Bowls menu!

Breakfast Bowl

If you head to Vitality Bowls for breakfast, one of their fan favorites is the Breakfast Bowl. A wonderful blend of flax seed, strawberries, banana, almond milk, granola, strawberries, and honey come together to provide the perfect breakfast taste!

A small breakfast bowl will cost you $7.49 — a small price for the amount of nutrition involved.

Sirloin Panini

If you want something a little more filling, the Sirloin Panini adds a bit of extra bang for your buck. The Sirloin Panini comes with sirloin steak, spinach, dijon, and mozzarella — it’s quite the treat for someone who needs a substantial meal.

As one of the most filling menu items Vitality Bowls offers, the panini’s price tag of $7.99 is great value!

The Superfood Bowl

As you know, Vitality Bowls is famous for its bowls — another customer favorite is The Superfood Bowl. It comes packed with acai, graviola, kale, banana, strawberries, acerol, granola, blueberries, goji berries, honey, and cacao nibs.

If you want as many superfoods packed into a meal as possible, this $12.99 bowl is the perfect choice.

The Dragon Smoothie

If you’re looking for something a little less filling, The Dragon Smoothie might be your best option. This wonderful blend of pitaya, guava juice, mango, strawberries, and raspberries creates the perfect smoothie if you want something healthy and refreshing.

As it only takes a few minutes to prepare, it’s the perfect superfood if you’re in a hurry. It comes at a cost of $7.49

Vitality Bowls’ History

Vitality Bowls first began operating in 2011 — a married couple in California sought to bring health-foods to the mainstream. They saw a market opportunity to provide fresh, affordable food in a comfortable and quick setting. The first Vitality Bowls store opened in San Ramon, California.

In 2014, the owners of Vitality Bowls began franchising the company to different areas of the United States. At present, Vitality Bowls has over 50 locations throughout 12 states in the country — it’s been successful in a variety of regions.

With a quick, affordable way to gain access to world-class superfoods, Vitality Bowls operates on a business model that thrives on health. As modern consumer preferences change, more and more consumers appear to prefer health-conscious food choices.

The corporate company that controls Vitality Bowls and its franchise licenses is still privately owned.