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Find Wings Etc Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

If you’re on the lookout for a great chicken wing place, you might find the Wings Etc. menu prices useful. Luckily, we have them all right here on our menu guide website. Wings Etc. has been a longstanding player in the American cuisine industry — they’ve been providing chicken wings to their customers for almost 25 years.

Wings Etc. operate franchises, but they all share the same menu. You can choose between different types of chicken wings, burgers, salads, and much, much more. They also have plenty of appetizers to get you started if you’re planning a large meal.

Wings Etc. is perfect for both lunch and dinner — people both eat-in and take away their food. Don’t wait until you’re ready to order to look at the menu, just check out our full menu list below!



Wings Etc.s Original Ultimate Nachos$10.49
Tortilla Chips & Queso Sauce$5.99

Revenge of Ultimate Nachos

Buffalo Chicken$11.99
Grilled Chicken$11.99
Pulled Pork/BBQ Sauce$11.99


Basket of Fries or TotsHalf$2.49
Basket of Fries or TotsFull$4.49
Basket of Fries or Tots with Cheese or Chili$3.49
Basket of Loaded Fries or TotsHalf$3.99
Basket of Loaded Fries or TotsFull$6.49
Fried Pickle Spears$5.99
Crispy Onion Rings$5.99
Mini Corn Dawgs$4.99
Fried Mushrooms$5.99
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$5.99
Jalapeño Cheese Poppers$6.49
Pretzel Bites (Nacho Cheese)$5.99
Pretzel Bites (Beer Cheese)$6.99
Pretzel Dippers (Nacho Cheese)$6.49
Pretzel Dippers (Beer Cheese)$7.49
Beer-Battered Cheddar Bites$7.49
Green Bean Fries$6.49


Cheese Quesadilla$7.99
Grilled Chicken Quesadilla$8.99
Bacon Mac N Cheese Quesadilla$7.99

Our Sides

1/2 Order Fries or Tots$2.49
Mac N Cheese$1.99
Veggie Side$1.99

Our Chili

Wings Etc. Meaty Chili$3.49
Wings Etc. Loaded Chili$4.49

Dippnig Cheese Sauces

Nacho Cheese$0.99
Queso or Beer Cheese$1.99

Jumbo Wings

Served with Celery & Blue Cheese or Ranch.

Why We Are Famous

Wings7 pc$6.99
Wings10 pc$9.49
Wings16 pc$13.99
Wings24 pc$18.99

Stuff on the Side

Xtra Celery/Dressing4 pc$1.19
Side Xtra Sauce Or Dressing$0.59
Celery10 pc$1.59
Celery20 pc$2.99
Bleu Cheese/Ranch10 oz$2.59
Xtra sauce10 oz$2.59

Bulk Order Wings

Wings50 pc$37.99
Wings100 pc$73.99


Served with fries or choice of side. Double the chicken on your wrap for just $2.
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.99
Crispy Chicken Bacon Wrap$7.99
Grilled Chicken Wrap$7.99


Side Garden Salad or Side Caesar Salad$3.49
Big Chicken Salad$9.49
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$8.99
Berry-Almond Grilled Chicken Salad$9.49
Lo-Cal Plate$8.49


Served with fries or choice of side.
Stand-By Burger$8.49
Three-Cheese Burger$9.49
First Class Burger$9.49
The Loaded Cowboy Burger$9.49
The Laredo Burger$9.49
Hugh Jazz$11.99
Jalapeño Bacon Burger$9.99
The Big Nasty$9.99
Have a Grilled Veggie Burger$7.99

Create-Your-Own Burger

Served with fries or choice of side.
Stand-By Burger$8.49
Xtra Burger Patty$2.99
2 Slices Bacon$0.99
Our Meaty Chili$0.59
Sautéed Onions or Sautéed Mushrooms$0.59
Burger Sauce$0.59

Ribs & Rib Tips

Served with our house BBQ sauce.
Baby Back Rib Dinner1/2 Lb$10.99
Baby Back Rib Dinner1 Lb$16.99
Rib/Wing Combo Dinner$15.99
Rib Tip Dinner$10.99
Rib Tips10 Tips$9.99
Rib Tips16 Tips$14.49
Rib Tips24 Tips$19.49
Rib Tips50 Tips$37.99
Rib Tips100 Tips$73.99

Sandwiches & Other Stuff

Served with fries or choice of side.
French Dip Sandwich$9.49
Philly Cheesesteak$9.99
Italian Beef Sandwich$9.49
Huge Pork Tenderloin$8.99
Hawgzilla Pulled Pork1/2 lb$8.49
Grilled Chicken Sandwich1/2 lb$8.99
"The Baron" : Its Famous!1/2 lb$9.99
Honey Mustard Chicken Bacon Swiss$9.99
Crispy Chicken Breast$8.49
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$8.49

Wanna Basket?

Hangar Full of Burgers$9.49
Chicken Tenders Basket$8.49

Monster Dog

Served with fries or choice of side.
Naked Wrecker$7.49
Chili Cheese Wrecker$8.49
Extra chili, nacho cheese or slaw$0.99


With choice of any of our 19 sauces, or cocktail sauce
Jumbo Shrimp10 pc$7.99
Jumbo Shrimp16 pc$12.99
Jumbo Shrimp24 pc$17.99
Jumbo Shrimp50 pc$35.99
Jumbo Shrimp100 pc$70.99
Jumbo Shrimp Dinner10 pc$10.99
Beer-Battered Cod Sandwich$8.99
Beer-Battered Cod Fish & Chips$9.99
Grilled Fish Tacos$8.99
Grilled Fish Sandwich$8.99

Kids Meals

Served with fries or choice of side. Kids 12 and under please. Includes small fountain drink.
Kid Wings$4.49
Kid Burger$4.49
Kid Chicken Fingers$4.49
Kid Mini Corn Dawgs$4.49
Kid Mac N Cheese$4.49
Kid Cheese Quesadilla$4.49


Fountain Drinks$2.39
Brewed Iced Tea$2.39
Milk12 oz$1.49

Popular Menu Items

As you can probably tell, Wings Etc. is best-known for its chicken wings. They have a range of different sauces that you can choose from to add flavor to any of your chicken wing choices. If you want more than just chicken wings, you can also choose from other areas of their menu.

If you want to get started with something tasty, consider trying their pretzel dippers — they’re a great start to any feast. If you’re looking for something aside from chicken wings, they also have their famous wraps which are sure to appease an appetite of any size. They also have a large children’s menu if you need something for the little guys in your family.

If you want to know what other customers enjoy from the menu, check out the popular items from Wings Etc. below!

10 Traditional Wings

If you want to eat what Wings Etc. are best known for, try their 10 Traditional Wings. You can choose from a range of different sauces — they have over 15 on their menu for you to pick from. You can also ask for ranch or blue cheese to dip your wings in!

10 Traditional Wings costs $10.99 — they get cheaper if you order more!

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

As with most wing places, the Buffalo Chicken Wrap is a fan favorite at Wings Etc. Your wrap will come filled with fried buffalo chicken lathered in buffalo sauce, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and ranch or blue cheese dressing. It’s a great alternative if you’re looking for something aside from traditional wings.

This wrap costs $8.49.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Want something a little healthier? The Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad has become a favorite at Wings Etc. This wonderful salad comes packed with grilled chicken, parmesan, croutons, romaine lettuce, and plenty of Caesar salad. It’s perfect for those who want a fresher option.

This salad will cost you $8.99.

First Class Burger

If you’re looking to play it safe, the First Class Burger has bene a longstanding favorite at Wings Etc. The burger design might be basic, but it’s definitely delicious. The First Class Burger comes packed with meat, Swiss cheese, bacon, and mushrooms — it’s big enough for anyone’s appetite!

The burger comes with fries or a side — it costs $9.49.

Wings Etc’s History

Wings Etc. was first started in 1994 by an entrepreneur named Jim Weaver. The first Wings Etc. store was in South Bend, Indiana. Local students at the University of Notre Dame enjoyed the wings and other menu items the restaurant had to offer.

The restaurant has since become one of the top chicken wing franchises in the United States — the company has been busy expanding its operations ever since its inception as a company. They currently operate 56 different franchises, mostly throughout the Midwest and the South. They’re committed to providing new franchise owners with easy and affordable set-up experiences.

Wings Etc. has proven popular because of their commitment to their All-American brand. With affordable American cuisine and access to a sports-friendly environment, Wings Etc. continues to be one of their region’s premier sports bar destinations.

Wings Etc. remains privately owned, franchises are available via an application.