Caribou Coffee Menu & Prices

Find Caribou Coffee Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

This is the spot for Caribou Coffee menu prices. Caribou Coffee while having a menu that specializes in coffee, also offers a robust selection of signature juices, blends, and teas.

In the event that you’re a little hungry while sipping on your Crafted Press Coffee, fill up on a Sausage and Egg Biscuit, or a delicious Cinnamon Apple Brioche Muffin. While Caribou Coffee has 203 stores, their food menu may vary based on location.

Caribou Coffee also offers a wide selection of delights from their Lunch and Bakery Menu including: Breakfast Sandwiches, Oatmeal, Oven Toasted Sandwiches, and Sweet treats.

When you go to Caribou Coffee, try taking a sip of their Mocha, made with rich espresso and real melted chocolate — a favorite indeed. Want something a little colder? Go with an Iced Americano.




Cold Press Iced CoffeeSmall$2.39
Cold Press Iced CoffeeMedium$2.79
Cold Press Iced CoffeeLarge$3.09
Depth Charge$0.80
Hot ChocolateSmall$3.19
Hot ChocolateMedium$3.59
Hot ChocolateLarge$3.89
Hot Crafted Press$3.39
Iced Crafted Press$3.39
Blended Crafted Press$3.39
Hot LatteSmall$3.19
Hot LatteMedium$3.59
Hot LatteLarge$3.89
Iced LatteSmall$3.19
Iced LatteMedium$3.59
Iced LatteLarge$3.89
Blended LatteSmall$3.19
Blended LatteMedium$3.59
Blended LatteLarge$3.89
Hot Northern Lite LatteSmall$3.99
Hot Northern Lite LatteMedium$4.39
Hot Northern Lite LatteLarge$4.69
Iced Northern Lite LatteSmall$3.99
Iced Northern Lite LatteMedium$4.39
Iced Northern Lite LatteLarge$4.69
Blended Northern Lite LatteSmall$3.99
Blended Northern Lite LatteMedium$4.39
Blended Northern Lite LatteLarge$4.69
Hot MochaSmall$3.89
Hot MochaMedium$4.29
Hot MochaLarge$4.59
Iced MochaSmall$3.89
Iced MochaMedium$4.29
Iced MochaLarge$4.59
Blended MochaSmall$3.89
Blended MochaMedium$4.29
Blended MochaLarge$4.59
Hot Northern Lite Mocha$3.69
Iced Northern Lite Mocha$3.69
Blended Northern Lite Mocha$3.69
Hot Americano$4.29
Iced Americano$4.29
Blended Americano$4.29


Hot Apple Blast$4.59
Hot Pumpkin Pie Latte$4.29
Iced Pumpkin Pie Latte$4.29
Blended Pumpkin Pie Latte$4.29
Hot Pumpkin White Mocha$4.49
Iced Pumpkin White Mocha$4.49
Blended Pumpkin White Mocha$4.49
Hot Caramel High Rise$4.49
Iced Caramel High Rise$4.49
Blended Caramel High Rise$4.49
Hot Turtle MochaSmall$4.29
Hot Turtle MochaMedium$4.69
Hot Turtle MochaLarge$4.99
Iced Turtle MochaSmall$4.29
Iced Turtle MochaMedium$4.69
Iced Turtle MochaLarge$4.99
Blended Turtle MochaSmall$4.29
Blended Turtle MochaMedium$4.69
Blended Turtle MochaLarge$4.99
Hot Mint ConditionSmall$4.29
Hot Mint ConditionMedium$4.69
Hot Mint ConditionLarge$4.99
Iced Mint ConditionSmall$4.29
Iced Mint ConditionMedium$4.69
Iced Mint ConditionLarge$4.99
Blended Mint ConditionSmall$4.29
Blended Mint ConditionMedium$4.69
Blended Mint ConditionLarge$4.99
Hot Berry White MochaSmall$4.29
Hot Berry White MochaMedium$4.69
Hot Berry White MochaLarge$4.99
Iced Berry White MochaSmall$4.29
Iced Berry White MochaMedium$4.69
Iced Berry White MochaLarge$4.99
Blended Berry White MochaSmall$4.29
Blended Berry White MochaMedium$4.69
Blended Berry White MochaLarge$4.99
Hot Campfire MochaSmall$4.29
Hot Campfire MochaMedium$4.69
Hot Campfire MochaLarge$4.99
Iced Campfire MochaSmall$4.29
Iced Campfire MochaMedium$4.69
Iced Campfire MochaLarge$4.99
Blended Campfire MochaSmall$4.29
Blended Campfire MochaMedium$4.69
Blended Campfire MochaLarge$4.99
Hot Vanilla White MochaSmall$4.29
Hot Vanilla White MochaMedium$4.69
Hot Vanilla White MochaLarge$4.99
Iced Vanilla White MochaSmall$4.29
Iced Vanilla White MochaMedium$4.69
Iced Vanilla White MochaLarge$4.99
Blended Vanilla White MochaSmall$4.29
Blended Vanilla White MochaMedium$4.69
Blended Vanilla White MochaLarge$4.99
Hot Northern Lite Turtle Mocha$4.39
Iced Northern Lite Turtle Mocha$4.39
Blended Northern Lite Turtle Mocha$4.39
Hot Northern Lite Caramel High Rise$4.19
Iced Northern Lite Caramel High Rise$4.19
Blended Northern Lite Caramel High Rise$4.19
Hot Northern Lite Berry White Mocha$4.39
Iced Northern Lite Berry White Mocha$4.39
Blended Northern Lite Berry White Mocha$4.39
Hot Northern Lite Vanilla White Mocha$4.39
Iced Northern Lite Vanilla White Mocha$4.39
Blended Northern Lite Vanilla White Mocha$4.39


Pumpkin Pie Coffeeless CoolersSmall$4.29
Pumpkin Pie Coffeeless CoolersMedium$4.69
Pumpkin Pie Coffeeless CoolersLarge$4.99
Cookies & Cream Coffeeless CoolersSmall$4.29
Cookies & Cream Coffeeless CoolersMedium$4.69
Cookies & Cream Coffeeless CoolersLarge$4.99
Cereal Milk & Brownie Coffeeless CoolersSmall$4.29
Cereal Milk & Brownie Coffeeless CoolersMedium$4.69
Cereal Milk & Brownie Coffeeless CoolersLarge$4.99
Pumpkin Caribou CoolersSmall$4.29
Pumpkin Caribou CoolersMedium$4.69
Pumpkin Caribou CoolersLarge$4.99
Chocolate Caribou CoolersSmall$4.29
Chocolate Caribou CoolersMedium$4.69
Chocolate Caribou CoolersLarge$4.99
Vanilla Caribou CoolersSmall$4.29
Vanilla Caribou CoolersMedium$4.69
Vanilla Caribou CoolersLarge$4.99
Coffee Caribou CoolersSmall$4.29
Coffee Caribou CoolersMedium$4.69
Coffee Caribou CoolersLarge$4.99
Northern Lite Caramel Caribou CoolersSmall$4.29
Northern Lite Caramel Caribou CoolersMedium$4.69
Northern Lite Caramel Caribou CoolersLarge$4.99
Norhtern Lite Chocolate Caribou CoolersSmall$4.29
Norhtern Lite Chocolate Caribou CoolersMedium$4.69
Norhtern Lite Chocolate Caribou CoolersLarge$4.99
Northern Lite Vanilla Caribou CoolersSmall$4.29
Northern Lite Vanilla Caribou CoolersMedium$4.69
Northern Lite Vanilla Caribou CoolersLarge$4.99
Norhthern Lite Coffee Caribou CoolersSmall$4.29
Norhthern Lite Coffee Caribou CoolersMedium$4.69
Norhthern Lite Coffee Caribou CoolersLarge$4.99
Strawberry SmoothieSmall$4.29
Strawberry SmoothieMedium$4.69
Strawberry SmoothieLarge$4.99
Mango SmoothieSmall$4.29
Mango SmoothieMedium$4.69
Mango SmoothieLarge$4.99
Banana SmoothieSmall$4.29
Banana SmoothieMedium$4.69
Banana SmoothieLarge$4.99
Orange SmoothieSmall$4.29
Orange SmoothieMedium$4.69
Orange SmoothieLarge$4.99
Key Lime SmoothieSmall$4.29
Key Lime SmoothieMedium$4.69
Key Lime SmoothieLarge$4.99

Teas & Juices

Hot Pumpkin Chai Latte$3.89
Iced Pumpkin Chai Latte$3.89
Hot Chai Tea LatteSmall$3.39
Hot Chai Tea LatteMedium$3.79
Hot Chai Tea LatteLarge$4.09
Iced Chai Tea LatteSmall$3.39
Iced Chai Tea LatteMedium$3.79
Iced Chai Tea LatteLarge$4.09
Earl Grey Hot TeaSmall$2.09
Earl Grey Hot TeaMedium$2.39
Earl Grey Hot TeaLarge$2.59
Cinnamon Hot TeaSmall$2.09
Cinnamon Hot TeaMedium$2.39
Cinnamon Hot TeaLarge$2.59
Spice Hot TeaSmall$2.09
Spice Hot TeaMedium$2.39
Spice Hot TeaLarge$2.59
Mango Black Hot TeaSmall$2.09
Mango Black Hot TeaMedium$2.39
Mango Black Hot TeaLarge$2.59
Citron Green Hot TeaSmall$2.09
Citron Green Hot TeaMedium$2.39
Citron Green Hot TeaLarge$2.59
Mint Verbena Hot TeaSmall$2.09
Mint Verbena Hot TeaMedium$2.39
Mint Verbena Hot TeaLarge$2.59
Classic Black Iced TeaSmall$2.09
Classic Black Iced TeaMedium$2.39
Classic Black Iced TeaLarge$2.59
Mango Black Iced TeaSmall$2.09
Mango Black Iced TeaMedium$2.39
Mango Black Iced TeaLarge$2.59
Tropical Iced TeaSmall$2.09
Tropical Iced TeaMedium$2.39
Tropical Iced TeaLarge$2.59
Green Tea LemonadeSmall$2.79
Green Tea LemonadeMedium$3.19
Green Tea LemonadeLarge$3.49
Peach Black TeaSmall$2.79
Peach Black TeaMedium$3.19
Peach Black TeaLarge$3.49


Silly Soda$1.99
Kids Hot Cider$1.99
Kids Hot Chocolate$1.99
Strawberry Smoothie$1.99
Mango Smoothie$1.99
Banana Smoothie$1.99
Orange Smoothie$1.99
Key Lime Smoothie$1.99


Please note that some items are not available at all Caribou Coffee locations.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Maple Bacon Gruyere$3.39
Chicken Apple Sausage$3.49
Egg White Turkey Bacon Sandwich$3.49
Mini Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich$1.99
Sausage Biscuit$3.49
Jalapeno Bacon And Cheddar$3.49
Pro Sciutto And Mozzarella$3.59


Blueberry Almond Oatmeal$2.79
Classic Oatmeal$2.79
Maple Brown Sugar Crunch Oatmeal$2.79


Cinnamon Apple Brioche Muffin$3.29
Campfire Cookie$3.49
Turtle Cookie$4.29
Cinnamon Coffee Cake$4.09
Lemon Poppy Seed Bread$3.69
Banana Bread$3.19
Raspberry White Chocolate Scone$3.59
Cranberry Orange Scone$3.59
Apple Fritter$3.29
Apple Cinnamon Muffin$3.39
Butter Croissant$3.39
Chocolate Croissant$3.49
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie$3.19
Mini Donut Muffin$3.59
Chocolate Brownie Bite$3.19
Raspberry Brownie Bite$3.19
Maine Blueberry Muffin$3.09
Lemon Bar$3.39
Carrot Cake Bread$3.29
Pumpkin Bread$3.29

Oven Toasted Sandwiches

Ham And Gruyere Pretzel Roll$4.99
Three Cheese Classic$3.99
Roast Beef & Havarti$4.99
Ham & Gouda$4.99

Popular Menu Items

From their delicious Bakery Items to their Specialty Drinks, anyone in the morning who needs a little jolt can find it on Caribou Coffee’s menu. They have offerings for people of all ages and preferences.

Caribou Coffee Coolers: kids love’em. At Caribou coffee there is room for the whole family to enjoy.

Go get a muffin, or bring along your friends and enjoy any one of these Caribou coffee favorites:


How do you get a latte that has a bold first sip? At Caribou Coffee they want you to remember their lattes and as such, pour the espresso in last, making that first sip a bold one. A Caribou coffee classic, this latte never gets old, continuing to please year-round.

Blueberry Almond Oatmeal

Want some oatmeal that tastes really good while being wholesome and nutritious? At Caribou Coffee, they not only have sweet treats but also foods that are “sweet” on the body. Next time you walk into a Caribou coffee, keep a lookout for these steaming bowls of “hearty morning goodness.” All natural whole grain oats topped with blueberries and honey roasted almonds that are “to die for,” this oatmeal is a healthy powerhouse of flavor.

Northern Lite Latte

Bringing variety to an already delicious latte, the Northern Light Latte is a must for any die-hard Caribou Coffee fan. Coming in caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, and raspberry, this is a latte with style — one that perks you up and taste good.


On a cold morning (especially when it’s raining!) nothing hits the spot better than a Mocha from Caribou Coffee. Wrap your hands around this chocolate flavored coffee goodness. It’s like hot chocolate… but way better. Take a sip of their Mocha made with rich espresso, real melted chocolate and steamed milk.

Caribou Coffee’s History

Caribou Coffee prides itself on not talking about a vision or mission statement – rather they aspire to communicate about experiences and aspirations. A nod to its founder who was once working a typical office job who decided to become an entrepreneur, creating Caribou Coffee. In 1992 the first location opened in Minnesota.

Since then the ownership has changed but their specialty hasn’t – coffee and espresso. Caribou Coffee makes their own blends of coffee, tea, sandwiches and bakery goods, giving regulars and newbies enough delicious offerings to try for ages.