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Find City Barbeque Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

The savory smell of juicy meat smoked and served up with a delicious blend of sauces is the heart of good barbeque, and City Barbeque’s menu prices won’t break the bank getting them. Started by a husband and wife pair and their team of dedicated kitchen staff it grew from a garage-based catering business to a restaurant that has multiple locations open around the country. They got started in 1999 bringing beef, pork, turkey, chicken, and more to their customers bunned, naked, or by the pound.

Whether you’re a connoisseur or just desiring a plate of sumptuous, flavorful barbecue, you can’t go wrong by stopping in at City Barbeque. Their menu includes not just the perfectly smoked meats that they’re famous for, but also traditional sides that include Sweet Vinegar Slaw, potato salad, fresh cut fries, even gumbo!

Below you’ll find the complete City Barbeque Menu with all their options:


Smoked Meats

Beef Brisket$7.99
Pulled Pork$6.59
Lo Los Pulled Pork w/ Slaw$6.99
Turkey Breast$6.99
Pulled Chicken w/ Bama Sauce$6.79
Smoked Sausage$7.89
Pick Two Meats$13.49
More Cowbell$8.29


Half Chicken$9.99
Chicken Breast Sandwich$8.49

St. Louis-Cut Ribs

By The Bone$2.25


Fried Pickle Chip Basket w/ Chipotle Ranch Dipping Sauce$6.49
Cheesy Bacon Fries$6.49

Family Dinner

Kids Plate$4.99
Family Pack$24.99


Add 2 sides to any entree for only $3.29
Fresh Cut FriesEach$2.29
Fresh Cut FriesPint$5.99
Fresh Cut FriesQuart$9.99
Fresh Cut FriesPan$28.99
Green Beans w/ BaconEach$2.29
Green Beans w/ BaconPint$5.99
Green Beans w/ BaconQuart$9.99
Green Beans w/ BaconPan$28.99
Mac and CheeseEach$2.29
Mac and CheesePint$5.99
Mac and CheeseQuart$9.99
Mac and CheesePan$28.99
Sweet Vinegar SlawEach$2.29
Sweet Vinegar SlawPint$5.99
Sweet Vinegar SlawQuart$9.99
Sweet Vinegar SlawPan$28.99
Corn PuddingEach$2.29
Corn PuddingPint$5.99
Corn PuddingQuart$9.99
Corn PuddingPan$28.99
Hush PuppiesEach$2.29
Hush PuppiesPint$5.99
Hush PuppiesQuart$9.99
Hush PuppiesPan$28.99
Collards w/ PorkEach$2.29
Collards w/ PorkPint$5.99
Collards w/ PorkQuart$9.99
Collards w/ PorkPan$28.99
Potato SaladEach$2.29
Potato SaladPint$5.99
Potato SaladQuart$9.99
Potato SaladPan$28.99
Side SaladEach$2.29
Side SaladPint$5.99
Side SaladQuart$9.99
Side SaladPan$28.99
Baked Beans w/ BrisketEach$2.29
Baked Beans w/ BrisketPint$5.99
Baked Beans w/ BrisketQuart$9.99
Baked Beans w/ BrisketPan$28.99

Sample The City

Judges Sampler$28.99
City Sampler$18.99
The Motherload$59.99

Fresh Salads

Smokehouse Turkey Salad$8.49
Premium Salad$6.49

Party Packs

Party Pack 1Serves 6$45.95
Party Pack 2Serves 10$69.95
Party Pack 3Serves 16$118.95
Party Pack 4Serves 24$169.95
Family Pack$24.99


Slab of Ribs (w/ purchase of a Party Pack)$17.99
Half Chicken (w/ purchase of a Party Pack)$8.99
Party Salad (feeds 10-12)$24.99
Jumbo Party Salad (feeds 20-24)$45.99
Corn Bread (bakers dozen)$12.99

Sandwich Packs

Makes 12 quarter pound sandwiches and comes with pickles, pickled onions, buns and sauce.
Pulled Pork Sandwich Pack$39.00
Brisket Sandwich Pack$49.00

By The LB.

Smoked Whole BrisketPer lb$14.99
Smoked Whole Pork ShoulderPer lb$10.99

Smoked Meats

Pulled PorkPer lb$12.99
Beef BrisketPer lb$15.99
Turkey BreastPer lb$13.99
Pulled Chicken w/ Bama SaucePer lb$13.29
Texas Smoked SausagePer lb$11.99


Peach CobblerEach$4.99
Peach CobblerQuart$10.99
Peach CobblerPan$29.99
Banana PuddingEach$2.79
Banana PuddingPint$5.99
Banana PuddingQuart$9.99
Banana PuddingPan$28.99
Triple Chocolate CakeEach$3.49
Triple Chocolate CakeWhole$28.99


Brewed TeaRegular$1.99
Brewed TeaLarge$2.49
Sweet TeaRegular$1.99
Sweet TeaLarge$2.49
Bottled SodaBottle$2.50
Bottled SodaCase$39.99

Popular Menu Items

People go to City Barbeque for some of the most delicious backyard cooking they’ve ever had. You’ll find a delicious array of pulled pork, beef brisket even pulled chicken made from Amish raised chicken that has never seen the inside of a cage. Can’t decide what you want? That’s why they’ve provided the Judge’s Sampler with a ¼ chicken and a ½ slab of ribs with pulled pork and brisket. More of a city slicker? No problem! Try their city sampler with turkey, pulled pork, beef brisket, and sausage along with their sides.

Don’t worry, they provide salads for those looking to watch their waistlines, and there’s a selection of homemade dessert options for those who aren’t. All this plus a range of sharable items makes a visit to City Barbeque one you’ll have to loosen your belt for.

Check out the most popular backyard barbeque items below:

Smokehouse Turkey Salad

A City Barbeque exclusive, the smokehouse turkey salad comes with an incredible blend of produce that includes cucumbers, cheese, tomatoes, and a spring mix of greens along with their famous smoked turkey. What turkey salad would be complete without a sprinkling of cranberries? Not this one, that’s for sure.

Get your helping of turkey salad for $8.49

Fried Pickle Chip Basket w/ Chipotle Ranch Dipping Sauce

Fried pickle chips are one of the most delicious foods never to reach the West Coast, but if you’re on the East Coast of the USA, especially in the South, you’ll find them everywhere. These pickle chips are breaded in City BBQ’s special recipe and served up with a ranch dipping sauce smoking with chipotle flavor. A great appetizer while you wait for the main event.

Get your bit of crispily fried dill for $2.99

Judge’s Sampler

A full quarter of an Amish Farm raised chicken is served up with a half slab of their award-winning ribs alongside a serving of beef brisket and pulled pork. It comes with your choice of two sides including potato salad, mac and cheese, green beans w/ bacon, corn pudding, and more as well as Texas Toast and two pieces of their famous cornbread.

You can get yours your honor for just $17.99

Peach Cobbler

The sweet and succulent flavor of juicy peaches is the foundation of one of the most delicious desserts that will ever pass your lips. Topped with a tasty crumbled dough mixture made from Rick’s secret family recipe and served up with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, it will be the best Peach Cobbler you’ve had since you visited your grandma.

Get your serving of heaven for just $4.99

City Barbeque’s History

City Barbeque got its start with two people who had a background in agriculture and a love of family backyard barbeques. They had a deep love of the art that led to their participation in and winning, of a barbeque competition. They decided it was time to start bringing their delicious flavors to the world, and it quickly to include Rick and his wife, and a team of dedicated people.

Beginnings aren’t always easy, but they are exciting, and City BBQ’s start was no exception. They began by catering, but lacking a kitchen they had a smoker in the driveway, a kitchen in the garage, and they cooked beans at their neighbors for 3 hours anytime they had a catering event. City BBQ maintains that same level of dedication by building excellent teams that make authentic home-style food from scratch in their kitchens every day.