City Barbeque Catering Menu Prices

Find City Barbecue Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

There’s something incredible that happens when you cater your event from the City Barbecue Catering Menu, and it starts with the smiles of your guests as the savory smell of smoked meat comes wafting through your event. City Barbecue has been providing businesses and families with easy solutions to their catering needs for generations and is always eager to show new customers what they can do. If you want an event that’s remembered for good times and great food, you want to check out City Barbecue for your next event.

Below you’ll find their full catering menu for your perusal:


Barbeque Spreds

Includes buns, original sauce, pickles, jalapenos & Texas Pete hot sauce
The Full SpreadPer Person$14.95
Two Meats, Two SidesPer Person$10.95
Ribs & Chicken & PorkPer Person$20.50
The Whole HogPer Person$16.50


Smokehouse TurkeyServes 10$59.00
Smokehouse TurkeyServes 20$99.00
Premium SaladServes 10$33.00
Premium SaladServes 20$49.00

Action Stations

Appetizer StationPer Person$5.00
Carving StationPer Person$7.50
Garden Salad StationPer Person$4.00
Mac & Cheese BarPer Person$4.00
Smashed Potato BarPer Person$4.00
Sweet StationsPer Person$3.50
Rustic Lemonade StandPer Person$4.00
Caramel Apple BarPer Person$4.50

Want Extra?

Full Slab Ribs$25.00
Half Chicken$11.00
Additional SidesServes 20-24$39.99
Bakers Dozen Cornbread$15.00


Serves 20-25
Fresh Vegetables & Dip$49.00
Seasonal Fruit & Dip$59.00
Cheese & Cracker Board$59.00

Housemade Desserts

Serves 15-20
Warm Cobbler w/ Whipped Cream$49.00
Triple Chocolate Cake$49.00
Banana Pudding w/ Whipped Cream$39.00
Maggie’s Cookie Bars$39.00

Special Touches

Mason Jar PackagePer Person$5.00

All-Inclusive Reception

All IncludedPer Person$30.00


Note: these items may vary from day to day
Smoked Corn on the CobPer Person$4.00


Bottled Craft SodasBottle$2.50
Canned Soda or Bottled WaterEach$2.00
Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, or LemonadeGallon$8.99

Popular Catering Choices at City Barbecue

You’ll see people start to gather at the buffet style line to get their fix for smoked barbecue meat mixed with delicious sauces and accompanied by sides that will bring them back to every backyard barbecue they’ve ever attended. The meat offerings come with that delicious char you only get from real fire-grilled meat and that rich, juicy flavor that happens when real wood-smoke infuses properly prepared meat. Your event will come with sides of corn, crispy green beans, and potato salad, calling back fond memories of gathering with friends and families.

Check out their most popular items below:

Rib & Chicken & Pork (Oh My!)

Sometimes you don’t need anything other than meat to make your guests cheer your efforts. This option provides a great range of meat options along with two choices of sides and cornbread to make it a truly traditional event. You won’t believe the smiles and laughter that accompanies these delicious options.

Just $20.50 a person for a meat extravaganza.

The Whole Hog

When you just want to make everyone utterly comatose with incredible food, it’s time to order the whole hog. The whole hog comes with a whole smoked pig, two sides, and cornbread per person. Keep in mind this is a whole smoked hog, so it comes with a 75 person minimum order.

$16.50 a person with a 75 person minimum lets you go whole hog.

Two Types Of Meat, Two Sides

A smaller option than the Full Spread, this option allows you to select two types of meat and two sides and serve them up to guests who will be howling about your meal for months to come. Rich and flavorful everything you receive will be perfectly cooked and delivered in a timely fashion. This is a balanced and popular often.

Just $10.95 a person

The Full Spread

When you’re catering an event, there’s no reason to shirk at prices like these. The Full Spread will provide enough cornbread and dessert options to accompany the core offering of three smoked types of meat to ensure that your guests are well fed and sated. For an additional dollar a person you can add their famous cobbler to round out the meal.

Just $14.95 a person or $15.95 with cobbler.

Enjoy City Barbecue’s Catering Offering

When it’s all over you’ll be hearing about how great the food was at your event for ages to come. Every time you call to have your event catered, you’ll know that you’ll be dining on rich, flavorful meat prepared with house spices that create a unique and memorable experience that ensures happy guests and a great time. You can’t control the weather, and you can’t control the people, but you can control the experience they’ll have with the food you provide. In the end, you’ll have quiet, happy guests who are sated with full stomachs and big smiles.