East Side Mario's Menu & Prices

Find East Side Mario's Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

When you’re looking for a taste of Italy at prices that won’t set you back a whole vacation, East Side Mario’s menu prices are going to beckon you home. Specializing in cuisine born from the long tradition of Italian-American families East Side Mario’s continues to serve its community by keeping their quality high and their prices low. The Lower Manhattan styled setting combined with delicious food makes it a favorite stop of families and foodies alike, and has earned it a place among Canada’s 50 Best Managed Private Companies year after year. When you want a delicious slice of Italian-Americana, stop in at East Side Mario’s and enjoy.

Their full menu can be found below:


Soups, Salads N Starters


Italian Wedding Soup$5.99
Roasted Garlic & Tomato Soup (Vegetarian)$5.99
Minestrone Soup (Vegetarian)$5.99


Tuscan Chicken Salad$14.99
Garden Salad (Vegetarian)$9.99
Caesar Salad$9.99
Italian Farmhouse Salad$14.99


Budda Boomers (Vegetarian)$5.99
Feta Bruschetta (Vegetarian)$9.99
Classic Calamari Fritti$11.99
Zucchini Fritti (Vegetarian)$9.99
Smashed Meatball Flatbread$9.99
Bocconcini Fritti (Vegetarian)$8.99
Mild Chicken Wings$12.99
Hot Chicken Wings$12.99
Garlic Chicken Wings$12.99


Build Your Own Pizza (Thin or Traditional Crust)Regular$11.99
Build Your Own Pizza (Gluten Free Crust)Regular$13.99
Build Your Own Pizza (Traditional Crust)Large$17.99


Canadian (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$14.99
Canadian (Traditional Crust)Large$22.99
Four-Meat (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$14.99
Four-Meat (Traditional Crust)Large$22.99
Hawaiian (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$14.99
Hawaiian (Traditional Crust)Large$22.99
Quattro Formaggi (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$14.99
Quattro Formaggi (Traditional Crust)Large$22.99
BLT (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$14.99
BLT (Traditional Crust)Large$22.99
New York-Ah (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$14.99
New York-Ah (Traditional Crust)Large$22.99
Make Any Pizza Gluten FreeRegular$2.00


Chicken Parm Pizza (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$15.99
Chicken Parm Pizza (Traditional Crust)Large$23.99
Hells Kitchen Chicken (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$15.99
Hells Kitchen Chicken (Traditional Crust)Large$23.99
Spicy Sausage & Peppers (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$15.99
Spicy Sausage & Peppers (Traditional Crust)Large$23.99
Chicken Tetrazzini (Thin or Traditional Crust)Regular$15.99
Chicken Tetrazzini (Traditional Crust)Large$23.99
Make Any Pizza Gluten FreeRegular$2.00

Chefs Creation

Angry Hawaiian (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$16.99
Angry Hawaiian (Traditional Crust)Large$24.99
Italiano (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$16.99
Italiano (Traditional Crust)Large$24.99
Mediterranean (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$16.99
Mediterranean (Traditional Crust)Large$24.99
Spicy San Remo (Thin Or Traditional Crust)Regular$16.99
Spicy San Remo (Traditional Crust)Large$24.99
Make Any Pizza Gluten FreeRegular$2.00

Thin Crust Pizzas

Bruschetta PizzaRegular$13.99
Marios PepperoniRegular$13.99


Spaghettini & Meatballs$13.99
Build Your Own Pasta$13.99
Fettuccine Alfredo (Vegetarian)$13.99
Baked Penne Bolognese$13.99
Spaghettini Primavera (Vegetarian)$13.99
Baked Penne Alfredo (Vegetarian)$13.99
Linguine Chicken Tetrazzini$18.49
Sausage & Peppers Penne (Spicy)$17.49
Firecracker Shrimp Bowtie (Spicy)$17.99
Linguine Chicken Amatriciana$17.99
Scallop Carbonara$19.99
Seafood Linguine$18.99
Pesto & Peppers Spaghettini With Goat Cheese (Vegetarian)$16.99
Marios 16 Layer Lasagna$19.49
Cheese Cappelletti$17.49
Marios Spaghettini & Meatballs Gigantico$17.99

Entrees & Sandwiches


Hells Kitchen Chicken (Spicy)$18.99
Marios Chicken Parmigiana$18.99
Chicken Strips$15.99
Riso Italiano$13.99
Sautéed Basa Fillet$13.99
Grilled Salmon$19.49
Kung Pao! (Spicy)$17.49
Grilled Lemon Chicken$18.99
Veal Parmigiana$20.99


Canadian Pizzaroli$12.99
Four-Meat Pizzaroli$12.99
Budda Burger$12.99
Tuscan Chicken Club$12.99
Chicken Parm Sammy$13.99
Marios Magnificent Veal Sammy$14.99

Deals To Go

Personal Pasta Deal With A Single-Serve Soup Or Salad, Garlic Homeloaf & Soft Drink$14.99
Family Pasta Deal - Choose Any 2 Signature Pastas With Salad & 2 Garlic Homeloaf$29.99


Sweet Potato Fries$4.49
Italian Style Poutine$4.49
Marios Potatoes$2.99
French Fries$3.99
Garlic Homeloaf$0.99
Primavera Vegetables$2.99
Spicy Arrabbiata, Creamy Garlic, Lemon Garlic Aioli, or Marios Tomato Sauce Dip$0.50
Garden Salad$3.99
Caesar Salad$3.99
Marios Famous Dressing$4.99
Marios Tomato Sauce$2.49

Mini Marios

Kids Pepperoni Pizza$6.00
Kids Cheese Pizza$6.00
Dino Buddies With Salad Or Fries$6.00
Pogo & Fries$6.00
Cheesy Bowtie Alfredo$6.00
Kids Build-Your-Own Pasta$6.00
Mini Marios Burger$6.00
Add Cheddar Cheese Or Bacon$6.00
Chicken Fingers$6.00


Mini Black & White Chocolate Mousse Cake$2.99
Peanut Butter StackHalf$3.99
Peanut Butter StackFull$6.99
New York Cheesecake$7.99


Diet CokeCan$1.25
Iced TeaCan$1.25
Pack Pop4 Cans$4.00
Dasani WaterBottle$2.99

Popular Menu Items

There are so many items to choose from on the East Side Mario’s menu that it’s hard to pick a few and declare them “the most popular.” Their varied menu contains delicious starters like mozzarella sticks and Feta Bruschetta, and that starts the parade of flavors to be found elsewhere. From incredible kinds of pasta to classic pizzas, flowing through to soups and mind-blowing sandwiches, East Side Mario’s has it all. You’ll find yourself having something different every time you stop in and wishing you had room for more. Thankfully, there’s always next time!

Some of the most popular items are found below:

Italian Wedding Soup

This classic dish contains its origins right in the name, a traditional sighting at Italian weddings its become a favorite of many Italian casual dining experiences. A soothing broth contains orzo pasta, spinach, basil, and onion brought together with meatballs of seasoned ground beef.

A steaming bowl for $5.99

Strawberry & Spinach Salad

This salad is bright and uplifting, with a tart sweetness that perfectly compliments the flavors of the balsamic vinaigrette and goat cheese that adorn the baby spinach, red onion, and Roma tomato mix. Topped with strawberries and crunchy croutons, it’s a delicious salad experience.

A fantastic salad for $14.99

New York-Ah Pizza

Some things need no explanation, but we’re going to tell you about it anyway. The New York-Ah pizza is a combination of red and green peppers, pepperoni, and mushrooms on their classic crust. Available in 10” or 16” sides, you can also get this pizza on a gluten-free crust.

Get a regular for $14.99, a large for $22.99

Linguine Chicken Amatriciana

We discovered this dish and immediately fell in love with the blend of button mushrooms, fresh peppers, bacon, and garlic with seasoned chicken breast all served in their house rosé sauce. We order it almost every time we stop in at East Side Marios.

Get yours for $17.99

East Side Mario’s History

East Side Mario’s came into existence as the merger as the result of a merger of multiple companies and was first opened in Miami, Florida in the Aventura Mall. Strategic moves made during this first opening and subsequent planning for expansion resulted in Prime Restaurants gaining control of three companies, including East Side Mario’s, a move which led to the parent company rapidly becoming a force in the Canadian Restaurant Industry. Since then East Side Mario’s have sprung up all over the United States and Canada, becoming a familiar site throughout both nations. The company has continued to move with the times, dropping trans fats and integrating fresh ingredients into their menu offerings, and recently taking steps to accommodate motions in the dietary needs environment with gluten-free offerings.