Halal Guys Menu & Prices

Find Halal Guys Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

The Halal Guys menu prices let you know that you’re dealing with an ambitious restaurant with cuisine targeting every New Yorker. They got their start as a simply food cart in Manhattan on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 53rd Street. They wound up being so successful that it wasn’t unusual to see lines forming up around the block for their delicious food.

When you stop by the Halal Guys, stand you’ll be indulging in chicken and gyro meat that’s so good it changed the face of New York and is the only food stand that requires bouncers in the city. If you’re craving the delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern traditional foods, it’s time to stop by Halal Guys.

You can find their full menu listed below:


Rice Plates

Beef Shawerma over Rice$8.49
Beef Shawerma over Rice Special$10.49
Chicken Shawerma over Rice$7.99
Chicken Shawerma over Rice Special$9.99
Chicken Kebab over Rice$6.99
Chicken Kebab over Rice Special$8.99
Chicken over Rice$6.99
Chicken over Rice Special$8.99
Lamb over Rice$6.99
Lamb over Rice Special$8.99
Combination Plate$7.49
Combination Plate Special$9.49
Kofta over Rice$7.49
Kofta over Rice Special$9.49
Falafel over Rice$5.99
Falafel over Rice Special$7.99

Sandwiches and Wraps

Beef Shawarma Sandwich$6.99
Beef Shawarma Sandwich Special$8.99
Chicken Shawarma Sandwich$6.49
Chicken Shawarma Sandwich Special$8.49
Lamb Gyro Sandwich$5.49
Lamb Gyro Sandwich Special$7.49
Chicken Wrap$5.49
Chicken Wrap Special$7.49
Chicken Kebab Sandwich$5.99
Chicken Kebab Sandwich Special$7.99
Kofta Kebab Sandwich$6.49
Kofta Kebab Sandwich Special$8.49
Falafel Sandwich$4.99
Falafel Sandwich Special$6.99
Chicken and Falafel Wrap$6.49
Chicken and Falafel Wrap Special$8.49
Lamb and Falafel Wrap$6.49
Lamb and Falafel Wrap Special$8.49


Basmati Seasoned Rice$2.99
French Fries$2.99
Falafel3 Pc.$2.25




Fountain Drink$1.67

Popular Menu Items

When you stop by the Halal Guys stands, the odds are good you’re stopping there to pick up one of their classic gyro with rice plates or a chicken wrap sandwich. Their menu doesn’t end there though; they’re equally famous for their Beef Shawerma over rice and delicious house hummus. If you’re going for classic Middle Eastern fare on the cheap, then you’re going to want to pick up a side of their Falafel.

Everything on their menu is a delight, from the small sides like those mentioned above to the full meals. When it’s all done you don’t have to skip dessert, you can pick up a tray of their Baklava and wrap it all up as a delicious lunch.

Check out some of their most popular items below:

Lamb Gyro Sandwich Special

The Greek Gyro is a delicious dish that has been making its debut everywhere in the US. In New York, it’s available on almost any corner by stopping by a Halal Guys food cart. You’ll get to indulge in thinly sliced lamb served with hot sauce, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, and their signature white sauce alongside a fountain drink and chips.

All this goodness for just $7.49

Beef Shawarma over Rice Special

While there is often some confusion between what sets Gyro’s and Shawarma apart, there’s a simple answer. Gyro’s come with a great assortment of condiments, while Beef Shawarma lets the meat do the talking. At Halal Guys, you’ll get delicious Beef Shawarma served over a bed of rice with a side of chips and salad.

All this comes with a fountain drink for just $10.49

3 Piece Falafel

If you’ve never indulged in the simple yet sophisticated flavors that you can find in Falafel, it’s time to stop by Halal Guys and put an end to that. Made with a particular vegetable and spice blend mixed into a base of garbanzo beans deep fried in oil, Falafel is impressive.

A little trio of delicious for $2.25

Chicken and Falafel Wrap Special

The meeting of two delicious dishes is found in their Chicken and Falafel Wrap special, where the distinctive flavor of falafel comes together with thin sliced lamb and cucumbers, tomato, lettuce, and their special sauces alongside a drink and chips. It’s almost the perfect meal.

Enjoy the delicious flavors and dine for $8.49

Halal Guys History

It all started with a pure supposition, that hot dogs just weren’t a satisfying meal, not even when made by dedicated New Yorkers who knew a thing or two about them. Mohamed Abouelenein decided to address this issue by opening a food cart in New York, one that would serve halal food in a fast-casual format. Little did he know that the rise of the Halal Guys food cart would lead to the decline in the traditional hot dog cart, the personality and character of food on the go in New York was forever changed.

Since the original cart opened new locations, have sprung up all through New York, and now you can find them just about anywhere you go in the Big Apple. In fact, Halal Guys were so popular that the food carts have had to hire bouncers to keep the peace among the people in line.