Halal Guys Catering Menu Prices

Find Halal Guys Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re on the lookout for a great Middle Eastern caterer, the Halal Guys catering menu might be the perfect choice for your next event or function. With both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences, Halal Guys is a great way to get creative with your cuisine.

Halal Guys offers a wide range of foods that include meats and assorted pita breads and sides. They also have a wonderful selection of sauces that are famous for enhancing the flavors of their food.

The casual food concept was first started in New York City, but has quickly spread across the country — it’s become one of the best recognized Halal food providers in the United States.

If you want to skip the process of requesting their catering menu directly, you can find all the pricing information you need right here on our website!



Gyro SandwichPer Person$7.95
Chicken SandwichPer Person$7.95
Falafel SandwichPer Person$7.95

Hot Entrees

Chicken PlatterPer Person$8.95
Gyro PlatterPer Person$8.95
Falafel PlatterPer Person$8.95


HummusServes 2$2.95
Baba GanoushServes 2$2.95
FriesServes 2$2.95


BaklavaPer Person$2.45


Gallon Unsweet TeaServes 8$5.00

Popular Catering Choices at Halal Guys

If you’re in the market for large amounts of food for either lunch or dinner, Halal Guys has the ability to cater to your needs. They have considerable experience bringing Middle Eastern food with a Western twist to their customers. They have a specific catering menu that can make it easy and affordable to get the quantities of food you’re looking for.

Whether you want gyros, falafel, Mediterranean meats, fries, pita breads, and other delicious foods, Halal Guys can be your one-stop-shop. Check out what previous catering customers have enjoyed the most below!

Combo Platter

The most popular menu item on the Halal Guys catering menu is the Combo Platter. This dish comes packed with marinated chicken and beef (gyro), seasoned rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and pita bread. Hot sauce and white sauce come on the side!

While the Combo Platter is loaded with food, it’s a great bargain at just $8.99 per person. You can also order it buffet style for large groups!


Hummus is one of the Mediterranean’s most famous food products — it’s the perfect small side to have for any function or event. Halal Guys is famous for its delicious, home-made hummus.

A single order of Halal Guys hummus from the catering menu will feed around two people. You can order as much as you want.

A single order of Hummus is $4.99.

Pita Bread

Another popular menu item on the Halal Guys catering menu is the Pita Bread. This is a Middle Eastern staple — it’s perfect for dipping in hummus or being used for wraps/sandwiches.

Pita Bread can also be eaten by itself, although it is best to add a bit more flavor. A single order of the Halal Guys Pita Bread is enough for 10 people!

This order of Pita Bread costs $10.00.

Gyro Sanwich

Another classic Middle Eastern dish is the Gryo Sandwich — this is an authentic meal enjoyed by millions of people in the region. The Halal Guys Gyro Sandwich is well-known for being packed with flavor!

A single Gyro Sandwich is more than enough to satisfy any appetite. You can order a Gyro Sandwich from Halal Guys for $8.49.

Enjoy Halal Guys’ Catering Offering

Don’t order the same boring food every time you have an event at your office or organization — order Halal Guys to switch things up. It’s always impressive when you’re able to offer creative food options for your co-workers or clients.

If you think your guests will enjoy a Middle Eastern twist for their lunch or dinner, Halal Guys is definitely the leading option in the United States. There’s a reason they’re so popular throughout the entire country.

You can order their catering menu directly through their website — you’ll need to select your local store to see their exact offerings. Halal Guys also uses third-party catering companies to deliver food directly to your event if you’re looking to avoid the hassle of picking up your order!