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Houlihan's Menu & Prices

Find Houlihan's Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Have a look below for the complete Houlihan’s menu prices. You will find classic American fare cooked from scratch and a full cocktail bar at Houlihan’s.

Houlihan’s is a great place to stop in for drinks and great food for lunch or dinner. It has a good atmosphere for business meetings or hanging out with friends. Vegetarian options, healthy meals and comfort food come together for a menu that has something for everyone.

Below you will find the full menu along with some hand-picked top dishes to consider.



Continental Breakfast$9.95
Breakfast served Mon. - Fri. 6am - 11am | Sat. - Sun. 7am - noon

A Refreshing Start

Chilled Fruit JuicesSmall$3.25
Chilled Fruit JuicesLarge$3.95


Fresh Sliced Strawberries$5.25
Fresh Sliced Strawberries With Yogurt$6.75
Chilled Melon Crown$5.25
Pineapple Boat$5.25

From The Griddle

Giant Golden Malted Waffle$9.95
Trio of Buttermilk Pancake$8.95
Original French Toast$8.95

From The Nest

Served with toast or English Mu?n and Lyonnaise potatoes
Farm Fresh Egg1 Egg$7.95
Farm Fresh Egg2 Eggs$8.95
Farm Fresh Egg3 Eggs$9.95

Banner Breakfast

Traditional Benedict$9.95
Bull + Hen$13.95
Hash + Eggs$9.95

Breakfast Extras

Cereal With Fresh Fruit$5.95
Fruit Yogurt$2.95
Bacon, Sausage, Canadian Bacon or Ham$3.50
Lyonnaise Potatoes$2.95
Toasted Whole Wheat Or Rye Bread$2.25
Toasted English Muffin$2.25
Bagel With Cream Cheese$3.25
Danish Pastry$2.95


Lunch menu items available Monday - Friday | 11:00am - 3pm

Endless Soup and Salad Combo

(Dine in only) Your choice of soup served with side house or Caesar salad and fresh baked rolls.
Endless Soup and Salad Combo$8.99

Sandwich Combo

Sandwich Combo$10.99


Wild Mushroom and Arugula Flatbread$11.99
Margherita Flatbread$11.99
Spinach & Artichoke$11.99

Salad Combos

Quiche and Soup or Salad Combo$10.49
House Salad$4.99
Side Caesar$4.99

Mini-Me Entrées

Grilled Atlantic Salmon5 oz.$14.99
Seared Sea Scallops4 oz.$15.99
Grilled Filet Mignon4 oz.$17.49


Down Home Pot Roast$11.49
Chicken Tender Platter$11.49
Zucchini Marinara$13.99
Zucchini Marinara with Grilled Chicken$16.99
Chicken Parmesan$11.49
Grilled Rosemary Chicken$13.99
Double Breast$16.49


All burgers served with french fries.
Straight Up$10.49
Kansas City Burger$12.99
Cheese Burger$11.49
Vegetarian Burger$10.99
Turkey Burger$11.49
Mushroom Swiss Burger$11.99
Smoked Bacon Cheese Burger$11.99
Black & Bleu Burger$11.49

Entrée Salads

Add a bowl of homemade soup for $2 99
Classic Chicken Caesar$10.99
Heartland Chicken Salad$10.99
Bu?alo Bleu Salad$10.99
Char-Crusted Ahi Tuna Salad$12.99
Chicken Asian Chop Chop$13.99
Ranchouse Steak Salad$14.99



Firecracker Shrimp$10.49


612 Burger$12.49
Meatloaf No. 9$15.49
Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken Breast$15.99


Pumpkin Cheesecake$6.99
Something To Sip
Pumpkin Spice Martini$7.00
Apple Mule$7.00
Hot Houli Cider$6.50


App And Shareables

Houlihan's Famous 'Shrooms$10.99
Salsa Cruda Bruschetta$10.49
Avocado Toast$11.99
Asian Lettuce Wraps$11.49
Wild Mushroom & Arugula Flatbread$10.49
Classic Organic Spinach Dip With Cheesy Lavosh$10.99
Margherita Flatbread$10.49
Spinach And Artichoke Flatbread$10.49
Loaded Potato Skins$9.99


Veggie Fajitas$13.99
Asian Chop Chop$13.99
Veggie Burger$11.49
Zucchini Marinara$13.99


House Salad$4.99
Original Baked Potato Soup$4.99
French Fries$3.99
Tortilla Chips & Housemade Salsa$3.99
Seasonal Veggies$3.99
Sweet Potato Fries$4.99
Charred Pineapple Brown Rice$3.99


White Vino

Canyon Road White Zinfandel BlushGlass$6.75
Canyon Road White Zinfandel BlushBottle$24.00
Canyon Road MoscatoGlass$6.75
Canyon Road MoscatoBottle$24.00
Beringer White Zinfandel BlushGlass$7.50
Beringer White Zinfandel BlushBottle$27.00
Chateau Ste. Michelle RieslingGlass$7.50
Chateau Ste. Michelle RieslingBottle$27.00
Sea Glass RieslingGlass$8.50
Sea Glass RieslingBottle$31.00
Apothic White BlendGlass$8.50
Apothic White BlendBottle$31.00
Canyon Road Sauvignon BlancGlass$6.75
Canyon Road Sauvignon BlancBottle$24.00
Canyon Road Pinot GrigioGlass$6.75
Canyon Road Pinot GrigioBottle$24.00
J. Lohr Flume Crossing Sauvignon BlancGlass$8.50
J. Lohr Flume Crossing Sauvignon BlancBottle$31.00
Maso Canali Pinot GrigioGlass$9.50
Maso Canali Pinot GrigioBottle$35.00
Canyon Road ChardonnayGlass$6.75
Canyon Road ChardonnayBottle$24.00
Cupcake ChardonnayGlass$7.50
Cupcake ChardonnayBottle$27.00
J. Lohr Riverstone ChardonnayGlass$9.50
J. Lohr Riverstone ChardonnayBottle$35.00
Kendall-Jackson ChardonnayGlass$9.50
Kendall-Jackson ChardonnayBottle$35.00


Korbel Splits$8.25

Red Red Wine

Canyon Road MerlotGlass$6.75
Canyon Road MerlotBottle$24.00
Canyon Road Pinot NoirGlass$6.75
Canyon Road Pinot NoirBottle$24.00
Treleaven Mystere Red BlendGlass$7.50
Treleaven Mystere Red BlendBottle$27.00
Cavit Pinot NoirGlass$7.50
Cavit Pinot NoirBottle$27.00
Blackstone MerlotGlass$8.50
Blackstone MerlotBottle$31.00
Apothic Red BlendGlass$8.50
Apothic Red BlendBottle$31.00
Cupcake Pinot NoirGlass$8.50
Cupcake Pinot NoirBottle$31.00
J. Lohr Los Osos MerlotGlass$9.50
J. Lohr Los Osos MerlotBottle$35.00
Yellow Tail ShirazGlass$7.50
Yellow Tail ShirazBottle$27.00
Trapiche MalbecGlass$8.75
Trapiche MalbecBottle$32.00
Don Miguel Gascon MalbecGlass$9.50
Don Miguel Gascon MalbecBottle$35.00
DaVinci ChiantiGlass$10.50
DaVinci ChiantiBottle$39.00
Canyon RoadCabernet SauvignonGlass$6.75
Canyon RoadCabernet SauvignonBottle$24.00
Louis M. Martini Cabernet SauvignonGlass$8.50
Louis M. Martini Cabernet SauvignonBottle$31.00
Cupcake Cabernet SauvignonGlass$8.50
Cupcake Cabernet SauvignonBottle$31.00
J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet SauvignonGlass$9.50
J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet SauvignonBottle$35.00


Fonseca Bin 27$7.75

Beer Drafts

Bud Light16 oz$4.50
Bud Light23 oz$4.50
Coors Light16 oz$4.50
Coors Light23 oz$4.50
Miller Lite16 oz$4.50
Miller Lite23 oz$4.50
Yuengling16 oz$5.00
Yuengling23 oz$5.00
Angry Orchard16 oz$6.00
Angry Orchard23 oz$6.00
Brooklyn IPA16 oz$6.00
Brooklyn IPA23 oz$6.00
Blue Moon16 oz$6.00
Blue Moon23 oz$6.00
Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner16 oz$6.00
Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner23 oz$6.00
Guinness16 oz$6.00
Guinness23 oz$6.00
Goose Island IPA16 oz$6.00
Goose Island IPA23 oz$6.00
Long Trail Green Blaze IPA16 oz$6.00
Long Trail Green Blaze IPA23 oz$6.00
Long Trail Limbo IPA16 oz$6.00
Long Trail Limbo IPA23 oz$6.00
Sam Rebel IPA16 oz$6.00
Sam Rebel IPA23 oz$6.00
Stella Artois16 oz$6.00
Stella Artois23 oz$6.00
Sam Adams16 oz$6.00
Sam Adams23 oz$6.00
Sam Adams Seasonal16 oz$6.00
Sam Adams Seasonal23 oz$6.00
Shock Top Seasonal16 oz$6.00
Shock Top Seasonal23 oz$6.00

Beer Bottles

Bud Light$4.50
Bud Light Lime$4.50
Coors Light$4.50
Michelob Ultra$4.50
Miller Lite$4.50
Rolling Rock$4.50
O'Douls NA$4.50
Amstel Light$5.50
Brooklyn Seasonal$5.50
Corona Light$5.50
Dos Equis$5.50
Heineken Light$5.50
Killian's Irish Red$5.50
Newcastle Brown Ale$5.50
Redd's Apple Ale$5.50

Beer Craft Bottles

Blue Point Hoptical Illusion$7.25
Boulevard Brewing Co. Tank 7$7.25
Coney Island Overpass IPA$7.25
Long Trail Limbo IPA$7.25
New Belgium Fat Tire$7.25
North Coast PranQster Golden Ale$7.25
Ommegang Nirvana IPA$7.25
Otter Creek Steam Pipe$7.25
Sam Smith IPA$7.25
Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale$7.25
Southhampton Double White Ale$7.25


Lemon Drop Martini$8.75
Cosmic Peach$8.25
Pama Martini$8.50
Cherry Lemonade Martini$8.75
Candy Apple$8.75
Chocolate Martini$8.75
Acai Martini$8.75
Mango Tini$8.75


Available Frozen Or On The Rocks. All Margaritas Made With Salt Upon Request.
Grand Gold Margarita$9.00
Mango Rita$8.75
California Pama Rita$8.75
Top Shelf Margarita$9.50
Cointreau Noir Margarita$9.50
Corona Rita$10.70
Blue And Silver$8.50


Houlihans Signature SangriaGlass$8.25
Houlihans Signature SangriaPitcher$26.99


So Co Hurricane$8.25
Adam and Eve$8.75
Pure Agave Margarita$8.50
Spiked Watermelon$10.75
Peach Tea Cooler$8.25
Houlihan's Blueberry Crush$10.75
Tennessee Apple Martini$8.25
Espresso Martini$8.75
Pear Mojito$8.25
Blood Orange Martini$8.75
Devotion Black & Blue Lemonade$8.25
Tiki Tea$8.25
Bahama Mama Absolut Peppar 22-Spice Bloody Mary$8.25
Moscow Mule$8.25
Cactus Bowl$10.75
Watermelon Martini$8.75
Orange Crush$8.25
Pineapple Portrait$8.75
The Botanist's Mojito$8.50

Twisted Teas

Ultimate Long Island$8.75
Long Beach$8.25


Mountain Lemonade$8.25


Acai-Crazy Daze Lemonade$8.25
Blue Whale$8.75
So Co Breeze$7.50
Berry Ricky$8.25
Cherry Coke$7.50
Bermuda Triangle$8.25
The Blue Hawaiian$8.00
Dark & Stormy$8.25
Ruby Red$8.75

Skinny Drinks

Skinny Tini$8.25
Skinny Margarita$8.25
Skinny Mary$8.25
Skinny Cosmo$8.25
Skinny French Martini$8.25
Skinny Mojito$8.25
Skinny Lemonade$8.25

Popular Menu Items

Houlihan’s has a large menu with options for everyone. Don’t miss an opportunity to start with one of the many appetizers on offer, great to get your appetite going or to share with a group.

Folks that are looking for lighter fare will find a well-developed salad menu, as well as thoughtful dishes to choose from throughout the menu. Several hearty soups are also available to make a great lunch or dinner without busting your gut. Want pasta without the carbs? Don’t miss the Spiralized Veggie Dishes!

The main entrée menu is chock full of comforting favorites for those with a hearty appetite. Pasta, seafood, steaks and old-school favorites like Pot Roast can be found there. Several gourmet burgers are also a great choice for a satisfying feast.

Here are some customer favorites to consider on your next visit to Houlihan’s:

Cubano Eggrolls

This starter is a gourmet twist on a classic Cuban sandwich, wrapped in a wonton wrapper and fried for the perfect hand food starter. Tender pulled pork, smoky ham and swiss cheese make up the filling. It is perfectly paired with three accompaniments: cheddar and chipotle cheese sauce, dill pickles and spicy beer mustard.

Chicken Asian Chop Chop Salad

This generously portioned salad features sesame glazed chicken over shredded napa cabbage mixed with snow peas, roasted peanuts, red bell pepper, sliced jicama and crunchy fried wontons. The peanut-ginger dressing is to die for! A great option for those seeking filling lighter fare.

Brentwood Chicken Sandwich

There are several well-made sammies on the menu at Houlihan’s, but this is a top pick worth checking out for sure. Grilled chicken meets smoked bacon, gouda cheese and a special Dijon mayo for a perfect flavor profile in every bite. It is topped with baby greens, red onion and tomato and served on a buttered and toasted bun.

Pan-Roasted Chicken & Spiralized Sweet Potato ‘Linguine’

A fun twist on pasta, this dish uses thin sliced sweet potato as the base for a delicious meal. The sauce is a light poblano cream sauce and it is finished with a crispy bacon crumble.

Barrel-cut Filet Mignon

The cut is from the center and most flavorful part of the filet and it is perfectly prepared to order. The beef is from grain-fed Black Angus that has been aged for at least 28 days for a rich flavor. Have a 6 oz. portion with your choice of two sides plus soup or salad!

Houlihan’s History

Seasoned restauranteurs Paul Robinson and Joe Gilbert opened the first Houlihan’s in Kansas City in 1972. The site where they opened the first location was previously Tom Houlihan Men’s Wear, an upscale “haberdahshery” in town. During construction the restaurant drawings had been named “Houlihan’s Old Place”. The name stuck, and with Tom Houlihan’s permission, the restaurant Houlihans was born.

The core concept of the chain is American classics and contemporary dishes made with high quality ingredients. In addition, a fully stocked cocktail bar and high-end décor give this restaurant chain a classy vibe with an eye towards attracting even picky foodies.

Today you can find Houlihan’s primarily in the Midwest and Eastern U.S.