Krispy Kreme Menu & Prices

Find Krispy Kreme Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

This is the right place for the full Krispy Kreme menu prices. You will find fresh baked doughnuts, pastries and gourmet coffee served in a fast-casual environment at Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme is a family favorite wherever it is found. One of the hallmarks of the chain are the visible doughnut assembly lines in the store which make a visit extra fun for the kids. Deals on boxes of doughnuts make Krispy Kreme a convenient and budget friendly place to pick up treats for a group.

Below you will find the full menu with prices along with some customer favorites to consider.



Jack-o-Lantern Doughnut1 Pc.$1.09
Jack-o-Lantern DoughnutDozen$8.99
Spider Web Doughnut1 Pc.$1.09
Spider Web DoughnutDozen$8.99
Mummy Doughnut1 Pc.$1.09
Mummy DoughnutDozen$8.99
Chocolate Iced Glazed With Sprinkles1 Pc.$1.09
Chocolate Iced Glazed With SprinklesDozen$8.99
Pumpkin Spice Cake1 Pc.$1.29
Pumpkin Spice CakeDozen$11.39
Original Glazed Doughnut1 Pc.$0.99
Original Glazed DoughnutDozen$7.99
Chocolate Iced Glazed1 Pc.$0.99
Chocolate Iced GlazedDozen$7.99
Chocolate Iced Glazed With Kreme Filling1 Pc.$1.09
Chocolate Iced Glazed With Kreme FillingDozen$8.99
Apple Fritter1 Pc.$1.29
Apple FritterDozen$11.39
Newyork Cheesecake1 Pc.$1.29
Newyork CheesecakeDozen$11.39
Oreo Cookies And Kreme1 Pc.$1.29
Oreo Cookies And KremeDozen$11.39
Chocolate Iced Custard Filled1 Pc.$1.09
Chocolate Iced Custard FilledDozen$8.99
Strawberry Iced With Sprinkles1 Pc.$1.09
Strawberry Iced With SprinklesDozen$8.99
Glazed Rasberry Filled1 Pc.$1.09
Glazed Rasberry FilledDozen$8.99
Glazed With Kreme Filling1 Pc.$1.29
Glazed With Kreme FillingDozen$11.39
Glazed Blueberry Cake1 Pc.$1.29
Glazed Blueberry CakeDozen$11.39
Glazed Lemon Filled1 Pc.$1.29
Glazed Lemon FilledDozen$11.39
Maple Iced Glazed1 Pc.$1.29
Maple Iced GlazedDozen$11.39
Cinnamon Apple Filled1 Pc.$1.29
Cinnamon Apple FilledDozen$11.39
Glazed Sour Cream1 Pc.$1.29
Glazed Sour CreamDozen$11.39
Strawberry Iced1 Pc.$1.29
Strawberry IcedDozen$11.39
Glazed Chocolate Cake1 Pc.$1.29
Glazed Chocolate CakeDozen$11.39
Cinnamon Twist1 Pc.$1.09
Cinnamon TwistDozen$8.99
Cinnamon Bun1 Pc.$1.09
Cinnamon BunDozen$8.99
Traditional Cake1 Pc.$1.09
Traditional CakeDozen$8.99
Chocolate Iced Raspberry Filled1 Pc.$1.09
Chocolate Iced Raspberry FilledDozen$8.99
Double Dark Chocolate1 Pc.$1.29
Double Dark ChocolateDozen$11.39
Cinnamon Sugar1 Pc.$1.09
Cinnamon SugarDozen$8.99
Powdered Cinnamon Cake1 Pc.$1.09
Powdered Cinnamon CakeDozen$8.99
Powdered Strawberry Filled1 Pc.$1.09
Powdered Strawberry FilledDozen$8.99
Powdered With Lemon Kreme1 Pc.$1.29
Powdered With Lemon KremeDozen$11.39
Powdered With Strawberry Kreme1 Pc.$1.29
Powdered With Strawberry KremeDozen$11.39
White Iced With Chocolate Drizzle1 Pc.$1.09
White Iced With Chocolate DrizzleDozen$8.99
Original Glazed Doughnut Holes1 Pc.$1.09
Original Glazed Doughnut HolesDozen$8.99
Powdered Cake1 Pc.$1.09
Powdered CakeDozen$8.99
Glazed Cruller1 Pc.$1.09
Glazed CrullerDozen$8.99
Chocolate Iced Glazed Cruller1 Pc.$1.09
Chocolate Iced Glazed CrullerDozen$8.99
Glazed Chocolate Cake Doughnut Holes1 Pc.$1.29
Glazed Chocolate Cake Doughnut HolesDozen$11.39
Glazed Blueberry Cake Doughnut Holes1 Pc.$1.29
Glazed Blueberry Cake Doughnut HolesDozen$11.39
Glazed Cake Doughnut Holes1 Pc.$1.29
Glazed Cake Doughnut HolesDozen$11.39
Chocolate Iced Cake1 Pc.$1.09
Chocolate Iced CakeDozen$8.99
Powdered Blueberry Filled1 Pc.$1.09
Powdered Blueberry FilledDozen$8.99
Sugar Doughnut1 Pc.$0.99
Sugar DoughnutDozen$7.99
Glazed Cinnamon1 Pc.$1.09
Glazed CinnamonDozen$8.99
Dulce De Leche1 Pc.$1.09
Dulce De LecheDozen$8.99
Mini Original Glazed Doughnut1 Pc.$0.99
Mini Original Glazed DoughnutDozen$7.99
Mini Chocolate Iced With Sprinkles1 Pc.$0.99
Mini Chocolate Iced With SprinklesDozen$7.99
Mini Chocolate Iced Glazed1 Pc.$0.99
Mini Chocolate Iced GlazedDozen$7.99
Double Chocolate Eclairs1 Pc.$1.29
Double Chocolate EclairsDozen$11.39
Strawberry Shortcake Eclairs1 Pc.$1.29
Strawberry Shortcake EclairsDozen$11.39
Tennis Ball Doughnut1 Pc.$1.29
Tennis Ball DoughnutDozen$11.39


Smooth Drip CoffeeSmall$1.59
Smooth Drip CoffeeMediun$1.79
Smooth Drip CoffeeLarge$1.89
Rich Drip CoffeeSmall$1.59
Rich Drip CoffeeMediun$1.79
Rich Drip CoffeeLarge$1.89
Decaf Drip CoffeeSmall$1.59
Decaf Drip CoffeeMediun$1.79
Decaf Drip CoffeeLarge$1.89
Caramel Iced CoffeeSmall$2.99
Caramel Iced CoffeeMediun$3.49
Caramel Iced CoffeeLarge$3.99
Frozen MochaSmall$2.99
Frozen MochaMediun$3.49
Frozen MochaLarge$3.99
Frozen Vanilla MochaSmall$2.99
Frozen Vanilla MochaMediun$3.49
Frozen Vanilla MochaLarge$3.99
Frozen Caramel LatteSmall$2.99
Frozen Caramel LatteMediun$3.49
Frozen Caramel LatteLarge$3.99
Vanilla LatteSmall$2.49
Vanilla LatteMediun$2.99
Vanilla LatteLarge$3.49
Mocha LatteSmall$2.49
Mocha LatteMediun$2.99
Mocha LatteLarge$3.49
Hazelnut LatteSmall$2.49
Hazelnut LatteMediun$2.99
Hazelnut LatteLarge$3.49
Caramel LatteSmall$2.49
Caramel LatteMediun$2.99
Caramel LatteLarge$3.49
Caramel MochaSmall$2.99
Caramel MochaMediun$3.49
Caramel MochaLarge$3.99
Iced CoffeeSmall$1.89
Iced CoffeeLarge$2.19
Iced Chocolate CoffeeSmall$1.89
Iced Chocolate CoffeeLarge$2.19
Iced Vanilla CoffeeSmall$1.89
Iced Vanilla CoffeeLarge$2.19
Iced azlenutilla CoffeeSmall$1.89
Iced azlenutilla CoffeeLarge$2.19
Iced MochaSmall$1.89
Iced MochaLarge$2.19
Iced LatteSmall$1.89
Iced LatteLarge$2.19
Iced Caramel LatteSmall$1.89
Iced Caramel LatteLarge$2.19
Iced Caramel MochaSmall$1.89
Iced Caramel MochaLarge$2.19
Iced Vanilla LatteSmall$1.89
Iced Vanilla LatteLarge$2.19
Iced Hazlenut LatteSmall$1.89
Iced Hazlenut LatteLarge$2.19
Iced Skinny Caramel LatteSmall$1.89
Iced Skinny Caramel LatteLarge$2.19
Iced Skinny Vanilla LatteSmall$1.89
Iced Skinny Vanilla LatteLarge$2.19
Krispy Kreme DecafSmall$1.59
Krispy Kreme DecafMedium$1.79
Krispy Kreme DecafLarge$1.89
Caramel Mocha LatteSmall$2.49
Caramel Mocha LatteMedium$2.99
Caramel Mocha LatteLarge$3.49
Skinny LatteSmall$1.59
Skinny LatteMedium$1.79
Skinny LatteLarge$1.89
Skinny Vanilla LatteSmall$1.59
Skinny Vanilla LatteMedium$1.79
Skinny Vanilla LatteLarge$1.89
Smooth Ground CoffeeSmall$1.59
Smooth Ground CoffeeMedium$1.79
Smooth Ground CoffeeLarge$1.89
Krispy Kreme SmoothSmall$1.59
Krispy Kreme SmoothMedium$1.79
Krispy Kreme SmoothLarge$1.89
Decaf Ground CoffeeSmall$1.59
Decaf Ground CoffeeMedium$1.79
Decaf Ground CoffeeLarge$1.89
Rich Ground CoffeeSmall$1.59
Rich Ground CoffeeMedium$1.79
Rich Ground CoffeeLarge$1.89


Fresh LemonadeSmall$2.79
Fresh LemonadeMedium$3.29
Fresh LemonadeLarge$3.79
Ghirardelli Hot ChocolateSmall$2.39
Ghirardelli Hot ChocolateMedium$2.69
Ghirardelli Hot ChocolateLarge$2.99
Iced TeaSmall$1.39
Iced TeaMedium$1.59
Iced TeaLarge$1.79


Note: these items may vary from day to day.
Pumpkin Spice LatteSmall$2.49
Pumpkin Spice LatteMedium$2.99
Pumpkin Spice LatteLarge$3.49
Iced Pumpkin Spice LatteSmall$2.49
Iced Pumpkin Spice LatteMedium$2.99
Iced Pumpkin Spice LatteLarge$3.49
Frozen Pumpkin Spice LatteSmall$2.49
Frozen Pumpkin Spice LatteMedium$2.99
Frozen Pumpkin Spice LatteLarge$3.49
Oreo ChillerSmall$2.79
Oreo ChillerMedium$3.29
Oreo ChillerLarge$3.79

Popular Menu Items

In addition to the regular menu items you will find special seasonal varieties and doughnuts for holidays and other special occasions.

Deals on boxes of doughnuts and other pastries at Krispy Kreme make purchasing for a crowd easy and affordable. Insider tip – you can order ahead for sports themed doughnuts to celebrate the big game too!

In addition to delicious doughnuts, Krispy Kreme offers several gourmet coffee items and fancy hot drinks. Make sure to check out the specialty drinks menu to learn more.

Here are some top picks from the menu to tempt your taste buds:

Doughnut Holes

The perfect cake to glaze ratio in every bite! These doughnut holes can be addictive. Perfectly round nuggets of Original Glazed®, Glazed Chocolate Cake, Glazed Cake, and Glazed Blueberry Cake are perfect for eating on the go.

Double Chocolate Éclair

Delightfully rich and creamy, this twist on the classic éclair doubles down on chocolatey goodness with a whipped cream filling that is infused with cocoa. You will find it on the Special Doughnut menu.

Assorted Varieties by the Dozen

There are too many great flavors to choose just one at Krispy Kreme. Go for a dozen to get one of all of your favorites to share with friends and family. Here are just a few recipes to tempt your taste buds: Pumpkin Spice Cake, Cinnamon Apple Filled, Maple Iced Glazed, Powdered with Strawberry Kreme and Chocolate Iced Glazed Cruller.

Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate

Krispy Kreme makes great coffee, but sometimes you want a little extra boost of chocolatey goodness. This hot drink goes perfectly with doughnuts on a cold day.

Iced Caramel Latte

Smooth, rich and refreshingly cold, this gourmet drink is deeply satisfying. Pick up a large topped with whipped cream on a hot day!

Krispy Kreme History

Krispy Kreme founder, Vernon Rudolph, opened the first location of Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem, NC in 1937 after working with his uncle Ishmael Armstrong who owned a doughnut shop in Paducah, Kentucky. The exact origin of the recipe that Ishmael used remains a controversial subject, but this same recipe was used at the first Krispy Kreme.

Although the focus of the original Krispy Kreme was to supply to local convenience stores, there were also private sales during production hours. Word of the delicious doughnuts spread and it soon had a local reputation.

Expansion of the chain started in earnest in the 1950’s, focusing mostly on the Southeastern United States. Ownership of Krispy Kreme has changed hands but expansion has never stopped – today you can find stores across the globe!