Luna Grill Menu & Prices

Find Luna Grill Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Look no further – here you will find Luna Grill menu prices. At this fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant, there are both healthy and reasonably priced menu options.

With a focus on nutritious food prepared fresh, Luna Grill is a great place to eat for those looking for a healthy bite. Well-seasoned and well prepared, you’ll find that the food is flavorful and satisfying. Plus there are vegetarian and vegan options, making it a great meet-up spot for the whole gang.

Luna Grill has a strong commitment to locally sourced ingredients and social responsibility in the communities they serve. So, the ethical eater can feel good about patronizing this chain!

Below we offer the full menu with prices along with some recommendations for your next visit.


Shareables & Sides

Spicy Feta$5.25
Traditional or Spicy Hummus$4.75
Stuffed Grape Leaves$4.25
Handcrafted Spinach Pie$5.25
Sampler Platter$10.25
Quinoa Tabouleh$5.00

Wraps And More

The Classic Wrap$9.25
The Market Wrap$9.75
El Greco Street Bowl$9.75
Gyros Quesadilla$9.25
Grass Fed Burger$9.25

Gourmet Salads

All salads include pita bread
Chopped Arugula$12.00
Apple Walnut$9.25
Organic Spinach$8.99
Mediterranean Chicken$11.50

Signature Plates

Veggie Kabob$6.25
Ground Sirloin$6.75
Mahi Mahi$8.75
Flat Cut Chicken Kabob$7.75
Bistro Filet Beef Kabob$9.25
Cornish Hen On The Bone$10.25
Lamb Tenderloin Kabob$10.25
Norwegian Salmon$8.75
Chicken Kabob & Gyros$6.75
Chicken Kabob & Ground Sirloin Kabob$6.75


Kid's Chicken Kabob$4.75
Kid's Cheese Quesadilla$4.75
Kid's Gyros$4.75
Kid's Burger$4.75


Mini Baklava$1.50
Mini Chocolate Nut Rolls$1.50
Mini Cupcakes Chocolate$1.50
Mini Cupcakes Vanilla$1.50
Mini Cupcakes Red Velvet$1.50

Popular Menu Items

Those looking for lighter fare will be satisfied with most of the menu at Luna Grill. The liberal use of Mediterranean spice profiles keeps the flavor coming through without all of the saturated fat and calories. A large selection of salads, lean spiced grilled meats, and plenty of whole grains, legumes and beans are the foundation of the menu at Luna Grill.

Some of the more popular vegetarian options can be found throughout the menu. Falafel, Tempeh, humus and other vegan favorites abound in each section. Finding a satisfying vegetarian meal is easy at Luna Grill.

Here are some customer favorites to try on your next visit:


This Greek classic is a great place to start on your next visit to Luna Grill. Spinach, feta cheese and eggs are wrapped in several layers of phyllo dough and baked to a blissful flaky finish. A must try if you have not had it before.

Luna Salad

This is the signature salad on the Luna Grill menu. It features organic baby spinach for a nutrient boost, dried cranberries for a flavor burst, almonds for crunch and feta cheese for a creamy finish. Tomato, cucumber and red onion also join the party. Keep it light with the house vinaigrette.

Shish Kabob

This filling dinner plate starts with thin slices of tender marinated beef seared over a flame with bell peppers and onions. It comes with a pile of basmati rice, pita bread, refreshing cucumber-yogurt dip and a small house salad. This Mediterranean feast is full of flavor and light on saturated fats for a meal you can feel good about.

Salmon Wrap

Light and flavorful, the wraps on the menu at Luna Grill offer lots of nutrition in every bite. The salmon is dusted with a special blend of herbs and spices and grilled to perfection before it joins lettuce, tomato, red onion and a special sauce on your choice of pita or wheat lavash. It comes with fries or a salad for

Falafel Sandwich

Have it as a sandwich or a wrap, these spicy chick-pea patties make a great base for a vegetarian delight. They are seasoned with exotic spices like cumin, turmeric and coriander and cooked to a crisp exterior and velvety interior. Then pile on the cool fresh veggies and top it with a lemon-tahini sauce for a match made in heaven.

Luna Grill History

Sean & Maria Pourteymour opened the first Luna Grill in 2004 with a goal of offering healthy and locally sourced food in a fast-casual environment. The have since expanded within the state of California.

In 2017, named Luna Grill the #5 “Movers and Shakers” restaurant. The chain has a strong commitment to social responsibility and environmentally sound food sourcing, joining a larger movement of corporate cultures embracing this progressive spirit.