Luna Grill Catering Menu Prices

Find Luna Grill Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

The Luna Grill catering menu is one of the best options if you’re looking to bring Mediterranean food to your next event, function, or meeting. Their fresh and healthy menu items are perfect if you’re looking for something creative when you next order large quantities of food.

Luna Grill has grown in popularity in recent years, there are plenty of restaurants in California and Texas — you’ll need to live in one of these states to take advantage of their catering menu.

Whether you’re looking for bite-sized platters or full, flavorful meals, Luna Catering has plenty of affordable solutions for you. They also have a catering-specific menu that is geared towards helping you save money when you order in bulk.

Enjoy our summary of the Luna Grill menu — it’s much easier than searching for the items yourself!



Appetizer Sampler$70.00
Double Dip Platter$40.00

Signature Packs

Bistro Fillet Beef KabobSmall$80.00
Bistro Fillet Beef KabobLarge$155.00
Chicken KabobSmall$60.00
Chicken KabobLarge$10.5.00
Cornish HenSmall$75.00
Cornish HenLarge$145.00
Flat Cut Chicken KabobSmall$65.00
Flat Cut Chicken KabobLarge$125.00
Ground Sirloin KabobSmall$60.00
Ground Sirloin KabobLarge$105.00
Gyros MeatSmall$60.00
Gyros MeatLarge$105.00
Veggie KabobSmall$60.00
Veggie KabobLarge$105.00


Chipotle ChickenSmall$55.00
Chipotle ChickenLarge$105.00
Ground SirloinSmall$55.00
Ground SirloinLarge$105.00

Gourmet Salad

Apple Walnut$50.00
Chopped Arugula$55.00
Mediterranean Chicken$55.00
Organic Spinach$45.00

A La Carte

Basmati RiceSmall$17.00
Basmati RiceLarge$34.00
Bistro Filet Beef KabobSmall$50.00
Bistro Filet Beef KabobLarge$99.00
Chicken KabobSmall$27.00
Chicken KabobLarge$50.00
Cornish HenSmall$50.00
Cornish HenLarge$95.00
Cucumber-Yogurt DipSmall$20.00
Cucumber-Yogurt DipLarge$55.00
Flat Cut Chicken KabobSmall$30.00
Flat Cut Chicken KabobLarge$55.00
Ground Sirloin KabobSmall$27.00
Ground Sirloin KabobLarge$50.00
Gyros MeatSmall$27.00
Gyros MeatLarge$50.00
Multigrain FlatbreadSmall$7.00
Multigrain FlatbreadLarge$13.00
Pita BreadSmall$6.00
Pita BreadLarge$11.00
Regular or Spicy Hummus$25.00
Spicy Feta$35.00
Veggie KabobSmall$25.00
Veggie KabobLarge$45.00


Dessert Platter$80.00

Popular Catering Choices at Luna Grill

Luna Grill is a fresh, health-conscious concept restaurant with lunch and dinner options for catering. It’s a great alternative to the usual mass-produced food you may order when you cater for your event or meeting — if you’re looking to change things up, this is a great option.

Gyros, pitas, hummuses, wraps, salads, bowls, and desserts all feature on this extensive menu. If you want to know what other fans of the restaruant enjoy, try checking out some of the popular menu items described in further detail below!

Appetizer Sampler

There’s no better way to get a meal started than some appetizers — Luna Grill has an appetizer sampler that can provide you with great small-bites for your guests or staff. A range of Meddeterenean favorites feature on the sampler, including spinach pie, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, gyros quesadilla on multigrain flatbread, pita bread and a cucumber-yogurt dip.

There’s plenty of food to go around on this platter. Each platter costs $70.00!


The Gyros pack comes with meat, salad, cheese, and a yogurt dressing — it’s the perfect Meddeterenean option if you’re looking for a susbtantial meal. Your staff or guests can make their own gyros that suit their tastes.

The small pack costs $60.25 and the large pack costs $112.55 — you can order as many as you need.


Luna Grill has a great selection of different wraps for you to choose from — all of which are served on platters with a hummus dip. You can choose between chicken, chipotle chicken, falafel, and ground sirloin.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for filling but healthy wrap platter for your co-workers or guests. A small platter costs $55.25 and a large platter costs $110.55.

Greek Salad

Luna Grill has a number of large salads that you can choose from — they can cater to large groups and come served in large carrying dish. One of the most popular options is the Greek Salad.

It includes a lettuce medley, greek olives, feta cheese, tomato, red onion, cucumber, and pepperoncinis — a house vinaigrette also comes on the side. This salad will cost you $45.95.

Enjoy Luna Grill’s Catering Offering

The catering available at Luna Grill is next to none — you can enjoy large, affordable platters full of your favorite Mediterranean dishes. There’s a reason this restaurant has enjoyed such success in a short period of time.

If you’ve been stuck ordering from the same old places over the past few years, makes sure to consider a creative option like Luna Grill — it can really enhance any event your hosting. If you’re considering a large event or function, try and give your local Luna Grill a few days notice prior to your event.

Fortunately, you can order all of their items online in just a few minutes — you won’t have to worry about long, confusing calls. If you want healthy, refreshing food next time you cater, look no further!