Mission BBQ Menu & Prices

Find Mission BBQ Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

Under their motto “We are proudly serving those who serve” Mission BBQ’s menu prices are set to be reachable by everyone who loves great BBQ, especially those who give their lives protecting the USA every day. Having got their start in Texas, they were quickly popular and began spreading their restaurants all over the country.

If you love delicious all-American barbecue and want to eat somewhere that both supports our troops, first responders, and are patriotic about the American way, it’s time to stop in at Mission BBQ. If you stop in around the noon hour, be prepared to witness a salute to the flag.

Wondering what delicious meals they offer? Check the menu below:



Garden Greens$4.99


Pulled Pork$6.79
Pulled Chicken$6.49
Chopped Brisket$7.99

Meat Market

Market Sampler$8.99
Pulled Pork$7.29
Pulled Chicken$6.99


Bay-B-Back Ribs$2.39
Spare Ribs$2.19

Make it a Combo

Xl Combo$3.00
XXL Combo$4.00


Maggies Mac-N-Cheese$2.09
Green Beans & Bacon$1.99
Fresh Cut Fries$1.99
Baked Beans w/ Brisket$2.04
Cold Slaw$1.89

Kids Menu

Jr Ribs$5.99
Kid Mac$3.99


Iced Cold Bottled Soda$2.59
Kettle Brewed Iced Tea$1.99
The American Heroes Cup$3.99
Fountain Soda$1.99
Summertime Lemonade$1.99

Popular Menu Items

There’s one thing that stands at the core of a solid BBQ, and that’s meat. Mission BBQ brings it in all forms, including their slow roasted and smoked brisket, tender succulent pulled pork, delicious barbecued chicken, and even sausage. Hankering for some greens? They offer a delightful salad and, naturally, it comes with any form of meat you might happen to want on it.

While you’re enjoying your delicious barbecue, it just makes sense to have some traditional sides with it, and they offer home-style Mac-n-Cheese, Cold Slaw, Green beans & bacon, and fresh cut fries. Prefer your meat with a bit of bread? Try one of Mission BBQ’s sandwiches made with their array of meats, including turkey!

Check and see what their most popular items are below:

Green Beans & Bacon

There’s nothing quite so traditional with a solid barbecue as a plate of properly cooked green beans lightly seasoned and served up with crumbled bacon. It’s delicious and filling and just seems to go perfectly with all sorts of slow roasted, slow grilled, delicious meat.

You can get your serving for $1.99 a serving, $5.49 a pint, or $8.49 quart.

Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Mission BBQ produces some of the most delicious chicken available anywhere, slow roasted and barbecued it comes out juicy and succulent and ready to be pulled apart for one of their best sandwiches. Flavorful and moist and served between two slices of their fresh baked bread, it’s hard to beat.

Get your pull of poultry for $6.99

Bay-B-Back Ribs

When you know how to make ribs properly, they’ll spend hours slowly cooking in their juices until the connective tissue breaks down and the meat starts falling straight off the bone. This kind of tenderness can’t be rushed and is best appreciated doused with proper barbecue seasonings, like these.

Get yours for $2.39 a bone, $10.99 for 5, or $18.99 for 10


There’s only one thing that doesn’t walk on two legs or four that doesn’t go great on a barbecue, and that’s fresh salmon. Mission BBQ provides a great serving of salmon served up barbecue style, and it’s probably one of the most delicious things to come out of a grill since the burger.

Try yours to scale for just $9.99

Mission BBQ’s History

On September 11th, 2001 the American view of the world was forever changed, and ten years later a company arose that was determined to help repair the wounds it had experienced. Mission BBQ came into existence with the goal of proving the most American thing of all, delicious slow-roasted BBQ, to those who have done the most to help support and restore our country.

In a Mission BBQ dining hall, you’ll find awards, images, and stories that venerate America’s heroes, including the police officers, firefighters, soldiers, and first responders that put their lives at risk to protect the great country that is America and the people who call it home. No matter your walk of life, if you call America home, Mission BBQ is there to serve you the best food in the world.