Mission BBQ Catering Menu Prices

Find Mission BBQ Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you want an amazing BBQ food truck at your next event, take a look at Mission BBQ’s catering prices and options below. They will bring their MissionMobile right to you.

Mission BBQ caters everything from corporate events to family events. Having Mission BBQ at your wedding would keep everyone talking about it for months after. Especially if you choose the “Meat Market” option.

Where the meat is sliced by the pros to keep the buffet full. Options consist of BBQ beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and sausage. And sauce.

Is anyone else’s mouth watering? Check out the catering prices and options below for more information on how Mission BBQ can best serve you at your next event.


Meat Market

Brisket1 lb$17.58
Chopped Brisket1 lb$15.98
Pulled Pork1 lb$14.58
Turkey1 lb$14.98
Pulled Chicken1 lb$13.98
Chicken1 lb$8.49
Sausage1 lb$11.98


Bay-B-Back RibsFull Rack$22.79
Spare RibsFull Rack$21.79


Made from scratch
Maggies Mac-N-CheeseQuart$9.99
Baked Beans w/ BrisketQuart$8.99
Green Beans & BaconQuart$8.49
Cold SlawQuart$6.99
Kettle ChipsQuart$5.99


Fresh Sandwich BunsDozen$6.99
Slider RollsDozen$4.79
Corn Bread1 pc$0.79
Brownie & Cookie TraySmall$32.50
Brownie & Cookie TrayLarge$62.50
Banana PuddingQuart$9.99
Peach CobblerQuart$9.99
Bread PuddingQuart$9.99
Blueberry CobblerQuart$9.99

Party Packs

Choose 2 or 3 meatsPer Person$11.99
Choose up to 3 sidesPer Person$11.99
Choose from the BakeryPer Person$11.99
Choose your saucesPer Person$11.99


Summertime LemonadeGalon$5.99
Sweet or Unsweetened TeaGalon$5.99
Canned Sodas1 Can$1.25
Bottled Classics1 Bottled$2.59
Bottled H2O2 Bottled$1.89

Popular Catering Choices at Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ offers two different ways to choose your food – you can either choose from the Meat Market or Party Packs. Both offer the same food, it is just a different way of having it packaged and delivered!

Think of it as the Meat Market being customizable and the Party Packs are already chosen for you. So, take your pick! See below for some popular dishes at Mission BBQ.


The Brisket is “Texas inspired and Oak smoked,” and the Chopped Brisket is “Marinated in Memphis Belle.” I don’t even have to know what those words or processes mean to know why my mouth is watering.

Mission BBQ is known for their sauces, and will never disappoint.

Bakery Options

Any BBQ place that has its own bakery is sure to be amazing. Not only does Mission BBQ offer fresh sandwich buns, but they also have slider rolls and corn bread baked fresh.

Don’t even get me started on the peach cobbler or bread pudding. Could there be a more perfect meal?

Party Packs

The Party Packs allow you to choose 2-3 meats, 3 sides, something from the bakery, and any sauces you would like. Memphis Belle, Craftsman Special, and Smoky Mountain are just a few of the many options for sauces.

Enjoy Mission BBQ’s Catering Offerings

All Mission BBQ asks is that you order ahead and allow 2 hours for set-up and breakdown. There are also chafing sets available for a small upcharge. They are, however, reusable! Maybe it is worth the investment.

Mission BBQ lives by these statements: “Homemade. Handcrafted. No Microwaves. No Freezers.”

This is impressive because they can feed anywhere from 10 people to 50,000 people. I know I have never cooked fresh food for 50,000 people!