Old Chicago Menu & Prices

Find Old Chicago Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

We’re sharing Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom menu prices; the American pub-style
restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. If you want to kick back and watch a game, or just meet up with friends for some after work drinks, Old Chicago is the perfect place.

With a selection of appetizers, entrees, pizzas, and adult beverages, the menu at Old Style Chicago Pizza and Taproom is large enough to suit anyone’s cravings.

Before you visit the Old Chicago near you, check out this menu guide below for helpful information and some suggestions on what to order.


Tavern Bites

Beer Battered Onion Rings$3.29
Cheese Garlic Bread$3.29
Fried Spicy Pickles$4.39
Italian Edamame$3.99
Jalapeno Pretzel Bites$3.29
Parmesan Garlic Fries$4.39

Taproom Starters

Artichoke Dip$9.29
Bacon And Cheddar Mac N Cheese Bites$7.99
Buffalo Chicken Rolls$8.69
Cheese Curds$9.29
Chi-Town Trio$11.99
Italian Nachos$9.89
Jalapeno Cheese Pretzels$5.99
Nachos Grande$9.89
Sicilion Pepperoni Rolls$12.49

Hand Toassed Chicken Wings

Hand Toassed Chicken WingsShort$6.59
Hand Toassed Chicken WingsTall$10.99

Classic Recipes

Chicago 7 Chicago ThickMedium$20.79
Double Deckeroni Tavern ThinLarge$20.99
Hawaiian Tavern ThinLarge$20.99
Meat Me Tavern ThinLarge$23.79
Veggie 7 Tavern ThinLarge$20.79

Signature Recipes

Classic Margherita ThinLarge$23.99
Italian Grinder Tavern ThinLarge$23.99
Thai Pie Tavern ThinLarge$20.79
Tuscan Chicken With Spinach Tavern ThinLarge$23.99

Specialty Calzones

Chicago 7$10.99
Chicago Fire$11.49
Meat Me$10.99

Taproom Burgers & Sandwiches

BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger$10.29
California Chicken Sandwich$10.29
Chicago 7 Strombolic$9.79
Classic Cheddar Burger$9.99
Crafted Beer Burger$9.99
Stacked Turkey & AMP; Bacon Club$9.99

Italian Wraps

Apple Walnut Chicken Wrap$9.29
Chicken De Pine Wrap$9.59


Crispy Chicken Or Crispy Buffalo Chicken$11.29
Italian Chef's Salad$10.79
Old Chicago Chopped$10.99
Roasted Chicken And Apple Walnut$11.99
Southwest BBQ Chicken$11.49
Spinach, Chicken & Avocado$11.69
Sweet Thai Chicken Salad$11.59

Half Salads

Crispy Buffalo ChickenHalf$8.89
Crispy ChickenHalf$8.99
Old Chicago ChoppedHalf$8.99
Roasted Chicken & AMP; Apple WalnutHalf$8.99
Spinach, Chicken & AMP; AvocadoHalf$8.99

OC Favorites

Chicken Pesto Ciabatta$9.99

Craft Your Own

Craft Your Own Mac N' Cheese$9.79

Side Salads & Soups

Featured Soups$4.29
Mediterranean Salad$4.29


Brownie Bites$4.99
Cheesecake With fresh Berries$58.99
The Big Cookie$4.99

Popular Menu Items

Whether you want to split a pizza with friends or chow down on a thick juicy burger, Old Chicago has everything you could want no matter the occasion. Their menu is very easy to navigate and they feature over 100 different beers that can match and compliment whatever food you order.

You can start with one of Old Chicago’s many appetizers from their Tavern Bites and Taproom Starters selections. Beer battered onion rings or spicy fried pickles are great choices, as are the buffalo chicken rolls and the mac and cheese bites.

As the name implies, Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom specializes in pizzas. They offer six “classic” recipe pizzas with crusts from thin to thick and topped with a variety of meats, cheeses, and veggies. They have four “signature” pizza recipes as well – including a take on a Thai inspired pie – and they offer crusts for people with gluten sensitivity.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, they have a wide selection of sandwiches and burgers, wraps, calzones, and salads.

Here are some of Old Chicago’s most popular items:

Classic Margherita Tavern Thin Large

This thin crust pizza is brushed with a thin layer of pizza sauce and then topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and roma tomatoes. It’s a lighter pizza, but it still packs a lot of flavor and the thin crust gives it a satisfying crispiness.

Double Deckeroni Tavern Thin Large

Sticking with pizza, if you love pepperoni, then this is the pie for you. Old Chicago gives you two layers of pepperoni on a thin crust with sauce and then adds a little hot sauce for an extra punch.

Crafted Beer Burger

If burgers are your thing, you don’t want to miss out on this beauty. It’s a steak burger that’s grilled with a light lager marinade and then topped with caramelized onions and a Guinness beer cheese sauce. Crispy onions are piled on top of all of it and it’s served with a side of fries. There is no other burger that screams delicious tavern food like this one.

Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad

This salad has crispy BBQ chicken on a bed of fresh greens, topped with black beans, corn, pepper jack cheese, green onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Crisp tortilla strips cover it all and it’s served with a jalapeno ranch dressing.

Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom History

Founded in 1976, a few friends in Boulder, Colorado created Old Chicago. The inspiration for the name was not the city but after the classic pinball game.

For over forty years, Old Chicago has been discovering new craft beers to serve its customers. They continue to build their pizzas and taproom fare from scratch – only using the freshest ingredients!