Philly Pretzel Factory Menu & Prices

Find Philly Pretzel Factory Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

When you’re getting ready to bite into a delicious pretzel dish and want to keep it affordable, it’s time to take a look at the Philly Pretzel Factory menu prices. This business has been doing a fair trade providing customers everywhere with that most incredible of hand-held snacks, the pretzel. With a variety of options, flavors, toppings, dips, and sauces they created a menu that is just as diverse as any other fast food location, but with a focus on the diverse and delicious way you can consume the pretzel. Want pretzel sticks with multiple toppings and a honey mustard dip? Done. How about hot dogs lovingly wrapped in cheese and then wrapped again in a pretzel? They got those too. All your pretzel dreams can come true here.

Check out their full menu below:


Party Trays

Original Party TrayFull$25.00
Original Party TrayHalf$34.00
Rivets Party TrayFull$25.00
Rivets Party TrayHalf$34.00
Mini Pretzel Tray$34.00
Combo Party Tray$36.00

The Pretzels

Real Pretzels1 Pc.$1.25
Real Pretzels3 Pc.$3.00
Real Pretzels5 Pc.$4.00
Real Pretzels10 Pc.$7.00
Real Pretzels20 Pc.$10.00
Real Pretzels25 Pc.$15.00
Real Pretzels50 Pc.$23.00
Real Pretzels100 Pc.$44.00
Pretzel Twists$2.50
Mini Pretzels$2.50
The Crowd Pleaser$15.00

Specialty Items

Pretzel Dog$2.00
Pretzel Cheesesteak$4.50
Spicy Pretzel Sausages$2.50
Pepperoni Pretzel Melts$2.50
Cinnamon Pretzel Twists$2.00
Rivets Shakers$2.50

Dips & Drinks

Frozen Raspberry LemonadeSmall$1.50
Frozen Raspberry LemonadeLarge$3.00
Frozen LemonadeSmall$1.50
Frozen LemonadeLarge$3.00
SuperHot Mustard$0.50
Spicy Brown Mustard$0.50
Original Yellow Mustard$0.50
Honey Mustard$0.75
Cheese Dip$0.75
Cinnamon Dip$0.75
Philly Cream Cheese$0.75
Chocolate Dip$0.75
Buttercream Dip$0.75
Marinara Sauce$0.75

Popular Menu Items

The number of items on their menu would make this present a challenge, but thankfully we’re quite discerning when it comes to our pretzels and can suggest just the thing to make your day better. From your traditional pretzel-wrapped hot dogs and pretzel sticks that you can dip in their delicious array of sauces, to their innovative Pretzel Cheesesteak and Pepperoni Pretzel Melts, you’re going to find a variety of flavors that make your tongue tingle every time you visit.

Check out these popular items below:

Pretzel Cheesesteak

Whoever thought of this one was made of pure genius, a combination of Pretzel and Cheesesteak that comes together in a delicious combination that’s easily hand-held and portable. These two flavors were always meant to be together if you ask us, and we’re happy to say that Philly Pretzel Factory will bring them to you at all of their locations.

Get your Pretzel Cheesesteak for $4.50

Pepperoni Pizza Melt

Our two favorite things may be pepperoni pizza and pretzels, and we were blown away when we realized that Philly Pretzel Factory brought these two items together. You’re not going to believe just how delicious this menu option is until you give it a try. If you’ve got a craving for pizza and pretzels? It’s time to give this a try.

Get your delicious creation for $4.00

Party Trays

Hosting an event and want to feed everyone? Just a complete pretzel nut and want to have enough to last you a few days? It’s time to order their pretzel party trays. Their trays come with a stack of differently flavored pretzel rods and 3 8 oz dipping sauces to see you through the pile. Each full tray has about 100 pretzels sticks.

Get a full for $30.00, or a half for $21.00 (2 sauces)

Cinnamon Pretzel Twist

One of their only dessert style items on the menu these Cinnamon Pretzel Twists bring together the best qualities of the chewy pretzel bread and the sweet stylings of cinnamon toast. Your taste buds will be singing after you bite into this delicious offering, a great dessert choice.

Get yours for $2.00

Philly Pretzel Factory’s History

In Philadelphia, PA there’s a little section of town known as Mayfair, and it was here that the original Philly Pretzel Factory opened its doors. Dan had dreamed of this moment since he was 11 when he got his start selling pretzels in downtown Philadelphia. He already was demonstrating his management potential as he recruited other kids in the neighborhood to work for him and expand his operations. Years later he graduated college and realized that pretzels were his passion and opened that first location to see how business would go. Business exploded, and years later he has multiple franchise locations out and running and is sitting pretty as the Pretzel King of Philadelphia, and the 12 other states that his humble business services.