Philly Pretzel Factory Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Philly Pretzel Factory Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Philly Pretzel Factory is the Home of the Real Soft Pretzel! It is the world’s largest Philly style pretzel bakery. There are over 100 franchised locations. They serve over 125 million”Philly Style” pretzels each year. The dough is freshly made every day and every single pretzel is hand twisted daily. They offer a variety of styles and flavors and sell their own mustard to go with the pretzels at each of their locations.

Philly Pretzel Factory uses a high quality flour blend to make each pretzel. Each pretzel contains a high source of protein with 14g in each, 0 Fat, 0 Cholesterol, and 0 Trans Fat.

Philly Pretzel Factory’s Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Monday – Sunday

*Hours are based on location

Philly Pretzel Factory’s Breakfast Menu Items

At Philly Pretzel Factory, the hours are based on location at each store. Most of them are typically open at 6 AM. With the early morning hours, it makes sense to pick up a delicious pretzel for breakfast! However, they don’t have a particular breakfast menu and the prices also vary by location.

Their signature pretzels are great on their own but with a few additions you could create a breakfast menu easily. Some interesting ideas are bacon and mozzarella stuffed pretzels, sausage and swiss cheese stuffed pretzels, spinach and feta cheese stuffed pretzels, and cinnamon glazed pretzels.

  • Bacon and Mozzarella Cheese Stuffed Breakfast Pretzel
  • Sausage and Swiss Cheese Stuffed Breakfast Pretzel
  • Spinach and Feta Cheese Stuffed Breakfast Pretzel
  • Cinnamon Glazed Pretzel
  • Chocolate Glazed Pretzel

Philly Pretzel Factory’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Bacon and Mozzarella Cheese Stuffed Breakfast Pretzel: The name speaks for itself! This pretzel would be handmade and hand twisted to perfection and with crispy bacon and cheese melted inside how could one resist?

Sausage and Swiss Cheese Stuffed Breakfast Pretzel: This pretzel is twisted and cooked the same the bacon and cheese but would be excellent with a little garlic salt on top. Yum!

Spinach and Feta Cheese Stuffed Breakfast Pretzel: This pretzel is vegetarian with no meat but extra cheese. It would be a savory breakfast dish that would compliment a standard pretzel as well.

Cinnamon Glazed Pretzel: Sometimes you need a sweet breakfast. A sugar and cinnamon simple syrup glaze over a hand twisted pretzel would be very tasty.

Chocolate Glazed Pretzel: Who doesn’t like chocolate for breakfast? This item has a very doughnut like quality to it but the richness of the pretzel will make it stand out on a breakfast menu!