White Castle Menu & Prices

Find White Castle Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

You have come to the right place for the White Castle® menu with prices. White Castle serves up iconic small hamburgers called Sliders and other fare in a fast food environment.

Folks have been enjoying White Castle in the Midwest since as far back as 1921 when the hamburger chain first advertised a 5 cent hamburger. Of course, the chain now offers a good variety of fast food standards like breakfast, chicken and fish sandwiches.

If you are lucky enough to have a White Castle nearby, you probably already know that it is a great spot for driving through to pick up, or meeting friends for a late night snack.

Below you will find the full menu as well as some special selections:


Castle Combos

Includes Small French and Small Soft Drink
The Original Slider®ADD American or jalapeno cheese*$5.99
Double Cheese Slider$6.80
Chicken Breast Slider$6.52
Fish Slider$5.99
6 pc. Chicken RingChoice of Honey Mustard, BBQ, Ranch or Zesty Zing$5.45
Chicken Ring Slider$5.82


Make it a Combo: 2 Sliders, Small French Fry, Small Soft Drink
The Original Slider®Made with 100% Beef77¢
Jalapeno Cheese96¢
Bacon Cheese$1.35
Double Cheese$1.79
FishAlaska Pollock$1.45
Surf & Turf$2.99


VeggieSweet Thai, Ranch or Honey Mustard Sauce99¢


Chicken RingMade with all White Meat Chicken$1.39
Chicken Breast$1.65
Chicken & Waffles$2.69

Grilled Chicken

Savory Grilled1.59, Make it a combo $6.25
Bacon & Cheddar1.89, Make it a combo $6.85
Western BBQ1.89, Make it a combo $6.85


French FriesSmall $1.79, Medium $2.09, Sack $2.89
Chicken RingsChoice of Honey Mustard, BBQ, Ranch or Zesty Zing6 pc. $2.39, 9 pc. $3.49, 20 pc. $6.99
Clam StripsSmall $2.29, Medium $4.39, Sack $6.39
Onion ChipsSmall $1.79, Medium $2.09, Sack $2.89
Cheese FriesWith Ranch and Bacon Crumbles$2.23
Loaded Fries$2.69
Mozzarella Cheese SticksWith Marinara Sauce3 pc. $1.84, 5 pc. $2.69, 10 pc. $5.39
Fish Nibblers®Small $2.79, Medium $4.79, Sack $7.99
Onion RingsSmall $1.79, Sack $2.89


Soft Drinks or Iced TeaSouthern SweetSmall $1.69, Medium $1.89, Large $2.09
ShakesChocolate or VanillaSmall $2.59, Medium $3.44, Large $4.69
SmoothiesStrawberry, Banana or Peach$2.99
Orange Juice$1.49
MilkWhite or Chocolate89¢
Bottled Water$1.59
100% Apple Juice Box99¢
Coffee & Hot TeaRegularSmall $1.10, Medium $1.25, Large $1.45
96 oz. Box$8.99
Decaf Coffee$1.10 small
Hot Chocolate$1.09 Medium
Drinks By the GallonHi-C Fruit Punch, Iced Tea, Hi-C Orange$3.99
Dessert on-a-stickFudge-Dipped Cheesecake, Fudge-Dipped Brownie, Gooey Butter Cake99¢

Castle Packs Meal Deals

Add American or Jalapeno Cheese®
Meal Deal10 Original Sliders, 2 Small French Fries, 2 Small Soft Drinks$13.87
20 pc. Sack of Chicken Rings, 10 Original Sliders, 1 Sack of French Fries$15.99
20 Original Sliders, 4 Small French Fries$21.07

My Size Meals for Little Cravers (Kids' Menu)

Choice of Side or DrinkMotts® Applesauce or Kids Sized French Fries, Motts® Apple Juice Box, Milk or Kids Sized Soft Drink
1 Original Slider$2.59
1 Cheese Slider$2.74
3 pc. Chicken Rings$2.99
1 Grilled Chicken Slider$3.29

Breakfast Anytime

Combos include Small Hash Brown Nibblers® & Small Coffee
One Breakfast Slider$3.69
One Breakfast Toast Sandwich$3.89
One Belgian Waffle Slider$4.29
Two Breakfast Sliders$4.99
Two Breakfast Toast Sandwiches$5.59
Breakfast Slider with Egg & CheeseChoice of: Savory Sausage, Hickory Smoked Bacon$1.55
Original Slider with Egg & Cheese$1.55
Breakfast Toast Sandwich with Egg & CheeseChoice of: Savory Sausage, Hickory Smoked Bacon$1.85
Belgian Waffle SliderChoice of: Savory Sausage, Hickory Smoked Bacon$2.09
Donuts3 for 99¢, 39¢ each
Oatmeal Maple & Brown SugarBerry Blend or Honey-Roasted Almond$1.49
Hash Brown Nibblers®Small $1.29, Medium $1.79, Sack $3.69
French Toast Sticks4 pc.$1.49

Popular Menu Items

One of the unique features of the White Castle menu is that anything on the menu is available all day long, including the breakfast menu. No more rushing out to get there before the clock runs out on your favorite fast food items.

White Castle also has great side choices including chicken rings, clam strips, onion chips, onion rings, fish nibblers and mozzarella cheese sticks. Of course they also have great fresh and hot fries which you can get loaded up with cheese and bacon!

Of course most people love the famous White Castle burgers, the Slider. If you haven’t had it you should definitely try it on your first visit. A small 100% ground beef patty with onions and a pickle…simple and satisfying (well you may have to have more than one to be satisfied).

Here are some favorites from the menu:

The Original Slider

This is the small little burger that made White Castle famous. You can have it without cheese for $.77 or with cheese for a scant $.91.

20 Sliders Castle Pack

Those burgers are small so you can eat more than one. Here is a great combo deal for a crowd. It comes with 20 Sliders and 4 small fries for $21.07.

Clam Strips

Get a large sack of crispy delicious clam strips for $6.39.

Breakfast Slider

A twist on the classic Slider made just for breakfast. This small sandwich features egg, cheese and your choice of sausage or bacon. $1.55 for the sandwich or $3.69 for the combo with Hash Brown Nibblers® and a drink. Served all day long.

Belgian Waffle Slider

This is just like the breakfast Slider, but instead of a bun you will have your sandwich made on a crisp waffle. $2.99.

Chocolate Shake

To finish off your meal with something sweet, don’t forget to pick up a shake. A medium is $3.44.

White Castle’s History

The first White Castle was opened in Wichita, Kansas in 1921 complete with a castle shaped store front advertising 5 cent hamburgers. The founders were Cook Walt A. Anderson and Edgar Waldo “Billy” A. Ingram. The original burger was the small ground beef patties with onions and a pickle, still central to the chain’s offerings today. Originally the burgers were round.

The founders began expansion immediately, taking their innovative pre-fabricated porcelain exteriors with them to the new locations. Anderson was central to developing the concept of fast food by understanding the kitchen as an assembly line in the image of Ford and other industrialists. The partners were also instrumental in figuring out the major logistical challenges of large chains such as developing centralized bakeries for their buns as well as their own meat supply plants.

Ingram bought Anderson out in 1933. It remains a privately held corporation to this day, being chaired by the Ingram family. As of 2016 there are 420 White Castle locations in the United States, mostly in the Midwestern states.