Wichcraft Menu & Prices

Find Wichcraft Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

The Wichcraft menu prices represent a company working to provide tasteful, seasonal dishes to its customers using local produce. Since their creation they’ve been eagerly working to provide an incredible sandwich experience, demonstrating that a sandwich is more than just lettuce, tomato, meat, and bread. A sandwich can be an incredible work of art created with heart and love. Wichcraft provides freshly baked bread from local bakeries using ingredients from mills and farmers local to their area, making every bite a taste of their local community. They’re a great choice for a healthy, fresh catering experience for your event or office.

Check out their full menu of magical offerings below:



Served until 11am Monday-Friday, Weekends All Day
Classic Egg Wich$5.50
Spicy Pepper Egg Wich$6.50
Breakfast Bowl$6.50
Avocado Toast$5.00
Original Steel-Cut Oatmeal$4.50
Organic Greek Yogurt$5.00


Turkey & Avocado$11.50
Chicken & Cauliflower$11.00
Pork & Slaw$11.50
Tuna & Fennel$10.50
Cuban Pork$11.50
Chicken Torta$11.00
Hummus & Veggies$9.50
Open-Faced Avocado$10.00
Steak & Peppers$11.50
Cheese Melt$7.00
Ham & Cheddar$8.50

Salads & Grain Bowls


Chicken & Cucumber$11.50
Salmon & Chickpea$12.50
Avocado & Greens$10.50
Steak Salad$12.50

Grain Bowls

Chicken & Kale$11.50
Tuna & Avocado$11.50

Small Plates

Arugula Salad$5.50
Marinated Chickpeas$5.50
Hummus & Slaw$5.50
Marinated Cauliflower$5.50
Green Goodness Grains$5.50

Fall Soups

New Tomato Basil8 Oz.$4.50
New Tomato Basil16 Oz.$7.50
Butternut Squash8 Oz.$4.50
Butternut Squash16 Oz.$7.50
Chicken Dumpling8 Oz.$4.50
Chicken Dumpling16 Oz.$7.50

Mix & Match

Choose an 8oz Soup or Arugula Salad and one of the following sandwich options. Make it a 16oz soup +$3.00
Human & VeggiesHalf$9.00
Tuna & FennelHalf$9.00
Open-Faced AvocadoHalf$9.00
Cheese Melt$9.50
Ham & Cheddar$11.00


Butter Croissant$3.25


Note: These items may vary from day to day
Fruit Salad$5.50

Snacks & Sweets

Pipcorn Popcorn$2.50
Potato Chips$1.50
CreamWich Cookies$2.50


Hot Drinks

Hot Coffee12 Oz.$2.75
Hot Coffee20 Oz.$2.25
Americano12 Oz.$4.00
Americano20 Oz.$3.00
Café Au Lait12 Oz.$3.00
Café Au Lait20 Oz.$3.75
Cappuccino12 Oz.$3.75
Cappuccino20 Oz.$4.50
Latte12 Oz.$3.75
Latte20 Oz.$4.50
Tea12 Oz.$2.25
Tea20 Oz.$2.50

Cold Drinks

Iced Tea16 Oz.$2.75
Iced Tea24 Oz.$3.50
Iced Coffee16 Oz.$2.75
Iced Coffee24 Oz.$3.50
Iced Cappuccino16 Oz.$4.25
Iced Cappuccino24 Oz.$4.75
Iced Latte16 Oz.$4.25
Iced Latte24 Oz.$4.75
Lemonade16 Oz.$3.50
Lemonade24 Oz.$3.00

Popular Menu Items

The menu items from Wichcraft cover the full range of meals, from their Classic Egg-Wich and Breakfast bowls to their Chicken & Cauliflower sandwiches for lunch, there’s a healthy option for any time of day. Their flavors include international offerings like the Cuban Pork sandwich with arugula, green goodness dressing, pickles, and heritage ham with slow-roasted pork served on a toasted ciabatta bun, and a rich collection of soups including their loaded potato. Their flavors are inspiring, comforting, healthy, and waiting for you to sample them.

Their most popular options can be found below:

Classic Egg’wich

There’s something about an egg sandwich in the morning that is just the greatest way to start the day. On their classic egg’wich you’ll find eggs from cage-free chickens, delicious aged cheddar from local dairies, and an English muffin toasted to perfection. They’re even better when you add heritage ham or bacon to the dish for a slight extra charge.

Get yours for just $5.50 or add ham or bacon for an additional $1.50

Chicken Torta Sandwich

One of our favorite bits of Wichcraft is their Chicken Torta sandwich. It comes on a toasted ciabatta with grilled chicken, green goodness dressing, avocado, black beans, romaine lettuce, and a tangy and zesty pickled red onion. These sandwiches are an incredible example of how Wichcraft takes a simple sandwich and makes it go from average to amazing.

Get yours for $11.00

Chicken & Kale Grain Bowl

This bowl is a delicious offering of local fare combining such tasty ingredients as roasted peppers, grilled chicken, baby kale, marinated cauliflower, gluten-free grains, and their unique roasted tomato jam served up with a tangy tahini dressing. You won’t believe how these flavors come together to make paradise in every bite.

These bowls can fill your stomach for $11.50

Loaded Potato Soup

A rich creamy Loaded Potato soup is a filling way to round out a meal made of the perfect sandwich. Bringing together the flavors of sour cream, chives, bacon bits, onions, and butter along with chunks of tender baked potato this bowl is like the perfect loaded baked potato.

Get a Cup $4.50 or a Bowl for $7.50

Wichcraft’s History

The team at Wichcraft got their start with a simple goal, to elevate the sandwich from a meal held in the hand to an experience that was the flavor of their local area. They’ve created flavorful sandwiches rich with offerings from companies and farmers in their local area, bringing the sweat, blood, and tears of these workers to the grain and flour they use every day. They’ve worked hard to remain a part of their community, and have expanded their original single business location into a total of five, and are always looking for new locations to spread to. Whether you dine in or have them arrive to handle your catering for an event, you’ll love Wichcraft.