Wichcraft Catering Menu Prices

Find Wichcraft Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re looking to bring healthy, nutritious food to your next event or party, the Wichcraft catering menu might be able to help you out. This famous New York sandwich spot only has locations in NYC, but it’s definitely become the talk of the town!

If you’re in the area and you’re looking to cater for an event or function, they have a comprehensive catering menu that can help you provide food and refreshments for large groups of people. They’re a great way to cut down on costs, all while providing enjoyable and tasty food to your guests.

Food trends are moving further and further away from fast food — people no longer want to eat boring, greasy food from the typical catering providers. Wichcraft offers you a solution by providing fresh, nutritious alternative with plenty of variety.

Finding their catering menu can be hard, be we’ve got it here!


Egg Wiches

6 Person Minimum
Cage-Free Egg, Aged Cheddar, Toasted English MuffinPer Person$8.00
Egg with BaconPer Person$8.00
Egg with Heritage HamPer Person$8.00

To Share

Greek yogurt, Wichcraft Granola & HoneyServes 6$36.00
Multigrain Toast, Smashed Avocado, Lemon VinaigretteServes 6$36.00
BagelsServes 6$22.00
BagelsServes 12$38.00

Breakfast Packages

Light BreakfastServes 12$150.00
Full BreakfastServes 12$230.00

Lunch Packages

Light LunchServes 6$76.00
Full LunchServes 12$190.00
Ultimate LunchServes 12$240.00
Boxed LunchPer Person$18.00


Tuna & AvocadoServes 6$65.00
Chicken & CucumberServes 6$65.00
Avocado & GreensServes 6$65.00

Signature Sandwiches

6 Person Minimum
Tuna & FennelPer Person$12.00
Turkey & AvocadoPer Person$12.00
Ham & CheddarPer Person$12.00
Chicken & CauliflowerPer Person$12.00
Hummus & VeggiesPer Person$12.00
ChipsPer Person$1.50
PopcornPer Person$2.50


Marinated ChickpeasServes 6$30.00
Marinated CauliflowerServes 6$30.00
Organic Arugula & ParmesanServes 6$30.00


Note: these items may vary from day to day
Seasonal pastriesServes 12$45.00
Seasonal Fruit SaladPer Person$5.50

Sweet Treats

Chocolate12 pc$30.00
Chocolate18 pc$45.00
Chocolate24 pc$60.00
Chocolate36 pc$90.00
Peanut Butter12 pc$30.00
Peanut Butter18 pc$45.00
Peanut Butter24 pc$60.00
Peanut Butter36 pc$90.00
Oatmeal12 pc$30.00
Oatmeal18 pc$45.00
Oatmeal24 pc$60.00
Oatmeal36 pc$90.00
Chocolate Chip12 pc$30.00
Chocolate Chip18 pc$45.00
Chocolate Chip24 pc$60.00
Chocolate Chip36 pc$90.00


To Share

La Colombe CoffeeServes 12$25.00
Brew Lab Hot TeaServes 12$25.00
Black Iced TeaServes 12$25.00
LemonadeServes 12$25.00

Individual Servings

Spring Water$2.00
Sparkling Spring Water$2.50
San Pellegrino$3.25
Spindrift Seltzer$2.50

Popular Catering Choices at Wichcraft

Unlike most sandwich shops, Wichcraft is also open for breakfast — they provide solutions for all three meal times. They also provide plenty of drinks and refreshments if you’re looking for more than just food.

In terms of their catering menu, you’ll find pastries, yogurts, breakfast sandwiches, salads, lunch boxes, sides, vegetables, and plenty other fresh-made options. You’ll be able to find food that suits any preference at Wichcraft.

Don’t take our word for it though — check out some of the popular menu items below!

Full Breakfast

If you’re looking for a filling breakfast that can feed seriously hungry guests or staff, the Full Breakfast is the best option. It comes with an assortment of twelve breakfast sandwiches, pastries, fruit salad, coffee, and juice.

Sandwich choices include egg and cheddar, egg and cheddar with bacon, and egg and cheddar with ham. Each Full Breakfast serves 12 and comes priced at $230.

Full Lunch

If you’re looking for a filling lunch option, the Full Lunch is a great choice for any event or function. It comes with twelve sandwiches, twelve chips, and a dozen desserts.

Sandwich options include tuna and fennel, turkey and avocado, ham and cheddar, chicken and cauliflower, and hummus and veggies. The Full Lunch serves 12 and comes priced at $190!

Boxed Lunch

If you’re looking to organize a box lunch that will be able to feed individuals on-the-go, the Boxed Lunch from Wichcraft is a great choice. It comes with your choice of sandwich, chips, and a cream’wich (dessert).

The choices of sandwich include tuna and fennel, turkey and avocado, ham and cheddar, chicken and cauliflower, and hummus and veggies. The Boxed Lunch is $18 per person — you must order a minimum of six.

Brownie Box

If you think you need to add some desserts to an order, or if you just feel like ordering something sweet to the office, the Brownie Box is always a great option. It comes with a dozen dark chocolate brownies — something sweet that’s sure to please a crowd.

A dozen will cost you $24!

Enjoy Wichcraft’s Catering Offering

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, Wichcraft can deliver the goods. This popular sandwich shop has been satisfying customers in the New York City region for years — it’s proven popular at all five of its locations.

If you do decide to order from their catering menu, call the chain that is closest to you — they don’t allow online catering orders. You’ll also want to give them 24 hours notice, especially if you’re ordering breakfast.

It’s time to steer clear of the boring and typical catering providers, with catering options like Wichcraft, there’s no reason to be providing bland food at your next function or meeting. What are you waiting for? Give Wichcraft a call today!