BonChon Menu & Prices

Find BonChon Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

We’re here to share the full Bonchon menu prices. Bonchon serves upscale Korean and Asian inspired fusion dishes which are thoughtfully prepared and served with an eye towards beautiful presentation.

Bonchon offers a fine casual ambiance for lunch and dinner. It’s perfect for both a lunchtime business meeting and a romantic dinner. The menu is exciting and every dish is packed full of bold flavor for an adventurous dining experience.

Below you will find the full menu with prices followed by some specific dishes we suggest.


Signature Fried Chicken

(Soy Garlic/ Spicy/ Half & Half) + Served with a side of pickled radish
ComboSmall 6 wings + 3 drums$13.95
ComboMedium 10 wings + 5 drums$24.95
ComboLarge 15 wings + 8 drums$34.95


Salmon Avocado Ball$11.95
Fried Calamari$14.95
Shrimp Shumai$7.95
Popcorn Chicken$10.95

Salads And Soups

Bonchon Salad$11.95
Sesame Ginger Salad$9.95
Udon Noodle Soup$9.95

Main Dishes

Bonchon Wrap$10.95
House Fried Rice$11.95
Pork Buns$11.95
Bull Dak$15.95
Chicken Katsu$11.95
Korean Tacos$11.95


Seasoned Fries$7.95
French Fries$4.50
Onion Rings$7.95
Kimchi Coleslaw$3.25
Pickled Radish$2.25
Steamed Rice$2.25
Extra Dressing$0.95

Popular Menu Items

The signature dish at Bonchon is the fried chicken, available in wings or strips, and tossed in one of three zesty sauces. If you have not tried it yet, don’t miss a chance. You may find yourself developing a slight addiction though…you have been warned!

Moving beyond fried chicken, the menu at Bonchon offers diverse options with something for everyone. There are several satisfying vegetarian dishes on the menu as well as salad options for those seeking lighter fare.

Here are some of our top recommendations to consider from the menu:


This traditional Korean side dish is made from fermented cabbage combined with a host of spices and flavorings. It makes for a wonderful contrast and palate cleanser between bites.


A favorite starter from the Bonchon menu are hand wrapped potstickers stuffed with the savory flavors of Asia – pork and veggies. They are fried lightly before service to make the perfect hand-held bite. Each order comes with 6 pieces.

Signature Fried Chicken

If you are heading to Bonchon for the first time, this is a must try. They come in three distinct flavor options: soy garlic, spicy, or half and half.

Bonchon Salad

This salad keeps salad lovers coming back again and again. It starts with chopped crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy edamame, and thin strips of kimchi and scallion. It’s topped with the signature fried chicken that put Bonchon on the map, and dressed with a sesame ginger dressing that will knock your socks off.


This Korean dish starts with tender aged ribeye beef that is sliced thin and marinated in a secret blend of ingredients made in house. It’s finished with seared mushrooms and onions, served over white rice with steamed veggies. Give this favorite a try!

Korean Tacos

For those that love hand food, this fun fusion dish combines Asian flavors with southwestern elements for a delicious and surprising taco feast. They come with your choice of Spicy Chicken or Bulgogi (marinated beef).

Bonchon History

Bonchon means “my hometown” in Korean. The restaurant was founded in 2002 with its first location in South Korea and making its introduction to the U.S. in 2006. Since then it has expanded with locations in Asia and the Middle East.

Bonchon is in a unique restaurant category of not-so-fast but casual, featuring both a takeout counter and full sit-down waiter service. Unlike its competitors in this restaurant style category, many Bonchon locations have bars and serve beer on draft and in bottles.

The restaurant has experienced much praise; Hannah Goldfield of Grub Street magazine declared Bonchon’s signature dish: “The absolute best chicken wings in New York.”