BonChon Catering Menu Prices

Find BonChon Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

BonChon’s Catering Menu is their usual menu, delivered. Wherever you are that there’s a BonChon, you can call and find out if they offer delivery in your area, and they do you’re absolutely in luck! You just call them up, place your order of their delicious Korean fusion food. The original BonChon started in Korea and eventually grew in popularity to such a degree that it began spreading its offerings throughout the world. Now you can find BonChon in multiple states throughout the US as well as the rest of the world.

Check out their full catering menu below:


Fried Chicken

Wings50 pc$45.00
Wings75 pc$66.00
Wings100 pc$85.00
Drums25 pc$40.00
Drums75 pc$75.00
Drums75 pc$110.00

Appetizer Tray

Coleslaw1 Liter$10.00
Pickeled Radish1 Liter$10.00
Kimchi Coleslaw1 Liter$12.00
Pot Stickers24 pc$27.00
Pot Stickers40 pc$45.00
Seasoned Fries$30.00

Entrée Trays

White Rice1 Quart$5.00
Chicken Fried RiceServes 4-6$35.00
Japchae4 Orders$55.00
Curry ChickenServes 6-8$40.00

Popular Catering Choices at BonChon

They have an incredible menu to choose from, making selecting their most “popular items” a little tricky. Everyone has their favorite offering, and the tastes and dishes are phenomenally delicious and brings the taste of their home country to all of their customers everywhere. If you’re trying your first shot at BonChon’s try one of these menu items to see if they suit your fancy.

Their most popular catering items can be found below:


This menu item is particularly popular for catered events since it comes with a selection of 8 potstickers that can be shared among friends. An excellent starter you’ll love the flavor of pork and vegetable that comes in these little Korean dumplings. Get your choice of spicy, soy garlic, or half & half potstickers in your order.

This lovely plate runs a meager $11.95


Another popular catering item Takoyaki is another form of dumpling from Korean cuisine, this time being made with Japanese Mayo, katsu sauce, and bonito flakes sprinkled on these delicious octopus dumplings. The flavor is divine and distinctly Korean and will bring an air of distinction to your catered event.

Get your plate for $7.95

Korean Tacos

Once again, this is a perfect catering item in part because it comes with multiple items on the plate. Korean tacos bring your three delicious tacos made with lettuce and coleslaw, buttermilk ranch, red onions, spicy mayo, and Korean spiced chicken or ribeye with warm tortillas. A Mexican/Korean fusion dish, there’s three to share.

Serve your guests for $11.95

15 Piece Drumstick

BonChon is well known for their chicken offerings, and they provide them in serving sizes that will easily serve a large group. When you order these chicken drum sticks you get your choice of their spicy, soy garlic, or half-and-half sauces that turn these delicious chicken drumsticks into a popping mouthful of decadence. Treat your guests with drumsticks.

Get your plate of 5 for $13.95, 10 for $24.95, or 15 for $34.95

Enjoy BonChon’s Catering Offering

BonChon’s history takes it straight back to Korea where it was established as a source of delicious, casual Korean food. Its reputation saw it spread to the United States where it became an instant hit in the difficult culinary culture of the Big Apple. From there it spread throughout the country and has become the mainstay of those who love Korean cuisine, standing as one of the most easily accessible and holding to a sense of culinary authenticity hard to find in other Asian-Fusion restaurants. When you’re looking to cater an event with something new that will have your guests talking for months to come, pick up the phone and call BonChon. With sufficient lead-time they’ll be happy to prepare your menu and serve your guests, so call them a few days ahead of time and start planning your meal with them.