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Find Smokey Bones Menu Prices & Most Popular Food Items

This is your source for the up to date menu with prices for Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill®. You will find a friendly, casual dining atmosphere full of your favorite smoked meats and BBQ at Smokey Bones.

If you are not lucky enough to live in the Southern States, then no need to worry because Smokey Bones brings barbeque done right to your neighborhood. This is a popular spot for meeting with friends for a drink over a meal or the many tasty appetizers shared over the table.

The menu has something for everyone and isn’t limited to just BBQ. Try the smoked chicken wings or a gourmet Angus Burger with one of the many imported beers available icy cold.

Below you will find the full menu, along with some customer favorites:


Fire Starters

Crowd PleaserA killer opening act. Loaded Cheese Fries + Chicken Fingers + Onion Rings + mini Loaded Nachos† + dipping sauces. Curtain up. 2500 cals.$14.49
†Add pulled pork* for just $0.99. 109 cals
Pretzel BonesRoll with these bones. Bavarian soft pretzel sticks + homemade queso dipping sauce. Posse up. 1100 cals.$7.99
Loaded NachosSay "hola" to your taste buds. Tortilla chips + homemade queso + cheddar jack cheese + tomatoes + cilantro + green onions + sour cream + homemade fire-roasted salsa + sliced jalapenos. Muy bueno. 1543 cals before extra toppings.$10.49. Add more toppings for just $2.29 each: + Double cheddar jack cheese 335 cals + Pulled roasted chicken seasoned with our home made salsa 217 cals.+ Pulled pork* 328 cals.
Add a side of fresh guacamole for only $1.99 83 cals.
Buffalo Chicken DipThis dip is desperado. A baked + bubbling hot to order + crispy chicken + buffalo cheese dip. Topped with bleu cheese crumbles and served with crunchy tortilla chips. It's a great tasting gunslinger. 1231 cals.$9.49
Onion RingsCircle the wagons. Golden brown rings served with chipotle mayo + spicy ketchup + smokey bacon ranch. Yee-haw. 1233 cals.$6.99
Consuming raw or undercooked beef, seafood, shellfish, poultry or pork may increase risk of foodborne illness.
Loaded Cheese friesThese fries have plenty of ammo. Seasoned fries + cheddar jack cheese + bacon + chipotle mayo + BBQ glaze + diced green onions + tomatoes + ranch dipping sauce. Fire at will. 1721 cals.$8.99
Fried PicklesThese tangy dill pickles have pop. Fried golden brown + cool ranch dipping sauce. Lip, meet zip. 926 cals.$6.99
Skillet Cornbreadthe cornerstone of Southern cuisine. Skillet-baked cornbread + honey-pecan butter. It's a sweet foundation. 1037 cals.
Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.


Many people judge us by our big, meaty wings. They're the people licking their fingers, delivering the "I wish I could eat these forever" verdict. So, case closed.
All-You-Can-Eat WingsMonday Nights 9 p.m. - Close$10.99with purchase of a beverage.
Smoked WingsYou have never tasted like these. Giant + juicy + rubbed + slow smoked to double the intense flavor + drizzled with a sweet glaze + dusted with house seasoning. Get them in your hands on the double.8 wings $10.99 850 cals/16 wings $16.99 1700 cals
Chicken WingsThese wings freaking soar. Giant + juicy + golden fried + your choice of mouthwatering Tossin' Sauce. Enjoy your flight.8 wings $10.99 781 cals/16 wings $16.99 1562 cals

Tossin' Sauces

To enhance your wing-eating experience, have them hand tossed to taste.
Bones Sweet & Tangy50 cals
KC BBQ70 cals
Chipotle BBQ57 cals
Mustard BBQ60 cals
Carolina Mopping Sauce47 cals
Garlic Parmesan157 cals
Sweet Brown Sugar120 cals
Buffalo30 cals
Memphis Dry Rub51 cals
Buff-A-Que™39 cals
Spicy Garlic Buffalo79 cals
Sweet Glaze100 cals
Or: mix a couple to create your own flavor.

Bones & Burgers

Our juicy gift to big burger lovers: 1/2 lb. beef patties, stacked high and wrapped in paper. We hope your appetite is bigger than your eyes. All burgers come with your choice of lettuce + tomato + red onion + pickles + one Regular Side. Upgrade to a Premium Side for $0.99 or Ultra Premium Side for $1.99.
Smokehouse Burger 1/2 lb. BurgerThis burger is bona fide. 1/2 lb. patty basted in BBQ sauce + cheddar + BBQ'd onions + peppered bacon + onion tanglers + toasted bun. Bring it. 1323-1461 cals.$11.69
Avocado Turkey BurgerThis turkey's no birdbrain. All-white-meat patty + avocado + lettuce + tomato + red onion + pickles + garlic mayo + toasted bun. Gobble-gobble. 1263-1401 cals$11.19
Smoke Stack 1/2 lb. + 1/2 lb. + 1/2 lb. burgerWe triple burger dare you. Three (THREE!) 1/2 lb. patties + cheddar + pile of pulled pork + onion rings + onion tanglers + cole slaw + toasted bun. Take the ultimate carnivore challenge (pictured at right). 2561-2699 cals$19.39
Loaded BBQ Burger*# 1/2 BurgerA real BBQ bad boy. 1/2 lb. Memphis-spiced burger + cheddar + pile of pulled pork + onion rings + KC BBQ Sauce + toasted bun (+ cole slaw for $0.99). Boom. 1379-1657 cals$11.69
Big Time BLT 1/2 BurgerThe CEO of BLTs. 1/2 lb. burger + Swiss + peppered bacon + lettuce + tomato + avocado + red onion + pickles + garlic mayo + toasted bun. You're hired. 1419-1557 cals$11.69
#Can be cooked to order. (Must be 18 years or older)


Welcome to Pimp my Burger. Featuring fire-grilled patties tricked-out to your specifications. Feel Free to strut after eating. All burgers come with one Regular Side.
Grilled to order
Angus Beef$9.39 1/2 lbs. 338 cals, $12.39 1 lb. 678 cals
Premium Beef$8.39 1/2 lbs. 421 cals, $11.39 1 lb. 841 cals
Turkey$8.69 426 cals, $11.69 double 852 cals
Grilled Chicken$8.69 156 cals, $11.69 double 312 cals
Veggie$8.69 243 cals, $11.69 double 486 cals
On the House
Traditional342 cals
Ciabatta240 cals
Lettuce7 cals
Red Onion3 cals
Tomato2 cals
Pickles1 cal
$1 Per Slice
Cheddar90 cals
American70 cals
Swiss80 cals
Mozzarella45 cals
Provolone80 cals
Pepper Jack83 cals
Bleu100 cals
Smoked Gouda48 cals
Hot Toppings
$1 Per Topping
Sautéed Onions18 cals
Grilled Jalapenos15 cals
Onion Tanglers95 cals
BBQ'd Onions34 cals
Grilled Red Peppers14 cals
Jumbo Onion Rings63 cals
Peppered Bacon81 cals
Specialty Toppings
$2 Per Topping
Smoked Spiced Sausage280 cals
Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork*164 cals
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms38 cals
Cold Toppings
$1 Per Topping
Sliced Avocado68 cals
Baby Spinach9 cals
Cole Slaw140 cals
Guacamole42 cals
$0.50 Per Sauce
Garlic Mayo202 cals
Chipotle Ketchup38 cals
Mushroom Sauce32 cals
Bones Sweet & Tangy50 cals
Chipotle Mayo175 cals
Spicy Garlic Buffalo79 cals
Tomato Sauce10 cals


Always use the burger buddy system. Give your patty a pal.
Regular Sides
All burgers come with one Regular Side
Natural Cut Fries267 cals$2.09
Mashed Potatoes & Brown Gravy284 cals
Creamy Coleslaw284 cals
Cinnamon Apples238 cals
Fresh Steamed Broccoli212 cals
BBQ Baked Beans179 cals
Baked Potato344 cals
Fire-Roasted Corn203 cals
Dirty Rice227 cals
Premium Sides
Onion Rings441 cals$3.09
Loaded Mashed Potatoes423 cals
Loaded Baked Potatoes498 cals
Sweet Potato Stix462 cals
Ultra Premium Sides
Big Cheese Macaroni508 cals$4.09
Loaded Cheese fries599 cals

Slow-Smoked BBQ

BBQ Platters

All BBQ items come with any two Regular Sides. Upgrade to Premium Sides for $0.99 each or Ultra Premium Sides for $1.99 each. Substitute a cup of soup or side salad for $0.99 or add one for $2.49
Hand-Pulled PorkThis pile of premium pork packs a punch. House smoked 9 hrs. + hand pulled + seasoned with salt & Pepper + served with garlic bread. Pow. 901-1693 cals$13.99
405 calories when ordered with broccoli (no butter) and no garlic bread
Texas-Style Beef BrisketCatch this 1/2 lb. beef brisket while you can. It's hand carved and hand rubbed + slow smoked 14 hrs. + served with signature BBQ sauce and garlic bread. Get this fast-moving favorite while supplies last. 1057-1849 cals$16.49
Available after 4 p.m.
Sliced Smoked Turkey BreastThis turkey has a wild side. Premium turkey breast + savory spices + house smoked for 3 hrs. + sliced thin and piled high + served with garlic bread. Tame it. 740-1532 cals$13.99
244 calories when ordered with broccoli (no butter) and no garlic bread


Baby Back RibsThese award-winning baby backs are superstars of the smoker. Smoked 4 hrs. + fire grilled to order + brushed with a sweet BBQ glaze + served with garlic bread. Lights. Camera. Eat these.1/3 rack $15.99 793-1585 cals, House Rack $20.99 1192-1984 cals, Full Rack $23.49 1579-2371 cals
Smoked St. Louis RibsStraight from the "Show Me" state. Seasoned and hand rubbed + slow smoked 4 hrs. + brushed with a sweet, smokey BBQ sauce + served with garlic bread. Show these to your mouth.1/3 rack $14.49 760-1552 cals, House Rack $18.99 1126-1918 cals, Full Rack $20.99 1480-2272 cals
Double TroubleA tag team of taste. 1/3 rack of baby back + 1/3 rack of house-smoked, St. Louis-style ribs + served with garlic bread. Consider your hunger pinned.$18.99 1147-1939 cals
Looking for something different? Spice up your ribs with Brown Sugar or Memphis Dry Rub.Boneism no. 071. When you have a chance to enhance your smoked rib experience, dang it, you grab it by the slab.

Fire-Grilled Favorites

They're called Favorites for a reason: these sizzling entrees consistently top our most-ordered list. Come taste the overachievement.
Choose Your Meat
Fire-Grilled Pork Tenderloin*All Fire-Grilled Favorites come with any two Regular Sides. 381 cals. Upgrade to Premium Sides for $0.99 each or Ultra Premium Sides for $1.99 each. Substitute a cup of soup of side salad for $0.99 or add one for $2.49$14.99
431 calories when ordered with broccoli (no butter)
USDA Choice Petite Sirloin*467 cals$14.49
USDA Choice Sirloin*692 cals$17.49
USDA Hand Selected Ribeye*598 cals$21.99
Flavor Your Meat
Simply Salt & Pepper
Steakhouse Butter340 cals
Mushroom Red Wine Sauce204 cals
Teriyaki Glaze180 cals
Garlic Butter Sauce380 cals
Chipotle Soy Drizzle237 cals
Blackened with Bleu Cheese & Bacon130 cals$1.00 extra
Regular Sides
All burgers come with one Regular Side
Natural Cut Fries267 cals$2.09
Creamy Coleslaw284 cals
Mashed Potatoes & Brown Gravy284 cals
Cinnamon Apples238 cals
Fresh Steamed Broccoli212 cals
BBQ Baked Beans179 cals
Baked Potato344 cals
Fire-Roasted Corn203 cals
Dirty Rice227 cals
Premium Sides
Onion Rings441 cals$3.09
Loaded Mashed Potatoes423 cals
Loaded Baked Potatoes498 cals
Sweet Potato Stix462 cals
Ultra Premium Sides
Big Cheese Macaroni508 cals$4.09
Loaded Cheese fries599 cals

Chicken & Seafood

Hickory Smoked Salmon*This fish is mouthwatering magic. Hickory smoked or fire grilled (with or without citrus butter sauce.) + two Regular Sides. All smoke. No mirrors. 887-1879 cals.$17.49
Smokehouse ChickenA big bird that's no bull. Fire-grilled double breast + bourbon BBQ glaze + peppered bacon + cheddar jack + onion tanglers + two Regular Sides. Cluck yeah. 1163-1955 cals.$14.99
Chicken FingersThese fingers are on point. Breaded and lightly fried chicken fingers + Natural Cut Fries + dipping sauce: honey mustard or peppercorn ranch. Try 'em in a Tossin' Sauce and grab 'em by the handful. 1461-2253 cals.$12.49
Fish & ChipsA fish fry to inspire folktales. Samuel Adams Boston Lager beer battered, golden fried Alaska Cod + Natural Cut Fries + cole slaw + tartar sauce. Tell it to your taste buds. 1901 cals.$12.99
BBQ ChickenThis plump half chicken has full-on flavor. Marinated inside and out + basted in BBQ rib glaze + slow roasted + two Regular Sides + Served with garlic bread. It's the total package. 1301-2093 cals.$14.99
Upgrade to Premium Sides for $0.99 each or Ultra Premium Sides for $1.99 each. Substitute a cup of soup or side salad for $0.99 or add one for $2.49


Gourmet Mac & Cheese

A formidable favorite for all foodies. Savory quadruple blended cheeses (Smoked Gouda + Jack & Wisconsin Cheddar + Parmesan) + cavatappi pasta + one of our favorite combinations below: This gourmet great has certainly arrived.
Southwest Mac & CheeseJalapenos + chicken & salsa + cheddar jack + crushed tortilla chips. 1739 cals$13.49
Philly Steak Mac MeltSautéed peppers & onions + grilled steak *# + Swiss. 1576 cals
Tuscan Mac & CheeseGrilled sausage + Asiago + tomato sauce drizzle + cracked black pepper. 1461 cals
Spicy Bacon Chicken MeltBacon + Chicken Fingers + peppers jack. 1680 cals.
Tomato Basil CavatappiEmbrace your inner Italian. Cavatappi pasta topped with zesty tomato sauce + basil + Asiago cheese + garlic bread. Get ready to say, "Grazie." 688 cals.$10.49
Add grilled chicken 156 cals, grilled sirloin*# 348 cals or grilled sausage 186 cals for $3.00 each. The Bones Club. Get rewarded for great taste. Ask you server about joining the free Bones Club today, and feast on all the delicious benefits.


All sandwiches come with one Regular Side. Upgrade to Premium Sides for $0.99 each or Ultra Premium Sides for $1.99 each. Substitute a cup of soup or side salad for $0.99 or add one for $2.49
Smoked Brisket SandwichThis Philly-style sandwich is a founding father of flavor. Slow-smoked beef brisket + onions + peppers + provolone + chipotle mayo + toasted hoagie bun. Taste the brotherly love. While supplies last. 1254-1650 cals.$11.49
Smokehouse Chicken SandwichA chicken sandwich that rules the roost. Fire-grilled chicken breast + bourbon BBQ sauce + cheddar jack cheese + peppered bacon + onion tanglers + fresh toasted bun. It's worth leaving the coop for. 1081-1477 cals.$10.49
Pulled Pork Sammy*This pork has real pull. Slow smoked + hand pulled + piled high on a toasted bun (+ cole slaw for $0.99). It's like a tractor beam of taste. 791-1107 cals.$9.49
Chicken ParmesanThis chicken's an Italian stallion. A crisp, herb-marinated breast + mozzarella + Parmesan + tomato sauce + marinated tomatoes + garlic mayo + ciabatta roll. Get in the ring. 1128-1266 cals.$11.89
Bones Buffalo Chicken SandwichHail to the bleu cheese. A perfectly grilled chicken breast dipped in our buffalo BBQ sauce + housemade super chunky bleu cheese dressing + onion tanglers + lettuce + tomato + butter grilled ciabetta bread. Patriotic perfection. 1159-1555 cals.$11.99
Soup & Sandwich*A dynamic duo. A cup of soup + choice of a Pulled Pork Sammy, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, or the Cuban. Bring your hunger to justice. Side not included. 800-1500 cals.$9.99
The West Coast ClubThe grand poobah of turkey sandwiches. Slow-smoked turkey breast + peppered bacon + lettuce + tomato + avocado + spicy chipotle mayo. Initiate yourself. 1173-1569 cals.$10.29
The Cuban*This steamy, grill-pressed Cuban is revolutionary. Pulled Pork + Swiss cheese + pickles + mayo + mustard BBQ sauce. Change it up with smoked turkey instead of pork. Viva la deliciousness! 1744-2140 cals.$9.99


Welcome to the leaner, meaner side of Smokey Bones. Freshly prepared, slender salads with mighty big taste.
Stacked Baked Potato & SaladA delicious partnership that's all business. Loaded baked potato topped with pulled pork or Texas-Style Beef Brisket + cheddar jack + bacon + sour cream + green onions. Then garlic bread + your choice of Garden Greens or Caesar side salad. Close the deal. 851-875 cals.$9.49
Steak & Spinach Salad*A salad with serious sizzle. Top sirloin + spinach + red onions + bleu cheese crumbles + grilled Portobello mushrooms + bacon crumbles + light bacon vinaigrette. S-s-s-s-s-satisfying. 761 cals.$13.99
Nutty Chicken SaladThis salad has a screw loose. Mixed greens + Feta cheese + candied pecans + dried Cranberries + red onions + strawberries + honey mustard dressing. Topping with grilled or fired chicken. Delicious lunacy. 483 calories when ordered with grilled chicken and no dressing. 909 cals.$11.49
Charbroiled Chicken Caesar SaladThe self-appointed king of salads. Grilled garlic-herb chicken breast + romaine + Asiago cheese + garlic-herb croutons + Caesar dressing. Calling it "your majesty" is optional. 716 cals.$11.49
Hickory Smoked Salmon Salad*This salad is seaworthy. A hickory smoked salmon fillet + spinach + red onions + candied pecan + crumbled Feta cheese + light bacon vinaigrette. Ahoy. 958 cals.$13.99
Pulled Chicken Chopped SaladThis hand-pulled chicken salad won't yank your chain. Pulled roast chicken + romaine + avocado + candied pecans + fire-roasted corn + cucumbers + bacon ranch dressing. It's no joke. 797 cals$10.99
Side SaladGarden greens or Caesar$3.99 78 cals or $3.99 248 cals
Salad DressingsPeppercorn Ranch 130 cals, Chunky Bleu Cheese 140 cals, Balsamic Vinaigrette 60 cals, Light Bacon Vinaigrette 80 cals, Caesar 190 cals, Bacon Ranch 138 cals, Honey Mustard 130 cals.


Homemade Brunswick StewThis slow-smoked stew is pure, put-your-feet-up comfort food. Smoked BBQ + sweet corn + tomatoes. *Recliner not included. Cup 195 / Bowl 279 calsCup $4.29 / Bowl $4.99
Broccoli & CheeseA victory for veggies. A creamy cheddar cheese soup + pieces of freshly blanched broccoli. Who says broccoli can't rock? Cup 223 / Bowl 319 cals
Loaded Potato CheddarMeet your new best spud. A creamy soup + flavors of crispy bacon + cheddar cheese + chunks of in-house baked potatoes + garnished with shredded cheddar, bacon bits, and green onions. There's no greater tater. Cup 212 / Bowl 303 cals
Soup & SaladA classic hot-and-cold combination. Your choice of Garden Greens or Caesar side salad + a cup of soup. Altogether, it's just right. 181-502 cals with no dressing.$7.99


Dozen Donuts$11.99
Half Chocolate Cake$19.99
Whole Chocolate Cake$39.99


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

BubbleadeHomemade lemonade$3.99
Bottled BeveragesWater, Root Beer, Cream SodaPricing Varies
Flavored Iced Teas & LemonadesMango, Blackberry, Red Passion FruitPricing Varies
MocktailsPassion Limeade, Strawberry Limeade, Tiki Cooler$3.99
Beverages & Soft DrinksFree refills upon request.Pricing Varies
Energy DrinksRed Bull$3.99


American Crafts
Blue Moon Belgian White
Goose Island 312
Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Samuel Adams Seasonal
Hard Cider
Angry Orchard Hard Cider
Premium Imports
Amstel Light
Corona Extra
Corona Light
Newcastle Brown Ale
Stella Artois
American Favorites
Bud Light
Coors Light
Michelob Ultra
Miller Lite
Pabst Blue Ribbon

Signature Cocktails

Fresh Diamond Margarita$8.79
Pop Star$7.29
Blushing Strawberry Sangria$6.99

Popular Menu Items:

The menu at Smokey Bones is extensive and everyone in your family or group will find something delicious. There is a kid’s menu for budget friendly choices in smaller portions. For those seeking lighter fare there are several salad options as well as chicken, seafood and soups.

For a more hearty appetite, choose among the steaks, ribs or barbeque options. Side dishes like Sweet Potato Sticks, Cole Slaw and Cinnamon Apples are the perfect complement to the smoky flavors of the main event: BBQ.

Here are some of our favorites from the menu:

Fried Pickles

This is a fun appetizer to try if you have never had fried pickles before. They use tangy dill coins that have been breaded and deep fried so they are crispy and hot. They come with a thick and rich ranch dressing for dipping for $6.99.

Smoked Wings

This is a great new twist on chicken wings. They are long smoked for tons of flavor and tender, juicy goodness. There are several rubs or sauces to choose from on the menu that you can mix and match to make a flavor combination just for you! Get 16 to share for $16.99.

Angus Beef Burger

Have an Angus Beef Burger with your choice of amazing toppings from the Build-A-Burger section of the menu. We recommend the grilled Red Peppers, Onion Tanglers with Swiss cheese and Chipotle Ketchup. Have a half pounder with a side for $12.39 (including hot toppings).

Smoked St. Louis Ribs

These tender ribs are dry rubbed by hand and then slow roasted for 4 hours and finished with a sweet and smoky barbeque sauce. Go ahead and order the full rack (you can always take some home!) at $23.49.

Hickory Smoked Salmon

You can get this dish smoked or grilled, but try it smoked. It comes with a citrus butter sauce, and you can have it on the side if you want to control your portions. This is a great choice for someone seeking lighter fare without compromising on flavor. It comes with two sides for $17.49.

Smokey Bones History:

Darden Restaurants, Inc., who also own such restaurants as Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse, opened the first Smokey Bones in Orlando, Florida in 1999. In 2007 Smokey Bones was sold to Barbeque Integrated, Inc.

Smokey Bones updated their décor and themes in 2008 away from a log cabin motif towards a more contemporary sports bar meets casual dining experience. There are 66 Smokey Bones locations, mainly focused in the Eastern U.S. as of 2015.