Smokey Bones Catering Menu Prices

Find Smokey Bones Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Choose Smokey Bones as your next event caterer and check out their menu today. They take pride in their identity as a bar and fire grill! They consider themselves grill masters and specialize in items like BBQ.

Smokey Bones has been taking the time to cook perfect meats for years. Their smoker runs for 11 hours every single night! The long hours and hard work have never deterred them from cooking quality food!

They take just as much, if not more pride in their catering offerings. Smokey Bones will ensure that your order is cooked and prepared perfectly and delivered on time! Order today and have Smokey Bones at your next meeting or event!


A La Carte

Salads & Apps

Nutty SaladHalf$10.99
Nutty SaladFull$11.99
House SaladHalf$16.99
House SaladFull$16.99
Caesar SaladHalf$11.99
Caesar SaladFull$17.99

BBQ by the Pound

Hand-Pulled Pork$11.99
Sliced Smoked Chicken Breast$12.49
Texas-Style Beef Brisket$12.49
Whole BBQ Chicken$10.99

Chicken Wings

Signature Smoked Wings2 Racks$30.99
Signature Smoked Wings4 Racks$65.99
Signature Smoked Wings6 Racks$90.99
Chicken Wings25 Pc.$19.99
Chicken Wings50 Pc.$37.99
Chicken Wings100 Pc.$74.99

Chicken Fingers

Chicken Fingers30 Pc.$27.99

Ribs by the Rack

Baby Back Ribs2 Racks$35.99
Baby Back Ribs4 Racks$69.99
Baby Back Ribs6 Racks$99.99
Smoked St. Louis Ribs2 Racks$3.99
Smoked St. Louis Ribs4 Racks$59.99
Smoked St. Louis Ribs6 Racks$89.99

Bigger Sides

BBQ Baked BeansPint$5.99
BBQ Baked BeansQuart$9.49
Cinnamon ApplesPint$5.99
Cinnamon ApplesQuart$9.49
Creamy Cole SlawPint$5.99
Creamy Cole SlawQuart$9.49
Dirty RicePint$4.99
Dirty RiceQuart$9.00
Fire-Roasted CornPint$5.99
Fire-Roasted CornQuart$9.49
Mashed Potatoes Brown GravyPint$5.99
Mashed Potatoes Brown GravyQuart$9.49
Fresh Steamed BroccoliPint$5.99
Fresh Steamed BroccoliQuart$9.49


Brunswick StewPint$5.99
Brunswick StewQuart$9.49
Tomato & Grilled Cheese SoupPint$5.99
Tomato & Grilled Cheese SoupQuart$9.49


Sweet BBQ SaucePint$3.49
Sweet BBQ SauceQuart$6.29
Chipotle BBQ SaucePint$3.49
Chipotle BBQ SauceQuart$6.29
Mustard BBQ SaucePint$3.49
Mustard BBQ SauceQuart$6.29
Carolina Mopping SaucePint$3.49
Carolina Mopping SauceQuart$6.29

Party Packs

BBQ Party Pack

Baby -QServes (10-12)$16.49
Bar-B-QServes (10-12)$20.49
Bubba-QServes (10-12)$26.49
Pulled Pork Party Pack$5.49
Family Feast$20.99
Family ReunionServes 100$679.99


Dozen Donuts$7.49
Chocolate CakeHalf$8.49
Chocolate CakeFull$10.49


Iced TeaServes 10$4.99
Flavored Iced TeasServes 10$4.99
Flavored LemonadesServes 10$4.99
IBC Root Beer$2.49
IBC Cream Soda$2.49
Red Bull$3.99
Diet Coke$2.59
Dr. Pepper$2.49

Popular Catering Choices at Smokey Bones

While all of the options at Smokey Bones are popular, there are a few that stand out above the rest. There are great entrée options like pulled pork, brisket, chicken, and more.

Along with that, you can order sides like baked beans, cornbread, and mac and cheese. With food like this, everyone is sure to leave your next event with a full stomach and you won’t have to empty your wallet to do it.

Everyone’s cravings are satisfied when you’re able to bring in some Smokey Bones!

BBQ Street Tacos

A twist on a Tex-Mex favorite, you can get a pack of tacos filled with pulled pork, grilled chicken, smoked brisket, or steak. Its the item for a meeting since you get a whole meal all wrapped up into one hand held item and can get straight to business.

You can serve 5-10 with just one order of tacos.

Big Cheese Macaroni

One of Smokey Bones “Bigger Ultra Premium Sides,” their Mac & Cheese is a perfect dish for sharing with everyone at your event. After this order, you may not be able to eat any other types of macaroni and cheese!

You can feed 5-10 people for about $15. Comes in a serving bowl with all the utensils that you need.

Chicken Wings

Pick any of your favorite sauces to go with your order of wings! They come with bleu cheese and celery and are already tossed for the perfect covering and flavor distribution.

You can get a platter of 24, 48, or 96 wings. They cost $20, $38, and $75 respectively.

BBQ Party Pack “Family Reunion”

This is for your next family reunion sized event! It comes with 18 lbs of pulled pork, 12 racks of ribs, 12 whole BBQ chickens, 8 quarts of two sides, bread, and BBQ sauce. This is not for your average meeting because it feeds up to 100 people.

While the price is pretty steep at $679, it comes out to only about $7 a person when you do the math. Choose this option for your next large event!

Enjoy Smokey Bone’s Catering Offering

Whether you’re looking to feed 10 or 100, Smokey Bones has the perfect options for your next large event. They work hard to make sure that you’re satisfied with their preparation and customer service.

Everyone in your group will have plenty of options to satisfy their cravings and leave your event full of great food. It won’t break the bank and will keep you coming back for all your following events.

Whether you’re a boss or just the one that was chosen to plan the next family reunion, don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself and let Smokey Bones take care of the food!