Publix Catering Menu Prices

Find Publix Catering Menu Prices & Popular Food Choices

Publix’ catering menu is large and in charge, offering many selections to choose from. There really is something for every taste, and tasty it is.

Some of the favorite catering menu selections from Publix are its finger foods, party platters, kid’s trays and meat platters, but there’s plenty more to choose from.

Below is Publix’ catered menu:

Prices and availability may vary by location.


Salads and Sides

Caesar Salad S, M, L$27.99, $35.99, $44.99
Caprese Salad S, M, L$32.99, $40.99, $49.99
Chef's Salad S, M, L$27.99, $35.99, $44.99
Cobb Salad S, M, L$27.99, $35.99, $44.99
Deviled Eggs Platter S, M, L$19.99, $29.99, $33.99
Executive Box Salad$6.99
Greek Salad S, M, L$27.99, $35.99, $44.99
Olive Assortment$44.99
Pickled Relish$19.99
Pumpernickel Round with Dip M, L $19.99, $26.99

Finger Foods

Cubanitos S, M, L$24.99, $30.99, $36.99
Entertainer S, M, L$24.99, $32.99, $38.99
Party Pinwheels S, M, L$39.99, $56.99, $69.99
Popcorn Chicken S, M, L$22.99, $29.99, $36.99
Sub Selections S, M, L$26.99, $32.99, $54.99
Wrap Platter S, M, L$28.99, $41.99, $59.99

Kid Trays

Small (serves 8-12)$14.99
Medium (serves 16-20)$19.99
Large (serves 26-30)$24.99

Party Platters

Cheese Classic S, M, L$24.99, $29.99, $35.99
Cheese Taster S, M, L$33.99, $29.99, $35.99
Finishing Touches S, M, L$17.99, $24.99, $29.99
Fresh Fruit S, M, L$25.99, $36.99, $49.99
Fresh Fruit and Cheese M, L$40.99, $59.99
Garden-Fresh Vegetables S, M, L$24.99, $29.99, $34.99
Imported Artisan Cheeses$59.99
Jeweled Brie$49.99
Veggie Antipasti$44.99

Meat Platters

Chicken Wing Sampler S, M, L$26.99, $32.99, $40.99
Boar's Head Turkey Carousel S, M, L$39.99, $53.99, $63,99
Connoisseur's Choice S, M, L$33.99, $39.99, $49.99
Chicken Tender Sam S, M, L$28.99, $42.99, $49.99
All American S, M, L$35.99, $49.99, $59.99
Boar's Head Chicken Platter M, L$49.99, $59.99
Boar's Head Italian Virtuoso S, M, L$39.99, $53.99, $63,99
Boar's Head Terrific Quintet S, M, L$39.99, $53.99, $63,99
Nibbler S, M, L$27.99, $34.99, $44.99

Popular Catering Choices at Publix

I remember back in the day, when Publix in Orlando was THE place to be. It had gold shopping carts with calculators attached to the front.

You have to understand, this was before cellphones were used, and car phones were considered ultra-cool, so this Publix was, by far, catering to the cool crowd.

My mom would take us shopping here, and if we were good, she’d bribe us and let us go look at the Lamborghinis as our treat- those were the good ol’ days.

Now, being one of the cool “kids” consists of me using Publix to cater my party – sans Lamborghini. Some of the more popular catering orders are listed below.

Olive Assortment $44.99

Every party has an olive connoisseur, and will be very sad if this isn’t an option among the many. Make this sad little person smile.

Party Pinwheels, starting at $39.99

There’s just something about a pinwheel at any age that makes you want to smile. Plus making food cute is half the art to throwing a good party, so Publix obviously understands the catering world.

Go ahead and order a tray of these pinwheel sandwiches, and let your inner child shine through.

Sub Selections, starting at $26.99

Subway is not your only option for this item. Plus if you order this from Publix, you can get all of these other trays, plus your party goods too. It’s a one stop shop.

Cheese Classic, starting at $24.99

Cheese and olives. Olives and cheese. Can you hear me singing my new song?

Every party needs some kind of cheese and a classic cheese tray is an easy no fuss option.

Fresh Fruit, starting at $25.99

When wondering what to pair with your cheese above, look no further than this simply delicious fresh fruit tray. Pair the two together for the perfect bite.

Chicken Wings, starting at $26.99

I love WANGS! They’re saucy and messy and delicious and everyone else will be messy right along with you.

Chicken Tenders, starting at $28.99

The kids will thank you for this order.

Enjoy Publix’ Catered Offerings

Enjoy Publix catered offerings, and let them take the stress out of your party planning.