Portillo's Catering Menu Prices

Find Portillo's Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Once you take a look at Portillo’s menu prices below, make sure to call 866-YUM-BEEF to order. That had to be included because that would be pretty fun to dial. You can also order online.

Portillo’s is known for its hot dogs, beef, burgers, and salads. They are unique because they have the option to ship this food anywhere in the USA. They know their food is THAT good, so they have to offer it to every city in the nation!

Check out the full catering menu and prices below for more details.


Ready To Ship Anywhere In The USA

Italian Beef Deluxe Package8 Sandwiches$79.95
Italian Beef Party Package20 Sandwiches$169.95
Hot Dogs10$59.95
Hot Dog Party Package20$172.95
Bar-B-Q Ribs2$79.95

Bowl Of Salads

Garden SaladSmall$19.99
Garden SaladLarge$33.99
Chopped SaladSmall$23.99
Chopped SaladLarge$43.99
Caesar SaladSmall$20.99
Caesar SaladLarge$35.99
Chicken Caesar SaladSmall$23.99
Chicken Caesar SaladLarge$43.99
Greek SaladSmall$23.99
Greek SaladLarge$43.99
Tuscan Chicken & Bacon SaladSmall$23.99
Tuscan Chicken & Bacon SaladLarge$43.99
Mediterranean Pasta SaladSmall$10.99

Meat And Pasta Entrees

Famous Italian Beef1lb$11.95
Famous Italian Beef2-1/2 lb$29.75
Italian Sausage12 Pc.$25.99
Italian Sausage24 Pc.$47.99
Baked MostaccioliServes 8$32.99
Chicken TendersServes 8$21.99

Side Entrees

Hot Beef Gravy$7.50
Leaves Of French Bread Fresh Daily$3.75
Sweet Or Hot PeppersSmall$2.99
Sweet Or Hot PeppersLarge$4.99
Salad Dressing Jar$3.99
Marinara Sauce$5.99

Service Items

Full Heating Kit$7.00
Reusable Chafing Racks$3.99
Serving Fork And Spoon Set$0.99
Single-Use Canned Heat$1.49
Tableware Set-upServes 10$4.00


Portillos Famous Chocolate CakeServes 10$19.49
Italian Strawberry ShortcakeServes 10$23.99

Popular Catering Choices at Portillo’s

Portillo’s catering team makes it extremely easy to get you what you need, and fast. They promise that the shipped food will make it anywhere in the USA in two days. Shipping fees apply.

Fast Packs

Portillo’s offers “Fast Packs,” which are their most popular dishes packed into boxes and ready to go for you. For any group get-together, this is a quick way to get awesome food to your event.

There are hot dog boxes, burger boxes, broiled chicken sandwich boxes, Italian beef boxes, Italian sausage boxes, and an Italian Beef & Sausage Combo box.

Mostaccioli with Meat or Marinara Sauce

This is one of Portillo’s specialty pastas, covered in melted cheese. With penne-shaped noodles, you can choose whether you want your pasta smothered in meat sauce or marinara sauce.

Portillo’s pasta is known for being quality pasta and having amazing flavor.


We had to share this one simply because of the name – and the great ingredients! Of course, Portillo’s wouldn’t sell it if it were actually garbage. This salad is only available at select locations and has, “Tuscan spring mix, chopped romaine lettuce, salami, provolone cheese, radishes, red onion, tomatoes, olives, cucumber, roasted red pepper, and Parmesan cheese. It is topped off with Portillo’s “Trashy Sweet Vinaigrette.”

Enjoy Portillo’s Catering Offerings

Portillo’s is a great catering option because of its accessibility anywhere around the USA. Especially with its Fast Pack options, you can have your menu picked out and ready to go in a very short amount of time.

They also have a great dessert menu, and the desserts are made with such care that they need at least 72 hours of notice. Any dessert that needs extra notice usually means that it is extra good!