Cafe Rio Catering Menu Prices

Find Cafe Rio Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Café Rio cravings are real. Thankfully, they cater.
They offer five main packages, while sides, chips and dip, drinks, and desserts are available to order in addition to the main packages. Ask anyone and you’ll find guacamole should be added to every Café Rio creation.

Regular catering packages feed anywhere between 20 and 50 people. If you plan on having more than 50 guests, you can make a special order through phone or live-chat.

Café Rio’s delectable selection of Mexican dishes add fun and flavor to any gathering, and to add a thoughtful touch, each package includes mints for after your meal.

Take a peek at the catering menu to see which Café Rio package is right for you.


Catering Packages

Enchilada Party Pack1 Person$10.49
Enchilada Party Pack2 Person$11.49
Taco Fiesta Pack1 Person$10.49
Taco Fiesta Pack Grilled1 Person$11.49
Santa Fe Nacho Bar1 Person$10.49
Santa Fe Nacho Bar Grilled1 Person$11.49
Southwest Chicken Wraps1 Person$10.49
Southwest Chicken Wraps With Specialty Drinks1 Person$11.49
Yolandas Tamales1 Person$11.09
Yolandas Tamales2 Person$11.99

Popular Catering Choices at Café Rio

Whether you go with the Enchilada Party Pack, the Taco Fiesta Pack, the Santa Fe Nacho Bar, the Southwest Chicken Wraps, or Yolanda’s Tamales, the menu items from Café Rio will definitely be worth the price.

Most packages include chips and salsa, and every package except the Southwest Chicken Wraps can be made with pork, beef, or chicken. But not all meats are created equal at Café Rio, at least according to some people.

Sweet Pork

It doesn’t matter whether you fold it into a taco, scoop it up with your nachos, or stuff it into an enchilada, sweet pork claims the highest score at Café Rio. Try it with their Creamy Tomatillo Dressing.

Soft and flavorful, the sweet pork is the base of many delicious Café Rio meals. Even people who don’t love pork think this recipe is worth a second glance.

Beef Tacos

Pork isn’t the only contender for Café Rio’s meals. The Beef Tacos make a statement as well, with lettuce, cheese, cilantro lime rice, and black or pinto beans.

Tres Leches

Finish off a great meal with this Café Rio staple. Light, moist, and sweet, it has everything you need to satisfy your dessert craving without making you feel like you’ve overdone it.

The name Tres Leches comes from the cake being soaked in three types of milk. That’s what makes it so moist and satisfying.

Enjoy Café Rio’s Catering Offerings

Whether you are hosting a company meeting or you need to feed a football team, Café Rio can accommodate you. They do prefer at least eight hours notice. Call in advance to give them plenty of time to make enough tortillas and sweet pork for everyone.

And if you really want to make your guests happy, be sure to order some refreshing horchata!