Cosi Catering Menu Prices

Find Cosi Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Cosi’s catering menu is perfect for any occasion. For those lucky enough to live near a Cosi restaurant (sorry, West Coasters), you know the mouth-watering goodness that make up every sandwich, salad, and soup.

Now have all that flavor brought right to your door. Cosi delivers catering options in select locations. You won’t have to cook or travel — just enjoy your time with your guests.

From cheese platters to boxed sandwich meals, Cosi has the perfect selection for your next event.

Prices may vary depending on location. Check out the Cosi catering menu below:



Box Lunches

Cosi Box 1$9.99
Cosi Box 2$12.99
Cosi Box 3$14.99

Sandwich Buffets

Cosi Classic Sandwich BuffetServes 10$175.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich BuffetServes 15$260.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich BuffetServes 20$345.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich BuffetServes 10$205.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich BuffetServes 15$305.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich BuffetServes 20$405.00

Sandwich Baskets

Cosi Signature Sandwich BasketServes 5$50.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich BasketServes 10$95.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich BasketServes 15$140.00
Cosi Signature Sandwich BasketServes 20$185.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich BasketServes 5$45.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich BasketServes 10$85.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich BasketServes 15$125.00
Cosi Classic Sandwich BasketServes 20$165.00


Each salad serves up to 10 people and is served with our freshly baked flatbread.
Mixed Greens Salad$75.00
Smart Fit Salad$95.00
Cosi Cobb Salad$85.00
Greek Salad$85.00
Shanghai Chicken Salad$85.00
Caesar Salad$75.00


Fresh Veggie PlatterServes 10$40.00
Cocktail SandwichesServes 10$50.00
Fresh Fruit PlatterServes 10$45.00
Cosi Soup BoxServes 10$55.00
Cheese PlatterServes 10$40.00

Sweets & Beverages

Coffee or Hot Tea ServiceServes 10$14.99
Handcrafted Iced Beverage ServiceServes 10$14.99
Dessert PlatterServes 10$45.00
Dessert PlatterServes 15$67.00
Dessert PlatterServes 20$90.00


Breakfast Platters And Platters

Small: Serves 10, Medium: Serves 15, Large: Serves 20
Squagel AssortmentServes 10$30.00
Squagel AssortmentServes 15$45.00
Squagel AssortmentServes 20$55.00
Assorted Breakfast PlatterServes 10$45.00
Assorted Breakfast PlatterServes 15$60.00
Assorted Breakfast PlatterServes 20$80.00
Individual Breakfast BoxPer Person$5.50
Egg Sandwich AssortmentServes 10$50.00
Fresh Fruit BowlServes 11$35.00
Individual Fresh Fruit, Granola & Yogurt ParfaitPer Person$4.50
Individual Steel Cut OatmealPer Person$4.00

Popular Catering Choices at Cosi

I love talking about food, and I love talking about Cosi. Each meal is made with quality ingredients to create healthy and flavorful options your guests will love.

The buffalo bleu sandwich, the Cosi cobb salad, and the turkey chili showcase just a few of the unique choices you have at Cosi.
Though not a huge menu, Cosi’s catering choices have enough variety to fit your needs. Breakfast, lunch or dinner — Cosi’s got you covered.


Squagels are Cosi’s signature square-shaped bagels. I’m partial to the cranberry orange or the jalapeno cheddar, but Cosi has more traditional flavors too.

Served with whipped butter or cream cheese, squagels are perfect for your company breakfast or backyard brunch.

Boxed Lunches

Forget the serving utensils and centerpieces; just have your guests grab and go! Convenient is now spelled C-O-S-I.
In the boxed lunches, you get to choose between sandwich and salad, Cosi chips and baby carrots, brownie or cookie. And the best thing about Cosi is you can never make a wrong choice.

Smart Fit Salad

Cosi makes it easy to make healthy choices with its Smart Fit options. You can feed up to 10 people with each salad on the Cosi catering menu.

The Smart Fit salad contains baby kale, romaine lettuce, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, roasted corn and red peppers, black beans, and scallions. Top it all off with chipotle lime dressing, you have a meal that not only tastes good but also will make your guests feel good.

And every salad comes with Cosi’s famous flatbread.

Enjoy Cosi’s Catering Offerings

Cosi’s catering menu has many other options. If you’re having a hard time deciding, you can receive personal catering suggestions based on the type, size and time of your event. Cosi helps making planning easy.

Cosi also has a rewards program that gives you points towards your next catering order. How great is that? On your search for a caterer, you can’t go wrong with Cosi.