Safeway Catering Menu Prices

Find Safeway Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Premium meats and cheeses make up most of Safeway’s catering menu. If meat and cheese is your bread and butter, you’ve come to the right place!

While there aren’t as many options as some caterers, the nice thing about Safeway’s catering is that their specialization means they strive to be the best at what they do.

And they do have more than just cheese trays – salads, desserts, and kid-friendly trays can be found as well. Their bakery offers everything from simple muffins to wedding cakes.

Safeway’s deli trays are an easy and familiar catering choice.


Appetizer Trays

Bocconcini and TomatoServes 10$24.99
Condiment ComboServes 12$21.99
Fresh Fruit PlatterServes 14$24.99
Fresh Fruit PlatterServes 24$39.99
Fresh Fruit PlatterServes 40$52.99
Fruit and Fine CheesesServes 10$49.99
Fruit and Fine CheesesServes 14$69.99
Hummus & Garden VeggiesServes 16$29.99
Hummus & Garden VeggiesServes 24$46.99
Italiano DelightsServes 10$69.99
Italiano DelightsServes 14$89.99
Love Those VeggiesServes 12$24.99
Love Those VeggiesServes 20$39.99
Love Those VeggiesServes 34$59.99
Maki PlattersServes 4$21.99
Maki PlattersServes 10$32.99
Maki PlattersServes 14$43.99
Sushi PlatterServes 8$39.99
Sushi PlatterServes 12$49.99
Mediterranean MedleyServes 8$49.99
Mediterranean MedleyServes 12$69.99
Cheese & Fruit NibblerServes 8$39.99
Cheese & Fruit NibblerServes 14$49.99
Cheese & Fruit NibblerServes 22$69.99
Chicken Snack PackServes 8$34.99
Chicken Snack PackServes 16$49.99
Chicken Snack PackServes 24$59.99
Spinach Dip PlatterServes 14$16.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto)Serves 10$54.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto)Serves 18$69.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto)Serves 30$89.99

Meat & Cheese Trays

All Star Combo - Build Your Own TrayServes 36$99.99
Deli Party PlatterServes 8$34.99
Deli Party PlatterServes 16$59.99
Deli Party PlatterServes 24$79.99
Gourmet Cubed CheeseServes 12$39.99
Gourmet Cubed CheeseServes 18$59.99
Gourmet Cubed CheeseServes 30$74.99
Gourmet Sliced CheeseServes 12$44.99
Gourmet Sliced CheeseServes 18$61.99
Gourmet Sliced CheeseServes 30$83.99
Hearty All MeatServes 12$49.99
Hearty All MeatServes 18$69.99
Hearty All MeatServes 25$76.99
Salami SnackerServes 24$64.99

Sandwich Trays

All Rolled Up (Lavosh)Serves 10$44.99
All Rolled Up (Lavosh)Serves 12$54.99
Classic Tea SandwichServes 8$30.99
Classic Tea SandwichServes 12$38.99
Classic Tea SandwichServes 20$46.99
Hoagies and HeroesServes 12$34.99
Hoagies and HeroesServes 16$44.99
Kids CelebrationServes 10$24.99
Kids CelebrationServes 12$34.99
Le Petit Croissant SandwichesServes 10$36.99
Le Petit Croissant SandwichesServes 16$56.99
Le Petit Croissant SandwichesServes 20$74.99
Pita Pocket PleaserServes 12$34.99
Pita Pocket PleaserServes 16$44.99
Signature SandwichServes 8$44.99
Signature SandwichServes 10$54.99
Signature VegetarianServes 8$44.99
Signature VegetarianServes 10$59.99
Super Sub Party PackServes 15$36.99


16" Gourmet Roll PlatterServes 15$9.99
Artisan Roll PlatterServes 25$4.99
Dessert PlatterServes 20$12.99
Dessert PlatterServes 30$18.99
Dessert PlatterServes 50$29.99
Pastry PlatterServes 13$19.99
16" Cookie PlatterServes 69$14.99
16" Gourmet Jumbo Cookie PlatterServes 30$19.99


1/2 Sheet Value CakesServes 36$21.99
Cupcake CakesServes 36$17.99
Celebration Cakes$12.99
Custom Cakes$29.99
Shower Cake$199.99
Silk & Satin Wedding Cake$299.99
Black Forest 1/2 Sheet Cake$29.99
Bistro Cakes$12.99
Irresistible Frosted Cupcakes$10.99

Popular Catering Choices at Safeway

Get back to basics. Fruit and vegetable trays are an easy way for guests to snack without feeling like they are cheating on a diet, and they can pick and choose what they like. Meat and cheese trays have a similar appeal.

With such simple options, you don’t need to stress about whether you got the right meal or snack for your event. But don’t be fooled, because simple doesn’t mean boring. Your guests will find that Safeway’s catering focuses on what matters – taste!

La Petite Croissant Sandwiches

Croissants take any sandwich to a higher level. These little beauties are piled with your favorites like turkey, ham, roast beef, cheddar or Swiss cheese, lettuce, and of course mayo and mustard.
The smaller order serves up to 16, while the larger tray can serve 30. Keep in mind that with such light, flaky bread, your guests might want to snag more than one!

Smoked Salmon

Salmon is a treat not found in many catering menus. This tray also includes whipped cream cheese, red onions, tomatoes, eggs, and bagels for a delightful mini-meal. It serves 12-16 people.

Mediterranean Medley

This tray can serve either 8-12 or 12-16. It comes with two different wraps, a turkey and hummus and a Havarti and red pepper, as well as pita chips, bell peppers, cucumbers, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, and a Mediterranean dip. This is a refreshing snack sure to get the approval of your guests.

Enjoy Safeway’s Catering Offerings

As you can see, Safeway offers a wide variety of foods so you can find what you need depending on the occasion. With flowers and décor available as well, it’s easy to order everything in one place.

Take a second glance at the menu if you need, but don’t stress. Since their deli offers such great premium meats and cheeses, a simple meat tray may be the best way to go.