KFC Catering Menu Prices

Find KFC Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

KFC’s menu prices provide the ultimate satisfaction for all the chicken lovers. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes are the way to anyone’s heart. With mouth watering, deep fried, crispy chicken legs, you can bring back those childhood memories of every family road trip.

It truly is finger lickin’ good.


Buffet Meals

Chicken Buffet Meal30 Pc.$79.99
Chicken Buffet Meal50 Pc.$128.99


KFC Chicken Platter25 Pc.$39.99
KFC Chicken Platter50 Pc.$78.99
KFC Chicken Platter100 Pc.$149.99
KFC Exyra Crispy Tenders Platter25 Pc.$29.99
KFC Exyra Crispy Tenders Platter50 Pc.$58.99
KFC Exyra Crispy Tenders Platter100 Pc.$115.99
Hot Wings Platter25 Pc.$24.99
Hot Wings Platter50 Pc.$44.99
Hot Wings Platter75 Pc.$59.99

Boxed Meals

KFC Box Meal Chicken2 Pc.$6.99
KFC Box Meal Tenders3 Pc.$6.99
KFC Box Meal Chicken3 Pc.$7.99

Homestyle Sides

Large Homestyle Sides OptionServes 18 to 20$19.99
Small Homestyle Sides Option$12.99


Mini Lemon CakeServes 1$1.49
Mini Chocolate CakeServes 1$1.49
Dozen Chocolate Chip CookiesServes 12$4.99
Lemon CakeServes 6$4.99
Chocolate Chip CakeServes 6$4.99



Sweetened TeaServes 4$1.99


Unsweetened TeaServes 4$1.99
Gallon LemonadeServes 4$3.49
Gallon Lemonade StrawberryServes 4$3.99

Popular Catering Choices at KFC

If you’re looking to provide breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack to hold your employees over, there is always an excuse for KFC’s extra crispy chicken. They provide buffet meals, box meals, platters, sides, desserts, and beverages that you can order right from your couch.

KFC is supplying couch potatoes with chicken since 1952.

Chicken Meal for 20

You just found everyone’s new favorite thing: KFC- buffet style. No need to plan the entire meal for each guest. You can simply serve a buffet- style meal complete with sides and the famous buttery, flaky biscuits.

The Chicken meal for 20 includes 50 pieces of your choice of chicken. Pick between the original recipe classic, extra crispy, and kentucky grilled chicken (for the health conscious uncle). The meal also comes with 2 sides of your choice and 25 biscuits.

100 Extra Crispy Tenders

The platter option is a common choice for the holiday season as it is the perfect addition to any party. Whether you like them plain or drenched in dipping sauce, they are cooked perfectly with a blend of herbs and spices.

For smaller parties, KFC also offers sizes for 25 and 50 piece platters.

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is one of the many sides available through KFC. Bring the taste of the south to you wherever you go, with KFC catering.

Other side options include macaroni and cheese, green beans, cole slaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, and their famous buttery biscuits.

Double Chocolate Chip Cake

Even if you aren’t a fried chicken fan doesn’t mean catering here is not an option. Top of your meal and quench that sweet tooth with KFC’s double chocolate chip cake.

This cake is moist and scrumptious and sure to leave you wanting more. It serves 5 but, you may want to get one for yourself just in case.

Enjoy KFC’s Catering Offerings

Whatever time of year, whatever the occasion, you know that KFC will always be a crowd favorite. For convenience in all american food, KFC will supply all your catering needs.

KFC has been around for decades and therefore has had time to perfect their fried chicken recipe.

After all it’s not just good, it’s finger lickin’ good.