Walmart Catering Menu Prices

Find Walmart Catering Menu Prices & Popular Food Choices

Walmart’s catering menu is surprisingly small for such a large chain, but sometimes, when you do things the right way, you don’t have to go big or go home – you just have to go “right” and not left or, er, whatever.

And that’s just what Walmart’s done with its catering. It’s taken what people most frequently need for the laid-back type of event, and provided these things for you in tray format.

Ah, how nice… Below is Walmart’s catering menu:

Prices and availability may vary by location.


WalMart Trays

Slider Tray S, M, L$18, $32, $42
Sandwich Tray M, L$32, $42
Pinwheel Tray S, M$18, $24
Prima Della Meat and Cheese Tray S, M, L$18, $28, $38
Cheese Tray M, L$38, $48
Condiment Tray S, M$18, $24
Shrimp Tray S, M$38, $48
Cheese Tester Tray M, L$34, $48
Wings Tray S, M, L$24, $32, $38
Chicken Trio Tray M, L$32, $38
Sub Sandwich2 ft $18, 4 ft. $28, 6 ft. $32

Popular Catering Choices at Walmart

Walmart’s catering menu is mostly a bunch of sandwich varieties, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone loves a really good sandwich.

And it’s not like they’re serving PB&J, folks. They are serving those delicious baby shower sandwiches that I am now suddenly craving.

Most sought after catering choices are below:

Sandwich Tray $34, $42

This is your simply meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato on bread type option. Just don’t forget to buy condiments to go with it or it will feel a little dry. Oh, and chips – bring chips.

Slider Tray $18, $32, $42

Like the sandwich tray, but just on buns. Same tips apply.

Pinwheel Tray $18, $24

The pinwheel is the artisanal version of the sandwich. Monet would be impressed with this impressionistically inspired dish.

Walmart understands that it’s not just about food, but about the presentation as well. Feeding is only half the bad, and taste and music are the other. Ah the duties of being a host.

Wings Tray $24, $32, $38

I’m a huge advocate of serving wings, but hey, I’m from the South. And for me, there’s only one size to order, and that’s the LARGE order – with Blue Cheese Dressing please.

You better get ranch too.

Enjoy Walmart’s Catered Offerings

Like I said, Walmart’s list is short, simple and sweet. There’s not much to it, but it packs a big punch with what it does.