Pollo Tropical Catering Menu Prices

Find Pollo Tropical Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Pollo Tropical offers you the opportunity to build your own package or choose a la carte items, making their catering prices very customizable.

If you are having any sort of luau party or just want tropical-inspired food, Pollo Tropical can remind your guests of summer and give them a real island experience.

They offer four different catering packages, although they do differ on location. Make sure to enter in your location on the website to get the most accurate results.

Pollo Tropical will provide fresh Caribbean food for many different events. They even have a chat box when you enter the website so you can ask any questions you have.



Sweet Mango TeaGallon$4.99
Unsweet Mango TeaGallon$4.99
Sweet TeaGallon$4.99
Minute Maid LemonadeGallon$4.99
Hi-C Fruit PunchGallon$4.99

Catering Packages

All packages come in versions for 15, 25, 50 and 100 people.
Pollo Classic PackagePer Person$6.00
Tropichop BuffetPer Person$7.00
Pollo Signature PackagePer Person$8.60
Pollo Premium PackagePer Person$11.50

A La Carte Meats

Flamed-Grilled Whole Chicken1 Chicken$9.95
Flamed-Grilled Whole Chicken5 Chicken$49.75
Boneless Chicken BreastPer Patty$2.50
Boneless Chicken Breast10 Patties$25.00
Caribbean Ribs1/2 Rack$9.95
Caribbean Ribs5 Half Racks$49.50
Mojo Roast Pork4 lb$45.00
Calyspso Beef3 lb$45.00

Sandwich & Wrap Platters

Island Wrap Platter20 Wraps$75.00
Sandwich Platter20 Sandwiches$75.00
Wings25 Wings$19.00
Wings50 Wings$38.00

A La Carte Sides

White RiceServes 15$14.00
White RiceServes 25$24.00
White RiceServes 50$45.00
White RiceServes 100$80.00
Brown RiceServes 15$14.00
Brown RiceServes 25$24.00
Brown RiceServes 50$45.00
Brown RiceServes 100$80.00
Yellow Rice with VegetablesServes 15$14.00
Yellow Rice with VegetablesServes 25$24.00
Yellow Rice with VegetablesServes 50$45.00
Yellow Rice with VegetablesServes 100$80.00
Black BeansServes 15$14.00
Black BeansServes 25$24.00
Black BeansServes 50$45.00
Black BeansServes 100$80.00
Kernel CornServes 15$25.00
Kernel CornServes 25$45.00
Kernel CornServes 50$80.00
Kernel CornServes 100$150.00
Balsamic TomatoesServes 15$25.00
Balsamic TomatoesServes 25$45.00
Balsamic TomatoesServes 50$80.00
Balsamic TomatoesServes 100$150.00
Sweet PlantainsServes 15$25.00
Sweet PlantainsServes 25$45.00
Sweet PlantainsServes 50$80.00
Sweet PlantainsServes 100$150.00
Caesar SaladServes 15$25.00
Caesar SaladServes 25$45.00
Caesar SaladServes 50$80.00
Caesar SaladServes 100$150.00
House SaladServes 15$25.00
House SaladServes 25$45.00
House SaladServes 50$80.00
House SaladServes 100$150.00
Green BeansServes 15$25.00
Green BeansServes 25$45.00
Green BeansServes 50$80.00
Green BeansServes 100$150.00
Boiled Yuca with Garlic SauceServes 15$25.00
Boiled Yuca with Garlic SauceServes 25$45.00
Boiled Yuca with Garlic SauceServes 50$80.00
Boiled Yuca with Garlic SauceServes 100$150.00
Mashed Potatoes with GravyServes 15$30.00
Mashed Potatoes with GravyServes 25$50.00
Mashed Potatoes with GravyServes 50$90.00
Mashed Potatoes with GravyServes 100$175.00
Mac N CheeseServes 15$30.00
Mac N CheeseServes 25$50.00
Mac N CheeseServes 50$90.00
Mac N CheeseServes 100$175.00
Caribbean Corn SouffleServes 15$30.00
Caribbean Corn SouffleServes 25$50.00
Caribbean Corn SouffleServes 50$90.00
Caribbean Corn SouffleServes 100$175.00
Rolls1 Dozen$2.50


Fresh Salsa Sauce24 oz$3.99
Cilantro Garlic Sauce24 oz$3.99
Curry Mustard Sauce24 oz$3.99
Guava BBQ Sauce24 oz$3.99
BBQ Sauce24 oz$3.99
Spicy Poyo Poyo24 oz$3.99
Bottle of Hot Sauce$1.99
Bottle of Pineapple Rum Sauce$4.99


Guava Bar PlatterServes 15$16.00
Guava CheesecakeServes 8$16.00

Popular Catering Choices at Pollo Tropical

Pollo Tropical has made their menu very simple and easy to read so that planning is easy on you. Although there are four packages you can choose from, there are still a la carte options for you in case you want to customize your order or add on an appetizer.

Tropichop Buffet

If you are looking to provide a true island experience for your guests, this buffet option will be great. It is a create your own buffet, where you can choose “endless combinations that include a variety of our rices, citrus-marinated chicken, mojo roast pork, and mouth-watering sauces.”

Island Wraps

On the a la carte menu, you will find an Island Wrap platter that has Chicken Quesadilla wraps and Chicken Caesar Wraps. Both options have Pollo Tropical’s signature grilled chicken, and you can choose any combination of each.

Classic Package

Sometimes simple is best when it comes to serving food – and that is exactly what this package provides. It comes with fresh bone-in chicken, any variety of rice you choose, black beans, rolls, and fresh salsa.

Enjoy Pollo Tropical’s Catering Offerings

With Pollo Tropical’s online ordering system and available chat box, customers are able to complete their catering order with ease.

Building your order is easy when the options are so good. Pollo Tropical says their “days start early chopping, slicing and grilling.” The best part: you don’t have to do any of it!

Some of the catering packages can feed your guests for as little as $6 a person. Good prices and good food make it a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Pollo Tropical is happy to provide fresh-grilled Caribbean chicken for your event. As Pollo Tropical says, “Life’s better under the palm.”