On The Border Catering Menu Prices

Find On The Border Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

On the Border’s catering prices are customizable depending on your event, making their services unique and easy to work with.

On the Border can dress it up or dress it down, depending on the style of your party! They have catering specialists that can help you customize your catering options.

There is the pick up option, standard delivery, or full service catering. The full service catering even includes banquet equipment and table décor! In addition, they send a great group of staff to set up and take down the equipment.

With three different styles of catering, On the Border is ready to go. This Mexican Grill & Cantina has everything from amazing Dips & Chips to buffets of burritos.


Border Bowls Buffet

Fajita Steak$11.79
Fajita Chicken$10.19
Fajita Chicken & Steak$11.79
Grilled Shrimp$11.49
Grilled Vegetable$9.69
Grilled Portobello Mushroom$9.69

Appetizer Buffets

Create Your Own Appetizer Buffet
Choose 3 items$8.29
Choose 4 items$9.29
Choose 5 items$10.29

Grande Salads

House SaladServes 10$22.99
Confetti Rice SaladServes 20$22.99
Mango Chicken SaladServes 10$27.99
Fajita Chicken SaladServes 10$36.99
Fajita Steak SaladServes 10$39.99

Traditional Favorites

A Flair Of Mexico$10.99
Taste Of The Border$13.69
Fiesta Especial$9.29
Traditional Fiesta2 Per Person$8.99
Fiesta Favorites$11.49
Grande Traditional Fiesta$10.49
Grande Fajita Fiesta$13.69
Tour Of Mexico$13.99

Create Your Own Combo

Choose 2 Items$9.29
Choose 3 Items$10.59
Choose 4 Items$12.29

Fajita Grill

Classic FajitasLunch Portion$11.99
Classic FajitasDinner Portion$14.89
The Ultimate Fajita$15.99
Portobello Fajitas$10.99

OTB Enchilasagnas

King Ranch Casserole Meal$59.99
Cheesy Beef Enchilada Casserole Meal$69.99
Green Chile Carnitas Enchilada Casserole Meal$62.99

Value Meals

Taco Bar2 Per Person$8.79
Tex Mex Combo$8.79
Chimichanga Buffet$8.69
Burrito Buffet$8.69
Smothered Chicken Buffet4 Oz.$9.29
Al Carbon Chicken Fajitas$10.29
Al Carbon Steak Fajitas Or Combo$10.79

Fajita Wrap Platters

Chicken Platter$46.99
Chicken With Bacon & Avocado$56.99
Steak Platter$50.99
Steak With Bacon & Avocado$60.99

Border Box Lunches

Fajita Chicken WrapWhole$7.99
Fajita Steak WrapWhole$9.89
Fajita Veggie WrapWhole$7.69
Fajita Chicken Wrap & Salad ComboHalf$7.69
Fajita Steak Wrap & Salad ComboHalf$8.69
Fajita Veggie Wrap & Salad ComboHalf$6.79

Burrito Box Lunches

Sautéed Vegetables$7.99
Shredded Beef$8.99
Portobello Mushrooms$8.99

Great Add Ons

SalsaPer Quart$5.99
Original QuestPer Quart$16.99
GuacamolePer Quart$18.99
5 Layer Dip & ChipsServes 20$37.99
OTB Layered Dip & ChipsServes 20$44.99
Firecracker Stuffed Jalapenos$21.99
Spicy Chicken Wings$9.99
Spinach & Mushroom Enchiladas$23.99
Brisket Mini Burritos$29.99
Chicken Mini FlautasPer Dozen$24.99
Mexican RicePer Quart$5.99
Refried BeansPer Quart$5.99
Black BeansPer Quart$5.99

Mini Chimichangas

Seasoned Ground BeefPer Dozen$24.99
Chicken TingaPer Dozen$24.99
Spinach & MushroomPer Dozen$22.99
Black Bean & Corn SalsaPer Dozen$22.99

Mini Quesadillas

SteakPer Dozen$28.99
BrisketPer Dozen$27.99
ChickenPer Dozen$24.99
Spinach & MushroomPer Dozen$20.99


SopapillasPer Dozen$12.99
Mini Sopapilla Platter48 Pc.$12.99
Chocolate & Walnut BrowniesPer Dozen$22.99
Assorted Dessert BarsPer Dozen$23.99
Assorted Dessert Platter24 Pc.$37.99


Fresh Brewed Iced TeaPer Person$1.69
Flavored Iced TeaPer Person$1.99
LemonadePer Person$1.79
Strawberry LemonadePer Person$1.99
Bottle WaterEach Person$2.49
CokePer Case$29.99
DietPer Case$29.99
SpritePer Case$29.99

Popular Catering Choices at On the Border

Whatever Mexican food you could possibly crave, On the Border probably has it as a catering option. They are able to accommodate family gatherings, or larger events.

They often offer fun seasonal specials. For example, around Halloween they sell “Mini BOO-ritos.”

Border Bowl Buffet

This is a great option if you want to give your guests the opportunity to build their own bowl with things they like. The buffet includes “your choice of protein, cilantro lime rice, black beans, bell peppers, queso fresco, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole, chips and salsa.”

Combo Supremo

The Combo Supremo is one of the Party Platters. Party Platters come with a variety of samplers, which can serve as a great appetizer. If none of the platters have exactly what you want, you can customize your platter.

The Combo Supremo serves 6-8 people and includes Texas wings, beef or chicken empanadas, firecracker stuffed jalapenos, mini-chicken quesadillas, ranch, and queso. That definitely is a supreme platter!

Dips & Chips

If you are going to serve Mexican food at your event, you cannot forget the dips & chips! On the Border offers fresh guacamole, queso with your choice of mix ins, 5-layer dip, salsa, pico, and chips of course.

Enjoy On the Border’s Catering Offerings

If you have any questions regarding On the Border’s catering services, they have catering specialists that can help you determine what is best for your event. They also have allergen information and alternate menus on their site if needed.