Au Bon Pain Catering Menu Prices

Find Au Bon Pain Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Au Bon Pain has a great assortment of catering staples like sandwiches and wraps, but they don’t stop at a simple Turkey Club. They carry a wide variety of options in each of their categories.

Along with breakfast and lunch, Au Bon Pain offers party platters that serve up to eight people, which may be preferable for those that like to choose what goes on their plate.

Have fun with their unique snack and meal boxes! Made from perfect portions of healthy snacks, they range from “simple-yum” like Cheese and Fruit to “flavor-wow” like Southwest Chicken. These bring out the inner kid that remembers packed lunches, but brings it up to a gourmet level.

Of course, what would a catering menu be without dessert? Au Bon pain has you covered with cookies, cupcakes, and gluten free options. See the menu below:



Fall Pastry PlatterServes 8$25.00
Pumpkin Pie Bon TartEach$3.25
Pumpkin CroissantEach$3.00
Cranberry Orange MuffinEach$3.00
Apple DanishEach$3.00

Breakfast Sandwiches

Signature Farmhouse Omelet Breakfast SandwichEach$4.25


Butternut Squash & AppleServes 8$29.99
Turkey, Kale & Wild RiceServes 9$29.90


Mediterranean Chicken & Taboule SaladServes 5-8$44.99
Mediterranean Chicken & Taboule SaladEach$10.75


Greek Vanilla Yogurt & Strawberry ParfaitEach$3.99


Beverage Service

Freshly Brewed10 cups$17.50
Hot Chocolate$15.99
Florida Orange JuiceServes 5$6.99
Individual Bottled BeveragesEach$2.49
Farm-To-Table Breakfast SandwichesEach$4.25
Savory Warm CroissantsEach$4.25
Fresh Fruit PlatterServes 5-8$22.49
Low-Fat Blueberry Yogurt With Wild BlueberriesEach$2.99
Non-Fat Greek Vanilla Yogurt With BlueberriesEach$3.99


ABP Morning Pastry PlatterPer Person$3.00
Bagels & SpreadsPer Person$3.00
ABP Deluxe BreakfastPer Person$12.35
ABP Classic BreakfastPer Person$7.99
Smoked Salmon & Bagel Breakfast ServicesServes 5$29.99
Oatmeal BarServes 8$25.99
ABP Signatures Mini Breakfast PastriesEach$3.25

Lunch Packages

ABP Boardroom LunchPer Person$23.50
Deluxe LunchPer Person$17.65
Classic LunchPer Person$11.45
ABP Signature Sandwich TrayPer Person$7.99

Boxed Lunches

Sandwich Lunch BoxPer Person$10.75
Salad Lunch BoxPer Person$10.75

Party Platters

ABP Signature Roasted Veggie & Hummus PlatterServes 8$26.99
Assorted Finger SandwichesServes 8$31.99
Fresh Fruit & Cheese TrayServes 8$38.99
Create Your Own Sandwich PlatterServes 9$41.25

Signature Sandwiches

Turkey ClubPer Person$7.79
Two Tomato CapresePer Person$7.79
Chipotle Black Bean Burger With AvocadoPer Person$7.79
Chipotle Turkey & AvocadoPer Person$7.79
Chicken & AvocadoPer Person$7.79
Turkey & SwissPer Person$7.79
Tuna SaladPer Person$7.79
Black Angus Roast Beef & CheddarPer Person$7.79
Black Forest Ham & 2 CheesePer Person$7.79


Garden & AvocadoPer Person$7.79
Thai Peanut ChickenPer Person$7.79
Harvest TurkeyPer Person$7.79
Chicken CaesarPer Person$7.79
Veggie & HummusPer Person$7.79
Napa Chicken With AvocadoPer Person$7.79

Entrée Salads

Harvest TurkeyServes 8$44.99
Chefs SaladServes 8$43.99
Garden SaladServes 8$30.99
Caesar Asiago VegetarianServes 8$30.99
Caesar Asiago ChickenServes 8$41.99
Vegetarian Deluxe SaladServes 8$44.99
Chicken Cobb With Avocado SaladServes 8$44.99
Thai Peanut Chicken SaladServes 8$44.99
Southwest Chicken SaladServes 8$44.99

Side Salads

Mediterranean Pasta SaladServes 5$16.25
CapreseServes 5$16.25
Cucumber & TomatoServes 5$16.25
Roasted AsparagusServes 5$20.99
Fresh Fruit PlatterServes 5$22.49
Bread BasketServes 5$6.99


Specialty SoupServes 8$34.99
SoupServes 8$29.99

Bon To Go - Snack And Meal Boxes

Cheese & Fruit$5.59
Fruit, Eggs & Nuts$6.99
Egg, Veggie & Cheese$5.99
Hummus & Pretzel Crisps$5.59
Hummus, Veggie & Taboule$6.99
Smoked Salmon$6.29
Turkey & Swiss$7.29
Southwest Chicken$7.29
Caprese Chicken$7.29
Herb Chicken Salad Sandwich$7.29

Sweet Endings

ABP Sweet BitesServes 10$14.95
Cookie CollectionPer Person$1.99
Mini Cookie AssortmentServes 12$15.99
Create Your Own Dessert AssortmentPer Person$3.25
Cupcake Platter (3 Of Each Flavor)6$16.50
Cupcake Platter (6 Of Each Flavor)12$33.00
Fresh Fruit PlatterServes 8$22.49
Fresh Fruit & Cheese TrayServes 8$38.99
Cashew & Almond BowlServes 4-8$6.50


Chilled Beverages$2.49
Lemonade Or Sweet Peach Tea By The QuartServes 3-4$5.99
Soft Drinks20 oz$1.99
Poland Spring/Ice Mountain Water16.9 oz$1.99

Popular Catering Choices at Au Bon Pain

Breakfast and lunch are both popular for Au Bon Pain, and while sandwiches seem a casual affair, the many filling choices like the Tomato Caprese with Chicken and the Chipotle Black Bean Burger make it work for dinner functions as well.

Some work meetings have found the Sweet Bites or Cookie Collection to be the perfect cure for an afternoon slump. Brighten up your occasion with their most popular items.

Fruit Parfaits

Instead of a heavy meal of meat and sweetbreads, parfaits can provide a sweet, satisfying breakfast. Choose from vanilla or blueberry yogurt. Blueberries and granola top it off. The parfaits come in individualized containers, too, so it’s easy to serve and easy to eat.

Cheese Tray

Who can resist a good cheese tray? Au Bon Pain knows that not many people can! Their fruit and cheese platter includes seasonal fruit and crackers and baguettes. You might find yourself going back for seconds.

Harvest Turkey Salad

A major concern with salad is that it can be boring, but not at Au Bon Pain! Rather than digging to the bottom to find a few cheese crumbles, all their salads are topped with add-ons that you can actually see and taste, like the cranberries, grapes, apples, walnuts, and goat cheese in this harvest salad.

Enjoy Au Bon Pain’s Catering Offerings

Au Bon Pain offers just the right amount of tried and true classics mixed with tantalizing new options to keep everyone interested. They have a seasonal menu, too. For autumn, try a pumpkin filled croissant to satisfy your pumpkin cravings.

And while they have a lot to choose from, don’t forget that sometimes a simple salad or a turkey club sandwich is all your event needs.