Cinnabon Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Cinnabon Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Back in 1985, the father and son duo behind the iconic sweet treat that would come to be known as Cinnabon had a feeling they had a hit on their hands. After opening the first Cinnabon bakery store in the SeaTac Mall in Seattle, Washington, their suspicions were confirmed. Folks simply couldn’t get enough of the original Cinnabon cinnamon roll, and it would quickly become the stuff of legends.

Fast forward to today, and there are more than 1,200 locations operating in 48 countries. Anytime is a great time to stop in and grab one of their delectable treats, but there’s something extra special about beginning your day with a trip to these welcoming shops. Hours vary by location, but many open up as early as 6 am.

Cinnabon’s Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Sunday – Saturday: 6 AM – 11 AM

Cinnabon’s Breakfast Menu Items

If you’re heading to Cinnabon, there’s a good chance that you have your heart set on one of their delicious signature cinnamon rolls. You’ll certainly be in luck when you stroll on in and head up to the counter. Do you want the Cinnabon Classic Roll you’ve been craving? Will today be the day you go all in on the Center of the Roll?

Decisions, decisions – and you didn’t even get to your beverage just yet. While your morning beverage of choice will go great, there’s also Chillattas and iced beverages for those that want to mix things up.

  • Cinnabon Classic Roll: $3.76
  • Caramel Pecanbon Roll: $4.71
  • Center of the Roll: $3.30
  • MiniBon: $2.83
  • Cinnabon Stix: 5 pc. $3.29 , 10 pc. $5.49
  • CinnaSweeties: 5 pc. $2.49 , 10 pc. $3.99
  • Cinnabon Bites: 4 pc. $3.29
  • Churro: $2.36
  • Chillattas: Reg. $4.71 , Lge. $5.65
  • MochaLatta Chill: Reg. $4.71 , Lge. $5.65
  • Cinnamon Roll Iced Coffee: Reg. $2.99 , Lge. $3.58
  • Vanilla Iced Coffee: Reg. $2.99 , Lge. $3.58
  • Cinnabon Signature Coffee: Reg. $1.65 , Lge. $1.88
  • Hot Tea: $1.69
  • Hot Chocolate: $2.36
  • Juice: $2.36
  • Water: $1.79
  • Milk: $1,89
  • Chocolate Milk: $1.89
  • Soft Drink: $1.79
  • Lemonade: Reg. $2.36 , Lge. $2.83
  • Raspberry Lemonade: Reg. $3.30 , Lge. $3.77

Cinnabon’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Cinnabon Classic Roll: The original that started it all. Warm dough and delicious makara cinnamon, all topped off with that ooey gooey rich cream cheese frosting that keeps folks coming back again and again.

Caramel PecanBon: For those that just love to kick things up a notch, this one will be right up your alley. A Cinnabon Classic Roll topped off with caramel and pecans. Think classic with a caramel twist, and you’ll surely be coming back for more.

Center of the Roll: For many Cinnabon fans, the center of the roll is the absolute highlight. This treat features bite-sized pieces of that dough and cinnamon we all love, all topped off with rich frosting and served in a container for convenience.

CinnaPacks: Want to take your CinnaBon treats and run? You’re in luck, as pre-packaged treats in large and small sizes will be waiting for you to grab and go. Choices include Classic Rolls, Caramel PecanBons, and MiniBon Rolls.

Chillattas: Soon to be your favorite chilled blended beverage, Chillattas are served in choice of regular or large sizes. The creamy blended treats come in flavors of Cinnamon Roll Coffee, Chocolate Mocha, Oreo, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana or Tropical Blast.