Subway Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Subway Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

From ham and cheese sandwiches to towering meatball and onion creations, Subway is renown for its sandwiches and its permission to allow the customer to create anything they’d like. While the menu items aren’t exactly the same, fans can substitute items and pair what they’d like.

Subway is the go-to lunch place with their $5 foot-long deals but will soon become your favorite breakfast spot. Here’s all you need to know about their bacon-sizzling, savory egg-filled sandwiches.

Subway Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Monday – Friday : 7 AM – 11 AM
  • Saturday : 8 AM – 11 AM
  • Sunday : 9 AM – 11 AM

Subway Breakfast Menu Items

While it’s not the most expansive menu, Subway’s menu offers a different take on breakfast. Those who are looking for something new and different with the option to fill in their special choices, Subway breakfast can brighten anyone’s day.

Pros to the Subway breakfast menu include 7-day availability and one of the latest ending times by about a half-hour. Those with early lunch times may even make it in time for breakfast! Every selection comes in a muffin, 3”, 6”, and foot-long option.

  • Bacon, Egg, & Cheese: $2.25/$2.25/$3.50/$5.50
  • Black Forest Ham, Egg, & Cheese: $2.25/$2.25/$3.50/$5.50
  • Egg & Cheese: $2.25/$2.25/$3.50/$5.00
  • Steak, Egg White, & Cheese: $2.50/$2.50/$3.75/$6.00
  • Breakfast B.M.T. Melt: $2.50/$2.50/$3.75/$6.00
  • Sunrise Subway Melt: $2.50/$2.50/$3.75/$6.00

Subway’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Black Forest Ham, Egg, & Cheese :  This savory breakfast sandwich allows for an addition of toasty veggies and is a popular favorite among those taking a health initiative. As a Fresh Fit breakfast sandwich, fans can enjoy a tasty breakfast sandwich while not worrying about too many calories.

Steak, Egg White, & Cheese : A hearty option that is sure to fill your stomach at any time of day, Subway’s Steak Egg White, & Cheese is most popular on a muffin. Those looking for their sandwich to last throughout the day can order a foot-long with an option for toasting.

Breakfast B.M.T. Melt : Best served toasted, the Breakfast B.M.T. features all the favorite meats of Subway – Black Forest ham, salami, and pepperoni. Smokey aromas with tomatoes are sure to wake anyone up and is tasty on both the muffin and flatbread option.

Sunrise Subway Melt  : Equivalent to the bacon, egg, and cheese, the flatbread makes all the difference in this sandwich. The Sunrise Subway Melt could wake anyone up with its layers of onions and green vegetables. Wrapped in cheese and tomatoes, this melt is a great way to start the day.