IKEA Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time IKEA Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

This Swedish company has become so popular, the number one baby name in Sweden is Ikea. Primarily a furniture manufacturer, Ikea’s large warehouse space has enough room for an in-house cafeteria.

Along with the cafeteria, customers on the first floor are greeted with rows of Swedish delicacies like that of a supermarket.

IKEA Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Sunday – Saturday: 9:30 AM – 11 AM

IKEA Breakfast Menu Items

Combining the love of interior design and food, fans can get the taste of Sweden and furnish their homes at the same time!

Also known for their native Swedish furniture names, their food is also in Swedish as well. Breakfast items have been translated for the sake of easy reading. Ikea’s restaurant and bistro is also cafeteria style with a menu and prices that vary by location.

  • Eggs, Turkey Sausage, & Breakfast Potatoes: $1.00
  • Muesli with Berries: $4.99
  • Frozen, Soft Wheat Bread: $1.99
  • Frozen, Soft Thin Bread: $1.99
  • Multigrain Crispbread: $2.99
  • Rye Crispbread: $2.99
  • Rye & Bran Crispbread: $5.99
  • Blue Cheese: $3.99
  • Semi-Hard Cheese: $6.99
  • Whole Grain Crisprolls: $2.99
  • Cardamom Crisprolls: $2.99
  • Big Breakfast: $1.99
  • Breakfast Plate: $0.99
  • Gravad Lax with Bagel: $1.29
  • Gravad Lax with Rye Crispbread: $1.99
  • Regular Breakfast: $1.99
  • Swedish American Breakfast: $2.99
  • Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberry Jam: $2.29
  • Assorted Muffins: $1.29
  • Swedish Pancakes: $1.99

IKEA’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Eggs, Turkey Sausage, & Breakfast Potatoes: As one of the most complete breakfast items on the menu, for $1 customers can get a full plate of breakfast that would cost over $10 anywhere else.

Big Breakfast: For only $1 more, customers can get even more on their plate for breakfast. With an option for toast and bagels, along with a stack of pancakes, fans can fill their stomach for pocket change.

Assorted Muffins: A simpler item on the menu, muffins are available in a variety of flavors depending on the location but are baked fresh every morning regardless of the store.

Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberry Jam: With a stack of pancakes, fans get to taste a Swedish delicacy of lingonberry jam. With an added sweetness from the jam, customers also have the opportunity to buy a jar in the Swedish market.