Jason's Deli Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Jason's Deli Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Jason’s Deli is a café-style, fast-food restaurant that specializes in soups, salads and, sandwiches. They are a very popular place at lunchtime and can usually be found packed full of people. Their healthier options allow people to grab a quick and nutritious meal.

What many don’t know, is that they also provide a number of breakfast options through their catering services. They can’t be bought one at a time, but these items are perfect for outings, meetings, and early morning sports events.

Jason’s Deli’s Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Sunday – Saturday: 9 AM – 9 PM
  • Note: Orders can be placed anytime during the day and picked up the following morning.

Jason’s Deli’s Breakfast Menu Items

From sandwiches to wraps, Jason’s Deli has your next morning event covered! The same great quality that they strive for in their daily service is multiplied by the extra time they have to cater. Give them a day’s notice and they’ll have it ready for pickup at a scheduled time.

Since you are buying a large number of meals, the prices remain relatively cheap! You can get the food for your next meeting or event taken care of with no worries.

In order to receive catering service, you must buy a minimum of 8 of an item.

  • Bakery Shop Package with Fresh Fruit: $5.59
  • Sunshine Hot Breakfast Sandwiches: $4.99
  • Sunshine Hot Breakfast Package with Fresh Fruit: $6.99
  • Sunshine Hot Breakfast Package with Coffee: $5.99
  • Hot Wrap Breakfast Package with Fresh Fruit: $6.99
  • Hot Wrap Breakfast Package: $4.99
  • Coffee Cake Sampler Tray: $3.29
  • Coffee Cake Sampler Package with Fresh Fruit: $4.99
  • Fresh Fruit Tray (no need to buy 8): $80.00

Jason’s Deli’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Coffee Cake Sampler Tray: The coffee cake sampler tray provides a sweet option for your next morning party or meeting. This is one of the cheaper and more popular items for catering and is freshly made in their bakery each morning.

Fresh Fruit Tray: For many, fresh fruit is a must in the mornings. It provides both a healthy meal and a burst of sugar and energy to get the day going. Your body and your doctor will thank you for choosing this great option.

Hot Wrap Breakfast Package: As one of the mid-range catering options, the hot wrap package is a great way to start your day off with some protein. Tortillas filled with eggs, meat, and peppers, help you have a flavorful event at breakfast time.

Sunshine Hot Breakfast Sandwich: Also one of the items in the middle of the price range at Jason’s Deli, the Sunshine Hot Sandwiches are an option you can customize. You can choose between a mixture of egg and sausage or bacon sandwiches to ensure that everyone at your event or meeting gets a breakfast to satisfy their cravings.