Pizza Ranch Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Pizza Ranch Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Pizza Ranch was founded in 1981 and is considered a fast casual restaurant chain. Obviously, pizza is the main staple in the restaurant but they also serve pizza, chicken, and a salad bar. There is also a pizza and chicken buffet. There are over 200 Pizza Ranch locations across the United States.

Some of the most popular menu items include the buffet, the Crispy Ranch pizza, signature pizza pies, and dessert pizzas. The menu is so large it’s almost hard to choose what to order!

Pizza Ranch’s Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 AM- 11 AM

*Possible breakfast hours

Pizza Ranch’s Breakfast Menu Items

A Saturday and Sunday breakfast menu would really compliment the rest of the Pizza Ranch menu by incorporating their buffet, chicken, and pizza. Breakfast pizzas with various meats such as chicken, bacon, and sausage would pair well with some of their delicious toppings and scrambled eggs. A vegetarian breakfast pizza can spice things up with herbs, scrambled eggs, and fresh vegetables.

For a sweeter touch on breakfast, Pizza Ranch could use their dough to make cinnamon rolls with a glaze and also sweet rolls that can be filled with jelly or fruit and mixed nuts.

  • Breakfast Pizza
  • Chicken Breakfast Pizza
  • Veggie Breakfast Pizza
  • Bacon Breakfast Pizza
  • Sausage Breakfast Pizza
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Fruit and mixed nut sweet rolls
  • Sweet rolls with jelly
  • Sweet rolls with chocolate filling

Pizza Ranch’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Breakfast Pizza: This breakfast dish would be lightly drizzled with ranch with light marinara, fluffy eggs, mozzarella, bacon, sausage, and Canadian bacon. Additional toppings could be added but it is mainly for the meat lovers!

Veggie Breakfast Pizza: The breakfast would be olive oil based fluffy eggs, parmesan, cheddar, bell peppers, and grilled onions.

Chicken Breakfast Pizza: This pizza is a little more simple. It focuses on the chicken, mozzarella cheese, and eggs.Add a side of ranch!

Bacon Breakfast Pizza: Bacon is always great for breakfast, so a breakfast pizza would be go so well with crumbled bacon, a blend of cheeses, and eggs.

Sausage Breakfast Pizza: This pizza would work well with a light marinara base, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, a blend of herbs, sausage, and fluffy eggs.

Cinnamon Rolls: Pizza Ranch could use their great dough for the pizza and dessert pizzas and make a fabulous sweet, gooey, cinnamon roll.

Fruit and mixed nut sweet rolls:These can be made in house with the dough and served as a sweet and savory breakfast item!

Sweet rolls with jelly: Filling a sweet roll with anything would be tasty but with grape or strawberry jelly it just adds to the breakfast goodness!

Sweet rolls with chocolate filling: It speaks for itself! Because Pizza Ranch makes such great dessert items they could definitely incorporate something like this into a breakfast dish.