Sbarro Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Sbarro Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

There should be no shame in wanting to eat pizza for the first meal of your day. Most Sbarro locations are open at the perfect time to sit down for a nice, substantial breakfast in the late morning. Although none of the foods on the menu are explicitly intended to be served up for breakfast, Sbarro’s menu full of Italian classics makes each location for a fantastic spot for an unconventional and delicious morning meal.

You’re a grown up now. Pizza for breakfast is an option, whenever you want. Besides pizza, Sbarro also serves stromboli, pasta, breadsticks, and salad. Why not treat yourself to a breakfast that is unique, filling, and totally satisfying? If you are looking to try something a little different to start your day, deciding on Sbarro for breakfast is a choice that you will not regret.

Sbarro’s Breakfast Hours & Days

Hours differ by location, but most Sbarro’s work on a schedule roughly akin to this.

  • Daily: 10 AM – 10 PM

Sbarro’s Breakfast Menu Items

When you take a look at the menu, there is nothing at Sbarro which necessarily seems like an obvious choice for breakfast. Still, most chains are open during breakfast hours, and in many cases, these early hours will grant the best access to eating Sbarro favorites at their freshest. If you’re a fan of Sbarro’s delicious Italian food, why not treat yourself to a lovely late breakfast?

Pizza, pasta, or a ‘special’ (such as stromboli) often come with breadsticks or salad on the side for a hearty, sturdy morning meal. The prices are ideal and the food is undoubtably delicious!

  • Slice of Pizza: $3.29-$3.99
  • Stuffed Slice: $4.59
  • Stromboli: $4.89
  • Spaghetti with Sauce: $4.79
  • Baked Ziti: $5.99
  • Meatballs & Spaghetti: $6.99
  • Chicken Parmesan: $7.89

Sbarro’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Stromboli: Stromboli is a dish that many recognize by relating it to its cousin food: the calzone. Sbarro’s stromboli has gained a reputation for being fantastic. Sbarro stuffs each with all sorts of flavorful Italian meats and freshly cooked vegetables.

Pizza: If you’re craving pizza, there is no use denying yourself Sbarro’s most famous dish. Whether stuffed or not, a slice of Sbarro pizza will never disappoint. Consider getting a combo– add a salad, breadsticks, and a drink for a reasonable cost. Sbarro serves up cheese, pepperoni, sausage, or ‘premium’ slices.

Spaghetti with Sauce: Sbarro knocks it out of the park with their simple and compelling take on this Italian classic. Spaghetti is by no means a common breakfast choice, but why not try it out?

Chicken Parmesan: Another example of a reasonably priced version of an Italian delicacy, Sbarro’s chicken parmesan pasta is undeniably delicious.