Taco Casa Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Taco Casa Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

Taco Casa has carved a niche in American fast food by making fantastic tacos and other Tex-Mex classics. At Taco Casa, the tacos are indeed a signature item, but big flavorful burritos, nacho platters bursting with variety, and other Tex Mex classics are also available. In general, the prices here are fantastic, and there is going to be something for almost anybody- the menu is just that wide-ranging.

Is Taco Casa specifically catering to the breakfast crowd? Not necessarily, but that does not mean that your local Taco Casa isn’t a great place to start your day. Typically opening at the peak of late breakfast hours, all sorts of Taco Casa dishes make for an excellent breakfast.

Taco Casa’s Breakfast Hours & Days

Hours differ by location.

  • Sunday – Thursday: 10 AM – 11 PM
  • Friday – Saturday: 10 AM – 12AM

Taco Casa’s Breakfast Menu Items

Tacos, tostadas, nachos, burritos, and even salads– Taco Casa has a wide range of excellent options for any meal of the day. Without an explicit breakfast menu, most Taco Casa locations are open from 10 AM and onward. If you are looking to eat something a little different than usual for the first meal of your day, Taco Casa offers delicious Mexican food at an affordable price.

Taco Casa does not serve any foods that are specifically intended to be breakfast dishes, but their entire menu is available for orders from the time they are open in the morning.

  • Super Burrito: $3.09
  • Super Salad: $6.39
  • Chilada: $3.29
  • Super Tostada: $2.59
  • Super Taco: $2.99
  • Super Nachos: $6.39
  • Taco Lite: $2.99
  • Taco: $1.59
  • Chili Burger: $1.59
  • Combination Burrito: $2.69
  • Meat Burrito: $3.19

Taco Casa’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Super Burrito: With your choice of meat protein, the Super Burrito is full of delicious vegetables, rice, vegetables, and all of your standard burrito fillings. However, at Taco Casa, the burrito is prepared with perfect consistency. Yum! A great dish to base a breakfast around!

Super Salad: Taco Casa’s Super Salad is served in an edible shell bowl, and full of cheese, beef, olives, tomatoes, and all sorts of delicious flavors. Eating one of these wholesome bowls is a substantial start to the day!

Super Tostada: Piled high with meat, beans, olives, sour cream, salsa, lettuce, and more, the Super Tostada is filling, tasty, and incredibly affordable! This tostada will allow you to start your day off right, and won’t leave you wanting more!

Super Nachos: Why not treat yourself to a different kind of breakfast? Nachos in the morning may seem a little odd– the taste sure doesn’t get worse, though! These marvelous nachos are filled to the brim with all the veggies and taco additions on the menu.