Wagamama Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices

Find What Time Wagamama Serves Breakfast & The Most Popular Breakfast Items

While not available at all locations, Wagamama does provide an extensive breakfast menu. It is mainly offered at airports with a Wagamama restaurant and is the perfect way to fuel a long day of travel. Their delicious delicious breakfast items will satisfy your cravings.

Since 1992, Wagamama has been perfecting their menu and learning how to give customers what they want. Their tried and true breakfast menu is evidence of that work along with the convenience of sitting down and eating or taking items to go!

Wagamama’s Breakfast Hours & Days

  • Sunday – Saturday: 4:30 AM – 11 AM
  • Note: Breakfast is offered at Wagamama’s airport locations.

Wagamama’s Breakfast Menu Items

Since you never know when you’re going to next find yourself in an airport, Wagamama has hours early into the morning and provides options that could be great as your first or last meal of the day! You can sit down and have some filling egg and sausage dishes or just grab a yogurt parfait on your way to the gate.

There are plenty of unique breakfast items like smoked haddock, as well as classic favorites like pancakes. Check out the menu below to see what you could get on your next visit.

  • Kedgeree: $8.50
  • Sausage Katsu Stack: $6.50
  • Eggs Benedict: $8.95
  • Eggs Royale: $9.50
  • Eggs Florentine: $8.50
  • Okonomiyaki: $7.95
  • Yasai Okonomiyaki: $6.95
  • Apple and Goji Pancakes: $5.95
  • Coconut Porridge: $4.95
  • Fruit and Yoghurt Bowl: $4.95
  • Crunchy Granola Bowl: $4.95
  • Avocado on Toast: $7.25
  • Roti Breakfast Wraps: $4.95
  • The English Breakfast: $9.75
  • Sausage: $2
  • Bacon: $2
  • Grilled Tomato: $1

Wagamama’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Okonomiyaki: A Japanese take on the omelette, this dish is filled with bacon, chicken, prawns, mushrooms, red cabbage, and leek. It is a great item if you would like something familiar but with a twist. It is also a mid-range priced item.

Kedgeree: One of the more expensive items on the breakfast menu, this is smoked haddock, onions, sticky white rice, curry, and a soft poached egg. It is a little different than you are probably use to, but it is worth a try.

The English Breakfast: Probably the most expensive menu item, this entree has breakfast meats, eggs, sweet potato, mushrooms and more. You certainly will not go hungry after eating this meal.

Fruit and Yoghurt Bowl: If you would like something cheap and light, then this is perfect for you. It is full of fruits like pineapple, blueberries, and lime, all mixed with a creamy yogurt.