Arby's Catering Menu Prices

Find Arby's Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

Arby’s Catering Menu Prices are the perfect solution if you’re looking for a meal that will serve an office or family event at a reasonable value. This restaurant has been providing some of the most popular meats and sandwiches in the industry, and are well-known for their specialty, house roast beef. Their menu doesn’t end there though. There is something for just about everyone to be found on the Arby’s menu, making it a perfect catering option.

Check out their full catering menu below:


Arby's Meats

Roast BeefServes 6$9.99
Chicken Tender Party Pack25 pc$20.00
Deli Meat PlatterServes 16$32.00
Deli Meat & Cheese PlatterServes 16$38.00

Market Fresh Sandwiches

Market Fresh Sandwiches6 pc$29.00

Market Fresh Farmhouse Salad Platters

Farmhouse Turkey & Ham SaladServes 8$20.00
Family SaladServes 8$12.00


Sesame Bun12 pc$4.00
Slider Bun12 pc$3.50
Onoin Bun12 pc$6.00
Sub Roll12 pc$6.00
Star Top12 pc$6.00
Harvest Wheat12 pc$6.00
Market Fresh Bread12 pc$6.00


Ghirardelli Cookies (Salted Caramel & Chocolate Chip)12 pc$18.00
Ghirardelli Cookies (Triple Chocolate)12 pc$18.00
Ghirardelli Cookies (Mix of Both)12 pc$18.00
Turnovers (Apple)12 pc$12.00
Turnovers (Cherry)12 pc$12.00
Turnovers (Mix of Apple & Cherry)12 pc$12.00

Market Fresh Boxed Meals

Roast Turkey & Swissfor 1$7.00
Pit Smoked Ham & Swissfor 1$7.00
Roast Beef & Swissfor 1$7.00

Popular Catering Choices at Arby’s

The most popular items on their catering menu mirror many of their options on their primary menu, including roast beef (available by the pound), a chicken tender party pack, and a deli meat platter to serve to your attendees. You can also have plates of sandwiches prepared and waiting for them, or provide all the makings for a salad and sandwich and let them assemble them themselves. Don’t fret over dessert! Arby’s range of cookies and turnovers will ensure there is something sweet at the end of the meal for your guests.

Below you’ll find some of their most popular catering options:

Roast Beef By The Pound

Roast beef is one of the things that Arby is known for, and having an event catered by Arby’s without ordering any roast beef is unheard of. Arby’s provides their roast beef by the pound, with a minimum order of 5 pounds of roast beef for any given request. This is enough meat to provide your guests with all the roast beef their heart’s desire.

Get yours for $9.99 a pound, with a five-pound minimum

Chicken Tender Party Pack

Arby’s tender chicken and delicious breading come together to create an incredible chicken tender that you can’t get enough of. These party packs come in boxes of 25 each and are one of their most popular offerings, especially with a side of their sauces. Your guests are sure to enjoy this, especially your younger ones. Be sure to get enough for everyone.

Get yours for $20.00 for each order of twenty-five

Market Fresh Turkey & Swiss

Their sandwiches are undoubtedly their most popular offering, and ordering a plate of them makes for an easily accessible, quickly distributed meal item for your guests. They come with the full range of toppings including tomatoes and lettuce, along with Swiss Cheese and layers of sliced turkey. These sandwiches are a classic option, and can also be ordered with ham or roast beef if you prefer.

Get enough to serve six to eight for $29.00

Turnovers with Mix of Apple & Cherry

Turnovers are a very popular dessert item, made with a delicious fruity filling, fluffy puff pastry dough, and a creamy frosting topping that brings it all together into the perfect dessert. These items are great warm and cold, so they make an ideal catering item that your guests will crow for years to come. Get your turnovers by the dozen in either apple, cherry, or a mix of both.

Get yours for $12.00 a dozen

Enjoy Arby’s Catering Offering

Arby’s was created in 1964 by two brothers, Leroy and Forrest Raffel, who were owners of a restaurant equipment business at the time. They were tired of seeing the world of fast food dominated by places that only provided hamburgers, and sought to change the game by bringing something new to the menu. Initially wanting to use the name “Big Tex” they settled on Arby’s, a play on the acronym for Raffel Brothers.

They started off with a dual mission, to attract a more upscale clientele and offer a better fast food than their competitors at the time. They began with a limited menu but began expanding that menu in the 70’s, during which they developed some of the most iconic items on their menu. They now own over 3,000 Arby’s locations throughout the world.

Their catering menu is perfect for you to enjoy at every event you hold.