Auntie Anne's Catering Menu Prices

Find Auntie Anne's Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

If you’re planning a family event or trying to put together a reward for your employees at the office, it’s time to check out the Auntie Anne’s Catering Menu. This restaurant got its start in Middletown, PA at a Saturday Market and quickly became a popular item among locals. As one of the few pretzel specialty stores out there, you’ll have the opportunity to provide a delicious and unique experience that will leave your guests raving about their new favorite pretzel.

Check out their full catering menu below:



Pretzel PackageSmall (Serves 12)$29.99
Pretzel PackageMedium (Serves 25)$45.99
Pretzel PackageLarge (Serves 50)$99.99
Pretzel PackageExtra Large (Serves 100)$159.99
Pretzel NuggetsSmall (Serves 18)$17.50
Pretzel NuggetsLarge (Serves 32)$31.50
Pretzel Dog PackageSmall (Serves 12)$34.99
Pretzel Dog PackageLarge (Serves 25)$65.99
Mini Pretzel DogsSmall (Serves 22)$42.00
Mini Pretzel DogsLarge (Serves 30)$56.00


Sweet Mustard DipPer Person$0.50
Cheese DipPer Person$0.50
Sweet Glaze DipPer Person$0.50
Melted Cheese DipPer Person$0.50
Light Cream Cheese DipPer Person$0.50
Caramel DipPer Person$0.50
Hot Salsa Cheese DipPer Person$0.50
Marinara DipPer Person$0.50

Popular Catering Choices at Auntie Anne’s

Any event catered by Auntie Anne’s starts with abundant packages of pretzels, available in sizes that will serve groups ranging in size from 12 to 100. Whether you go with the full pretzels or the favorites, full or mini pretzel dogs, your guests are going to love them.

Of course, no offering of pretzels is complete without a selection from their sides menu, and Auntie Anne’s doesn’t shirk on their selections in this area. You’ll find Sweet Mustard, Cheese, Light Cream Cheese, and more all in one place.

Here’s a few of their most popular menu items, with a twist!

Pretzel Nuggets

Whether you’re wanting easy traditional pretzel bites doused in salt to serve to your guests or looking for a sweet surprise in their cinnamon-sugar blend, these pretzel nuggets are probably the perfect compliment to a meal that we’ve ever seen. Serve it up with light cream cheese dip for the cinnamon sugar or their cheese dip for the traditional.

Order 18 for $17.50, or 32 for $31.50

Raisin Soft Pretzels

There are two flavors that most people associate with pretzels, warm fresh dough, and salt. That makes offerings like the soft raisin pretzel from Auntie Anne’s a bit of a surprise to the average customer. These pretzels are made from a tasty warm dough filled with delicious raisins. We suggest their Sweet Glaze Dip to go with these.

Pretzel packages range in size from 12 for $29.99 to 100 for $159.99, and everything in between.

Pepperoni Soft Pretzels

What’s that? You can’t decide between ordering a pizza or the nice soft warmth of a delicious pretzel? Why choose? You can have these delicious pepperoni soft pretzels topped with a blend of three kinds of cheese and delicious pepperoni. We think this goes best with their Marinara dip.

Pretzel packages range in size from 12 for $29.99 to 100 for $159.99, and everything in between.

Cheese Pretzel Dog

It all starts with a great idea, pretzel dough, a Nathan’s Famous hot dog, and three delicious kinds of cheese. After having lovingly wrapped the hot dog in the ideal food wrapper, a warm pretzel, it’s topped with their house three-cheese blend and baked to perfection. Your guests will thank you for so wonderful a treat.

Get their full-size cheese pretzel dogs for serving 12 for $34.99 or 24 for $65.99

Enjoy Auntie Anne’s Catering Offering

There’s never a bad time to order from Auntie Anne’s Catering Menu. Whether you’re catering an office event or are looking to host a Super Bowl weekend, you’re not going to find people sad over an offering of warm pretzels, especially when they’re wrapped around some of the world’s best hot dogs. Soft and enticing pretzels have been a favorite around the world for centuries, and Auntie Anne’s has worked hard to bring their offerings to the world through their chain of restaurants.