Baskin-Robbins Catering Menu Prices

Find Baskin-Robbins Catering Menu & Popular Food Choices

The Baskin-Robbins Catering Menu is a great way to provide a sweet sensation to your event, whether it be for a family or your business office. First established in 1945 by Irv Robbins and Burt Baskin, two brothers-in-law, these two saw an opportunity and took advantage of it by merging their ice cream shops. Over 70 years later this company serves the world as the most significant chain of ice cream specialty stores in the world. With nearly 8,000 locations its entirely possible this claim is valid.

Below you’ll find their full catering menu for your viewing:


Full Service

100 Persons or less (6 flavors)$450.00
Next 101-300 persons (8 flavors)per person$4.25
Next 301-500 persons (10 flavors)per person$4.00
Next 501 and Up (10 flavors)per person$3.75
Trip Charge (up to 40 miles)$40.00
Trip Charge (40 miles and up)per mile$1.00

Drop Off Only

Parties of 40 persons$200.00
Parties of 60 persons$285.00
Parties of 80 Persons$360.00
Parties of 100 Persons$425.00
Delivery Charge (up to 10 miles)$25.00
Delivery Charge (10 miles and up)per mile$1.00

Popular Catering Choices at Baskin-Robbins

Baskins-Robbins has an impressive array of flavors at their disposal, along with delicious toppings and thick whipped cream to top off the perfect ice cream dish. Whether you’re looking to provide the ultimate banana split social or just want to give a great experience with a variety of ice cream for your employees or friends, you can’t go wrong by having Baskin-Robbins cater your event. They provide full-service options, a drop-off only option, and you can have your event catered with bowls and cones. You could also have the ice cream cake option!

Read more about these popular options below:

Full Service

Why not get yourself the whole Baskin-Robbins experience right at home or in the office? When you arrange for full-service catering Baskin-Robbins will arrive with the flavors of your choice to serve to your crowd. The only limitation is their banquet of flavors and your imagination. The number of flavors available is dependent on the number of people you’re feeding.

100 people or less for $450, Next 101-300 (8 flavors) $4.25/person

Drop Off Only

This is for those who just want to have the ice cream delivered and set up, but not served. This simple solution is a lot cheaper than having the full-service option but lacks the charm of having a little Baskin-Robbins shop set up in your yard, and is perfect if you’re going to have less than 100 people in your party.

Serve 40 people or less for $200.00, 60 or less for $285.00


Not a full catering option, you can stop by and having enough Ice Cream cakes to be made for your entire family or function. Not as convenient as the delivery options for the Full service or drop-off caterings plans, but they certainly can provide a unique and interesting experience for your guests.

Cakes are $28.99 for a 6” round, $41.99 for a 9” round, $53.99 for a sheet cake, and $89.99 for a double sheet.

Cones and Bowls

This option doesn’t come standard with their catering options, but who doesn’t love having their delicious sugar or waffle cones along with Baskin-Robbins iconic ice cream? If you want to have a truly full-service experience that’s just like being in one of their locations, this is the option for you.

The cones option with a full sundae bar will run $15 a person.

Enjoy Baskin-Robbins’ Catering Offering

Having a joyous gathering filled with happy people eating delicious Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream is a sure fire way to know that you’ve conducted a successful event. There’s something about a bowl of ice cream that can just make every day a little bit better and can lift even the sourest spirits. Baskin-Robbins catering helps to provide fun and memorable events for thousands of people every year, don’t you think yours should be one of them?