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Delaware is the source of many of America’s treasures, but perhaps one of the most notable is the Capriotti’s Catering Menu. Capriotti’s is known for having delicious subs that are far and beyond the flavor and experience of your normal fare. This restaurant found its start in 1974 when it was established by two siblings, Alan and Lois Margolet, who had seen some of the sandwich shops that had been built and decided that they had something to offer. This is how Capriotti’s, named for their grandfather, entered the scene.

Below you can find their entire catering menu:


Party Trays

Delawares Finest - Party TraySmall$59.99
Delawares Finest - Party TrayLarge$74.99
The Bobbie - Party TraySmall$59.99
The Bobbie - Party TrayLarge$74.99
The Turkey Lover - Party TraySmall$59.99
The Turkey Lover - Party TrayLarge$74.99
Little Italy - Party TraySmall$59.99
Little Italy - Party TrayLarge$74.99
The Vegetarian - Party TraySmall$59.99
The Vegetarian - Party TrayLarge$74.99
The Sampler - Party TraySmall$59.99
The Sampler - Party TrayLarge$74.99


Balsamic Chicken$32.99
BBQ Turkey$32.99
BBQ Chicken$32.99
Caps Chopped$32.99
Black & Bleu$32.99
Caps Creation$32.99


Catering Side of StuffingSmall$1.49
Catering Side of StuffingMedium$2.29
Catering Side of StuffingLarge$7.99
Catering Side of Cole SlawSmall$1.49
Catering Side of Cole SlawMedium$2.29
Catering Side of Cole SlawLarge$7.99
Catering Side of Cranberry SauceSmall$1.79
Catering Side of Cranberry SauceMedium$2.49
Catering Side of Cranberry SauceLarge$6.99
Cookie & Brownie Tray$16.99
Cookie Tray$12.99

Popular Catering Choices at Capriotti’s

When you contact Capriotti’s, you’re going to be offered a bountiful selection of options to make your catered event one to remember. Every meal, in our opinion, should start with an incredible salad and ordering from Capriotti’s gives you a selection of salads to choose from. You can get their BBQ Chicken or Turkey salad, Balsamic Chicken, or their Black & Bleu salads to start off with, and then add a series of sides to the main course. Cole Slaw, Stuffing, and Cranberry Sauce are all available,and their cookies, brownies, and chip offerings.

Check out their most popular items below:

The Vegetarian

Even vegetarians can enjoy a truly delicious sandwich, and this offering brings all the best of the garden to a light and delicious Italian sub. In these sandwiches, you’ll find Veggie Cole Turkey, Cheese Sub, and Veggie Turkey all gathered together with a delicious assortment of condiments.

Their small tray is available for $59.99 and the large for $74.99

Little Italy

Their Little Italy offering combines a variety of traditional offerings from their sandwich menu that will bring the delicious flavor of an Italian sub straight to your catered event. Each of their subs comes with a side of hot and sweet pepper and pickles to add a little zing to the result.

You can get a small Little Italy part tray for $59.99, or a large for $74.99

The Bobbie

This sandwich strays from the Italian menu and demonstrates that, while they may have Italian roots, they’re solidly a part of Americana. This offering comes with a tray of delicious turkey sandwiches topped with stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce all served up with mayo. A classic American sandwich if ever there was one.

You can order their small tray for $59.99 and their large for $74.99

Delaware’s Finest

This is a variety tray that brings an assortment of their best offerings to the table. Here you’ll find the Bobbie, the Slaw Be Jo, and their Italian Subs served up in a box. This option is best when you’re serving a group with varied tastes, and want to make sure there’s a little bit of everything to go around.

You can order a small tray for $59.99 or go for the large with $74.99

Enjoy Capriotti’s Catering Offering

Capriotti’s has a secret, a set of guidelines that ensure that their sandwiches come out perfect every time. It’s this dedication to detail that ensures that any event catered by Capriotti’s is sure to come out with excellent reviews and happy guests. Throughout their 40 year history, they’ve catered hundreds of events that have left their hosts happy, content, and eager to hire Capriotti’s to do it again. When you want incredible sandwiches made with a dedication to quality, it’s time to call Capriotti’s to cater your event.